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Chapter 62 - Suspicious of Yun Qianyu

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 62: Chapter 62 Suspicious of Yun Qianyu

    When Xiao Jiuyuan heard this he became slightly angered, and his lips curled up with a sneer, "He probably wants to explain to me why he had appointed such a woman to m. I would love to hear his reasons for this."

    Xiao Jiuyuan then turned to look at Yun Qianyu and said, "We'll talk about the other conditions next time."

    "Yes, your Highness," she said, hoping this person would quickly go away.

    Soon, Xiao Jiuyuan and the others left. As soon as they left, Yun Qianyu became completely relieved. Immediately, her strength was gone, and she sat powerless on the ground.

    Outside the door, Hua Mei rushed in and saw Yun Qianxue sitting on the ground. She thought something bad had happened to her master, so she started to cry out, "Miss, are you ok? Did his Highness Li Prince hit you?"

    Hua Mei did see Xiao Jiuyuan's angry expression and felt his tense aura.

    Yun Qianyu looked up at Hua Mei and saw that she was crying out greatly.

    Yun Qianyu felt a headache and thought,

    "I'm alright, he didn't do anything to me." Although Xiao Jiuyuan almost strangled her previously, he didn't kill her in the end. Besides, he did make use of Xiao Jiuyuan after all.

    Yun Qianyu was very calm about it; since she had used him, she accepted the punishment that she got.

    Compared with Xiao Jiuyuan's ruthlessness, the people around her were worse.

    Xiao Tianyi, Yun Lei, Liu Shi, Yun Qianxue; everyone one of them was a hundred times worse than Xiao Jiuyuan.

    Yun Qianyu made a fist and promised to herself that she would not let any of them go.

    That was why she had to become as strong as soon as possible. The title of Princess Consort could only protect her for a short time. In order to protect herself in the long run, she could only rely on herself.

    For now, however, her body was tired and she needed to rest.

    "Help me back to my room. I'm a little tired."

    Yun Qianyu ordered Hua Mei and she immediately helped Yun Qianyu return to her room.

    On this side, Yun Qianyu had gone back and was resting. However, where Yun Lei lived, someone was angry and was cursing at Yun Qianyu.

    "This bitch dares to anger father. I must kill her."

    Yun Qianxue's eyes were burning with hatred, and her pretty face was full of killing intent.

    In the room, Yun Lei woke up after physician Lin's diagnosis and treatment. He coughed out blood only because he was angered, and the Qi in his body was disrupted.

    At this time, Yun Lei was very pleased to hear Yun Qianxue's words. Even though he had Yun Qianyu that vile daughter, at least he had such a smart, beautiful, and highly gifted daughter. This made Yun Lei feel so much better.

    He looked at Yun Qianxue and exhorted, "don't act rashly. If you got on Li Prince's nerves, you will suffer in the end."

    As soon as Yun Lei said that, Liu Shi nodded in agreement. Naturally, she was afraid of her own daughter losing out.

    "Xue'er you must be careful. This woman is different from before."

    She was a coward before but now she was braver. Furthermore, it seemed that she was twice as clever as she used to be. Twice already, they had lost after facing her.

    Liu Shi couldn't help but speak out in confusion.

    "How can a person change so drastically? You all know how useless Yun Qianyu used to be, but now she had become so powerful."

    All three people in the room fell into silence. Finally, most of them came to the conclusion that it was impossible for someone to change like that.

    Suddenly, Yun Qianxue had a strange thought and said, "Is she a fake, she doesn't seem like my elder sister at all."