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Chapter 71 - Desireless

Cultural Invasion into Isekai
     Chapter 71: Chapter 71 – Desireless

    Yang_Wenli  Yang_Wenli

    Messai’s adjutant felt that the atmosphere within the chapel was quite strange recently. It was not limited to only the chapel. The atmosphere of the entire city of Norland was strange.

    By the order of his commander, he gathered the other missionaries in Norland and, together with them, began to write and copy new gospels.

    The so-called gospel was a piece of archaic paper. Written on the paper were the teachings of the Nation of the Holy Church. It also informed the townsfolk the appearance of demons.

    Mainly, the adjutant wrote that the mastermind behind ‘Beauty and the Demon’ were demons. Furthermore, the Hearthstone Tavern in Norland was a demons’ lair. He urged for the citizens of Norland to be on the alert against demons and not be deceived by them.

    But, as he wrote the gospel, the adjutant discovered for the very time his conscience was being affected. This was because the main content of the gospel was to inform the citizens of Norland the conspiracy behind ‘Beauty and the Demon.’

    It would be one thing to make comments regarding that Demon Prince. The adjutant would be able to easily produce hundreds of ways to denounce a demon. But, he ran into difficulty when he started writing about the character Belle.

    Firstly, he needed to inform the citizens of Norland that Belle was a demon in disguise, that she was wicked beyond redemption…