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Chapter 593 - He Is Fang Qiu?!

Medical Master
     Chapter 593 He Is Fang Qiu?!

    “It’s over.” After reading the diagnosis reports of the two people, Yu Qing gently let out a breath and said, “Fang Qiu wins!”

    “What?” Yao Xue’s eyes widened. He stood up in disbelief. Being extremely emotional, he rushed to Yu Qing, took Fang Qiu’s diagnosis report over, and began to read it.

    Fang Qiu had already begun to use the Four Methods to Diagnose a Disease, including looking, listening, questioning, and feeling the pulse.

    After understanding the child’s chief complaint, current and past medical history, and general history of allergy, he made more subtle examinations for the child. Then he rewrote the prescription he had just written and handed it to the child’s mother to let her get the medicine.

    After Fang Qiu saw the patient off, Yao Xue finally came to his senses and took a look at Fang Qiu, feeling rather depressed.

    “Now, you know that there’s always someone better than you, don’t you?”

    Yu Qing lectured him, “I told you to guard against conceit and rashness. Don’t always be so arrogant. Do you think that you are the only doctor in the world?

    “What’s a doctor’s mission?”

    Yu Qing stared at Yao Xue and said, “It’s to cure the disease and save the patient. Your performance just now has disappointed me. Is victory more important than saving the patient in your eyes?”

    “No, no.” Yao Xue hurriedly shook his head.


    Yu Qing said discontentedly, “Then what’s wrong with you just now? In order to see the results, you didn’t even care about the patient. It wasn’t you that finished treating the patient, but your opponent. Despite the medical skills, you have already lost if we take medical ethics into account. And you have lost completely!”

    “I…” Yao Xue bit his lips, looking rather distressed.

    “Don’t do this again. Remember what I’ve told you. Don’t make the same mistake again in the future!” Yu Qing said with a solemn face.

    “I get it.” Yao Xue nodded apologetically. Then, he turned his head and said sincerely to Fang Qiu, who was walking toward him, “I’m impressed. I really lost the competition!”

    He then walked to his desk and sat down, concentrating on treating the patients in the queue.

    Fang Qiu glanced at Yao Xue and said, “Senior, your apprentice is already very powerful.”

    Yu Qing glanced at Fang Qiu and said, “Humph. Now you’re being sarcastic since you won the competition, right? You’re acting as if you’re so powerful.”

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu suddenly felt embarrassed.

    “Let’s go to the backyard.” After calling out to him, Yu Qing turned around and walked into the backyard.

    Fang Qiu followed closely behind him.

    Under the tree in the backyard, the two sat around a bamboo square table, drinking tea and chatting.

    During this period, Fang Qiu had asked Yu Qing a lot of questions and also benefited a lot from them.

    Early in the morning the next day, it was already crowded with people queuing outside Yu Qing Clinic. The patients waiting in line at about eight o’clock could even encircle the clinic.

    Undoubtedly, these patients were all coming for Yu Qing.

    Today, it was the consultation day of Yu Qing.

    Everyone was counting the days.

    How could they not come when the miracle-working doctor was seeing patients?

    In the morning, Yao Xue cooked egg and vegetable porridge.

    After having breakfast, Fang Qiu came into the clinic and sat down at the consultation table, ready to see patients.

    Yao Xue walked into the clinic and opened the door.

    Seeing Yao Xue open the door, everyone outside was extremely excited. This was because it was Yao Xue’s turn to open the door only when the miracle-working doctor personally came to see patients. Usually, the staff of the clinic would come to open the door when it was Yao Xue’s turn to see patients.

    “Dr. Yao, the miracle-working doctor is here today, right?”

    “I’ve been waiting for several days.”

    “Finally, the miracle-working doctor has come to see patients.”

    Everyone smiled and greeted Yao Xue.

    “Well, you can see for yourselves after I open the door.” Yao Xue smiled mysteriously.

    Soon, the door was opened.

    The first few patients looked into the clinic.

    It turned out that the person sitting at the consultation desk was actually a young man, not Yu Qing.

    Everyone was stunned. The faces of those who were waiting for the miracle-working doctor suddenly became gloomy.

    “What do you mean?”

    “Why isn’t it Dr. Yu?”

    “Didn’t the miracle-working doctor come to see patients in person today? Why was there a change of doctor?”

    Everyone began to make a noise.


    At this moment, a scream was suddenly heard in the crowd. The person said, “Is he Fang Qiu?”

    “Fang Qiu?”

    Hearing the exclamation, everyone was stunned at first.

    Then, as if they had thought of something, the expressions on their faces suddenly changed. They all turned to look at the young man sitting at the consultation desk.

    “He does look like Fang Qiu.”

    “He’s quite similar to Fang Qiu on TV.”

    “What do you mean by similar? He is Fang Qiu!”

    “No way! Is it really him?”

    “It’s him. He is Fang Qiu, the champion of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor!”

    “Yes, that’s him!”

    As they were talking, everyone couldn’t help but be excited and shocked.

    In the noise of excitement, this group of people had no intention of continuing to line up at all. Instead, they gathered around all of a sudden, filling the clinic. They all rushed toward the table, wanting to see Fang Qiu!

    As they got closer and took a look, they were even more certain.

    It was really Fang Qiu!

    All the people went crazy.

    All types of cheers and loud shouts sounded.

    Fang Qiu’s face changed.

