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Chapter 310 - Despicable Method

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 310: Despicable Method

    To people who played instruments, as long as they have already mastered it, one instrument would not be much different from another.

    Even so, a new instrument would still take some getting used to.

    And in a competition like this, anyone would definitely use the one they're already familiar with.

    Now was not a good time to switch her guitar…

    Something must have happened.

    As Su Cha thought about this, the judges on stage started to comment on the contestant who played the guitar.

    As expected, the judges' comments and the subject of the contestants' discussions were the same. They did not think highly of her performance today and asked her if there was something wrong.

    The contestant named Fu Bin looked like she was about to cry. She looked extremely aggrieved as she sobbed on the stage while saying, "I don't know what happened. When I picked up my guitar, I found that the strings have been cut off. I was used to that guitar. It was my father's 18th birthday gift to me. I don't know who did it, and I could only ask the production crew if there's another guitar I could borrow. But I'm not used to this one…"

    The judges were stunned.

    The contestants, along with the audience, exploded.

    "Someone cut off her guitar strings?"

    "Wow… Who's so wicked? Seriously."

    "Oh my god, it's just a competition, how could anyone do such a shameless thing…"

    "Ha, how typical. That person would do anything to advance. Fu Bin is very good, after all. But after being sabotaged, she would be easily eliminated. Once she is eliminated, that person would lose a competitor…"

    "We're participating in a competition, right? It's not a scheming contest!"

    Su Cha squinted as she listened to their discussion.

    She knew that the competition might not go along peacefully, but she did not expect the drama to happen in real life.

    Some people would do anything to advance.

    As the audience broke out in discussions, the host realized that something was wrong and immediately started to say a few high-sounding words to attract the audience's attention. The judges quickly commented on Fu Bin's performance.

    Although she had told them the truth, she still indeed performed poorly. If she had a good head on her shoulders, she could have overcome the crisis in time. If she had a better mentality, even if the guitar she played was the wrong one, she could have still sung the song correctly and there would not be such a big problem.

    Although it was not her fault, this was a competition. There were no ifs.

    Right now, the contestants sitting among the audience were the ones who had already advanced to the next round, excluding the ones who were already in the waiting area. There were more than ten contestants backstage, and it would be hard to tell who had done it.

    Le Anqi was also backstage. Su Cha could ask her about it.

    It was unlikely that a contestant who had already advanced would do such a troublesome thing. Hence, it was highly possible that the person who cut the strings was among the contestants in the waiting area. Of course, it could not be said for certain that other methods had been used, such as the contestant bribing a staff member to do it…

    Su Cha kept her guard up. Now that they knew someone could do such a thing, the more they advanced in the competition, the more likely things like this would happen.

    She was the type of person who had great skills. Even if she was not very high-profile, as long as she had the use of her strengths, one could not guarantee that no one would want to do anything to make her perform poorly.

    Sometimes, to achieve a certain goal, envy would drive some people to do all kinds of outrageous things.

    Su Cha had experienced this in the palace before.

    In the end, after the live audience cast their votes for Fu Bin, although her votes were on par with the contestants in front of her, she was ranked last due to the three judges who gave her failing marks. Hence, she was eliminated.