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Chapter 381 - Walking in the Rain is Very Romantic

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 381: Walking in the Rain is Very Romantic

    Jian Qi felt a little depressed.

    ‘Instructor Tang, why are you so insistent that I was lying?’

    ‘Can’t you be a little bit friendlier?’

    “Instructor Tang, we are teammates. Shouldn’t we trust each other?” Jian Qi asked.

    “If you know that we are teammates, why are you still not prepared to tell me the truth?” Tang Jinyu looked at her intensely.

    Jian Qi remained silent.

    ‘Darn this cycle of doom!’

    “Will you only believe me if I tell you I knew about the Eagle Organization being a mercenary organization?” Jian Qi asked.

    Tang Jinyu stopped walking and looked at her. “Go on…”

    Jian Qi looked dumbfounded.

    ‘This was a damn trap!’

    When Jian Qi saw Tang Jinyu’s cold gaze, she sighed deeply. “When I travelled abroad in the past, I personally witnessed a terrorist attack. At the time, I noticed the symbol of the Eagle Organization. That’s why it left a huge impression. Therefore, when they sent me the invitation, I rejected them!”

    “Moreover, I really don’t know why they would send the invitation to me. It might be because they have eyes everywhere and happened to have targeted the National Defense Academy. That’s why they ended up successfully sending me the invitation!”

    Despite not being completely honest, Jian Qi seemed so serious when she spoke that she nearly believed her own words.

    She did not believe that Tang Jinyu would still doubt her!

    At first, she thought that Tang Jinyu would stop suspecting her. However, from the look in his eyes, it did not seem like the case!

    After Tang Jinyu had stared at Jian Qi for a long while, he finally looked away when raindrops began falling on his face.

    “Let’s go back.”

    Jian Qi frowned when she saw him leaving.

    Did that mean he believed her? Did he not believe her?

    The blank expression on his face when he did not say a word was very terrifying.

    Jian Qi felt completely clueless.

    However, Jian Qi knew that she would make herself seem guilty if she popped the question.

    After the two had walked for a while, the rain started getting heavier.

    Jian Qi chuckled. “Instructor Tang, walking in the rain is very romantic…”

    Tang Jinyu looked at her sideways before turning around and running off.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘I wasn’t even flirting with you aggressively. Why did you run off?!’

    “Little Tang Tang, wait for me…” Jian Qi sped up as she ran after him.

    With the two of them running at a fast pace, they managed to arrive at the base before the rain got too heavy.

    Once they entered the tent, everyone looked over at them in unison.

    While Tang Jinyu maintained his usual cold facial expression, Jian Qi’s devilish smile did not change.

    ‘What had they been doing out there?’

    Ignoring everybody’s curious gazes, Tang Jinyu walked over to Feng Yi to ask him about the progress of the briefing.

    “I’ve finished explaining the information on the Eagle Organization,” Feng Yi answered.

    Tang Jinyu nodded. “This organization has provided many mercenaries in preparation for a terrorist attack in Germany. For now, the anti-terrorism team has still not been able to identify the party for which the Eagle Organization is providing these mercenaries. However, they managed to find out that the terrorist attack will take place the day after tomorrow. Therefore, our work will begin tomorrow. Our task is to help the anti-terrorist team members to stop these mercenaries from escaping!”

    Once Tang Jinyu had said so, he glanced at Jian Qi. “Therefore, everyone should carry out the tasks as appointed before. Do your part and remember not to act on your own whims!”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘Why did you stare at me when you said the final sentence?!’

    ‘I will get upset if you keep doing this!’

    Jian Qi felt that Tang Jinyu had singled her out on purpose.

    Meanwhile, the sound of heavy rain could be heard outside the window. The loud thundering hinted as if it would not be a peaceful and quiet night.