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Chapter 264.3 - Who is Provoking Who?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 264.3: Who is Provoking Who?

    With such a pure and gentle countenance like an angel’s, he just had to be born with a pair of eyes that were so evil.

    It was not known when he came to the Dark Lands, but just that he had followed at Lou Jun Yao’s side for a very long time, always the one who knew what Lou Jun Yao was thinking, a carefully conscientious man of high intelligence and great skill.

    The previous nights that Lou Jun Yao went to see Qing Yu before, he had always teleported himself through the dimensional space, but it was going to be different this time. He was openly paying the Divine Temple a visit this time and the necessary fanfare that must come with it must not be done away with.

    Moreover, he was a person who paid great attention to his position and identity.

    In the forbidden grounds within the mountains behind the Dark Lands, there were more than ten super divine beasts, endangered species that were almost extinct in Cloud Heaven, extremely rare to see.

    Like the Lightning Blaze Unicorn back in the Constellation Continent’s Hell’s Gorge in the past, which was merely at the twelfth level, it was able to assume human form and possessed a rudimentary level of a human’s ability of thought. But there were areas that they still could not compare to humans and those levels were only deemed to be ordinary and average.

    As for the levels of the spirit beasts here in the Dark Lands, the strongest one among them was already pushing past the thirtieth level.

    It must be known that spirit beasts that ascend to the twentieth level would already become divine beasts. For legendary ancient divine beasts, the highest known level was roughly in the region of around forty. The maximum level for spirit beasts is capped at fifty but such a Heaven defying entity had not yet been seen to have ever existed.

    For these spirit beasts in the mountain behind the Dark Lands, the weakest one was already level fifteen and it was only in its infancy. If news of this was spread, it would surely turn a whole horde of people green with envy. These were spirit beasts that he tamed after he established the Dark Lands, and were used as a front to intimidate outsiders.

    For an occasion like today, Lou Jun Yao picked a immense sized Golden Winged Mythical Bird capable of extremely high speeds as his steed for the journey.

    Besides Little Monster, there was naturally a good number of the Dark Lands’ disciples to accompany them. As the Lord of a major power in Cloud Heaven, he must naturally have a large contingent following behind him to not diminish his status.

    The Golden Winged Mythical Bird was majestic and beautiful to see, attention grabbing regardless of whether it was in human or beast form. When it soared through Cloud Heaven’s skies in a bright golden flash, many people were captivated in awe and wonder, unable to recover their senses for a long time.

    This was one of the most important reasons that made Lou Jun Yao decide to tame it, because of its stunning beauty.

    “My Lord, you seem to be in a rather good mood today.” A clear and melodious female voice rang out. Everyone there seemed to be used to the sight of the magnificent creature, and were acting normally.

    They were all aware that it was not just a herd of spirit beasts in the mountains behind the Dark Lands, but that every single one of them were all freakishly powerful monsters who had gained high intelligence, demons that had lived more than a thousand years.