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Chapter 69 - Elixir Pills

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 69: Chapter 69 Elixir Pills

    However, people that acquired Spirit Energy had their limitations. Not only were their training harder, but there was also no way to become more powerful after reaching a certain level of cultivation. In other words, they would reach a power limit.

    Yun Qianyu opened her eyes slowly and had a serious look.

    It was said that Yun He, the eldest son, and Yun Qianxue both had innate Spirit Energy.

    This was the reason why Liu Shi was able to get married to Yun Lei and become his second wife.

    Yun Qianyu had a cold look in her eyes and sneered. It's no wonder why Liu Shi and Yun Qianxue were so arrogant in the family.

    As for Xiao Tianyi and Yun Qianxue's relationship, there was also a reason for that.

    Xiao Tianyi wanted to marry Yun Qianxue because she innately had spirit energy and was at the maximum level of orange spirit energy. Naturally, this was better than marrying someone with no powers.

    Yes, Yun Qianyu knew from the information in her mind that she couldn't cultivate her spirit energy. She did not have spirit energy in her, and she didn't like to practice martial arts. That was why Yun Qianxue and Liu Shi said that she was useless.

    Knowing that she was living in a place where the strong was respected, Yun Qianyu wondered if she could attain spirit energy as well. If she could develop powers then she wouldn't need to rely on others for protection.

    Yun Qianyu was not willing to accept the fact that she was powerless. Just then, Lord Phoenix, who had not spoken for some time, said, "Master, I feel that there is something wrong with your meridians."

    What Lord Phoenix said shocked Yun Qianyu,

    She examined her pulse and paid close attention to the subtle hints. After some time, Yun Qianyu's mood became darkened.

    She had found out that she was poisoned. However, the poison in her wasn't killing her, rather it was choking her meridians.

    Yun Qianyu put her hand down and had a shocked look. Who would poison her and choke her meridians?

    She thought for a moment, then suddenly felt great joy. The reason why someone would poison her must have been to hide the fact that she had innate spirit energy. Because they were afraid that she would be favored in the family, therefore, this person poisoned her and choked her meridians.

    At this time, Yun Qianyu couldn't care to think who poisoned her. The most important thing for her right now was to find an antidote.

    This poison was nothing too hard for her. With what she had received, she immediately thought about what medicinal herbs to use.

    Yun Qianyu went out without waking the sleepy Hua Mei.

    After successfully preparing the antidote, she quickly consumed it.

    Unfortunately, even after the poison was removed, her meridians were still blocked due to the long-term effects of the poison. Finding out whether she had spirit energy was impossible at that moment.

    To clear the impurities in her meridian with regular medicine would take a long time.

    The fastest way she could think of right now was using an Essence Cleansing pill; a pill that could clear the impurities in her meridians instantly.

    However, where would she get an Essence Cleansing pill?

    The Essence Cleansing pill, like any other elixir pill, was very precious. Many in the world wanted the pill.

    As Yun Qianyu was thinking about this problem, the Lord Pheonix suddenly said, "Master, there are many elixir pills in the Phoenix Ring. If you unlock the Phoenix Ring, there surely would be an Essence Cleansing pill."

    The words of Lord Pheonix made Yun Qianyu interested in the Phoenix Ring, "You say there are many elixir pills in the Phoenix Ring?"