    He immediately stood up and said, “Don’t rush or push. Please line up. There’s something important that Doctor Yu Qing needs to do today, so I’ll temporarily help him see patients for a day. Please forgive us for the inconvenience. And don’t push. I’ll be here all day.”



    “That’s great. Either you or Dr. Yu Qing can do it.”

    “Yes, you and Dr. Yu Qing are both miracle-working doctors. Either of you will do!”

    Everyone answered him. Meanwhile, they quickly dispersed and began to line up.

    Meanwhile, many people took out their mobile phones to take photos and post WeChat Moments to show off.

    “Here comes Fang Qiu!”

    “Fang Qiu is really here!”

    In Beijiang, many people had seen the news in their WeChat Moments, which said that Fang Qiu had come to Beijiang. Of course, no one believed it. After all, Fang Qiu had just won the championship of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor and was still in college. It was the summer vacation, so he should go home first. Why would he come to Beijiang?

    However, just when many people took the news as a joke, photos of Fang Qiu seeing patients began to appear in WeChat Moments.

    In just one or two hours, all the WeChat Moments of people in Beijiang were covered by Fang Qiu’s photos.

    Those who didn’t believe the news were shocked when they saw Fang Qiu’s photos.

    “F*ck, it’s really Fang Qiu!”

    “Is Fang Qiu really here?”

    As people were all astonished, some of them drove to the clinic one after another.

    In the clinic, Fang Qiu treated patients and gave prescriptions unhurriedly.

    As for Yao Xue, he followed Yu Qing’s instructions, watching Fang Qiu’s diagnosis and helping him get the medicine for patients.

    Although he lost yesterday, Yao Xue found that he didn’t lose after thinking about it for a whole night because both of them had given the same prescription. The patient’s condition that they diagnosed was the same. It was just that Fang Qiu got more information than him. If he had been more careful, he would have been able to find out similar information.

    Therefore, as they were preparing to see patients early in the morning, Yao Xue had made up his mind to see what Fang Qiu could do and find out if Fang Qiu was really so powerful.

    Seeing that Fang Qiu was seeing patients, he was still not completely convinced. But when he saw the concentration and conscientiousness Fang Qiu showed when he explained the prescriptions to those patients, he was gradually convinced by Fang Qiu.

    In terms of the consultation, Fang Qiu not only saw the patients faster than he did but also could see each patient’s physical condition very accurately and quickly find the best treatment.

    Yao Xue couldn’t help but admire him.

    As expected, a man of honor deserved his reputation.


    Right at this moment, there was a sudden sound of the brake.

    Everyone followed the sound to have a look.

    On the street outside the clinic, a car rushed over and stopped on the sidewalk outside the clinic.

    Then, a few people jumped out of the car. One of the strong men ran to the clinic with a young man in his arms.

    No one dared to stop him as they saw that.

    All of them immediately gave way to him.

    They entered the clinic.

    At this time, Fang Qiu, who had just finished seeing a patient, noticed something strange. He immediately stood up and asked, “What’s wrong?”

    “Fang Qiu, it’s really Fang Qiu.” The bulky man holding the young man shouted with surprise and then gently put the person on the sickbed pushed over by Yao Xue.

    The people following him were also very excited and surprised when they saw Fang Qiu.

    “What’s the matter?” Yao Xue walked up to him and asked.

    “My friend fractured.”

    The man pointed at the patient’s leg and said, “We were going to take him to the hospital just now, but when we were halfway there, we saw that Fang Qiu was here in WeChat Moments. We thought that Fang Qiu was very good at bonesetting, so we instantly drove here. We didn’t expect that it was really Fang Qiu, the miracle-working doctor.”

    Yao Xue was stunned as he heard that.

    Meanwhile, Fang Qiu hurried forward and touched the patient’s bone.

    “There’s no anesthesia here. Can you bear it?” Fang Qiu asked.

    “Okay!” The injured person on the sickbed was also a young and vigorous man. He clenched his teeth and said, “Come on!”

    “Okay.” Fang Qiu nodded with a smile.

    He held his calf with both hands.


    Without saying a word, Fang Qiu grasped his leg tightly and then pulled it.

    Crisp sounds were heard.

    “Okay.” Fang Qiu loosened his grip and said, “Help him lift his foot. Don’t touch the injury part.”

    The bulky man quickly stepped forward and held his leg.

    “Is it done?”

    “What the f*ck? This is too fast, isn’t it?”

    “I thought he was going to the hospital for an operation and get riveted.”

    “He deserves to be called Master Fang Qiu. His strength is really incredible!”

    The patient’s friends were all amazed.

    The patients lining up were also stunned. It was the first time that they had seen such a powerful doctor. How could he cure the fractured patient with just several moves?

    Just when everyone was amazed, Fang Qiu took the bamboo pieces and gauze and began to tie them up for the patient.

    During this period, everyone’s attention was attracted by Fang Qiu. No one noticed that behind the back door of the clinic, there were a pair of eyes behind the door of the courtyard secretly watching what was going on in the clinic.

    Undoubtedly, it was Yu Qing.

    When he heard the sudden sound of the brake, Yu Qing knew that something was wrong, so he came over to have a look. As a result, he happened to see the scene that Fang Qiu was bonesetting for the patient.

    Like the patients lining up, Yu Qing was also amazed after seeing Fang Qiu’s bonesetting technique.

    He didn’t expect that Fang Qiu’s bonesetting skill was so incredible.

    Even the fracture of the leg could be cured by him.

    Under normal circumstances, it would be rather difficult to reset the leg bones.