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Chapter 311 - I Will Do Anything for My Goal

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 311: I Will Do Anything for My Goal

    As soon as the results were out, before the contestants could say anything, Fu Bin became unable to control her tears. She burst out crying and was wiping her tears as she headed backstage.

    Even though she was in front of so many viewers, she simply could not help it.

    This girl must have been feeling wronged in her heart. She had just written a new song that had good meanings and melodies. It should not have been difficult for her to pass. As long as the judges gave her good scores, she would definitely have advanced.

    Unfortunately, this happened.

    Everyone knew that she felt wronged. The happy contestants who'd already passed held back. Some who knew Fu Bin followed her to the backstage to comfort her.

    One of the judges had failed Fu Bin according to professional standards, but Su Cha saw the judge head backstage to hug her.

    Perhaps she could not bear having to do so.

    There were still two groups of contestants waiting to go on stage, but it was already very late, so the competition would continue tomorrow.

    The production crew reminded some contestants who'd brought their musical instruments to take care of their things.

    This reminder made it abundantly clear to the contestants that someone could really go to terrible lengths for the sake of the competition.

    Su Cha waited for Le Anqi so they could go home together. The girl did not compete in the competition today, but she had a good mentality. She skipped around and came out. However, as soon as she came out, she could not help but tell Su Cha about Fu Bin, "Su Cha, did you see what happened on stage? It's a pity about that guitar-playing contestant, Fu Bin. She had a chance and should have passed, but someone cut off her strings. When she first saw that, she cried. Since she soon had to perform on stage, she had no other choice but to borrow a guitar from the production crew. How scary is that? Someone actually did such a thing."

    At this point, Le Anqi patted her chest with lingering fear. "I don't even dare to eat the food that other contestants have given me. I'd have to see her eat with me, and although that offends people, at least I'm keeping safe. "

    Su Cha: "…"

    It could not be said that Le Anqi was making a big deal out of it. It was true that she needed to be on guard.

    The contestants were not familiar with each other. Can anyone really guarantee what kind of person the others were?

    Su Cha lowered her eyes and asked, "Where's Fu Bin?"

    "Huh?" Le Anqi thought for a while and said, "She was crying backstage after she got off the stage just now. She kept saying that she would not let go of the person who cut her strings and even asked the production crew to help catch whoever it was. But the guitar and the rest were all placed in the prop room. There are no surveillance cameras there, and there are so many people backstage. Basically, anyone who went in and out was a suspect. The production crew can't do anything about it, and they can't call the police.

    "I think many contestants have taken away their things. I don't think anyone would dare to leave their musical instruments or props there anymore."

    Su Cha nodded. "That's normal. After such a thing has happened, no one would be so stupid. But it's a pity that Fu Bin was targeted and became a victim."

    Fu Bin's skills on the guitar were indeed still shaky. She had relied on her creative talent, but a mistake in her performance could prove fatal.

    What happened today was the goal of the person who'd cut the strings. It was obvious that she had achieved her goal.

    Le Anqi looked around and suddenly moved closer to Su Cha. She whispered, "Su Cha, let me tell you something. Just now, because of Fu Bin, I heard from the staff backstage that there were also some scary things involving the previous contestants…"