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Chapter 521.2 - I’m sorry, no need to please (Part 2)

Princess Medical Doctor
     Chapter 521: I’m sorry, no need to please (Part 2)

    Hua Jinrong came suddenly, Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to let him wait for long, so she came out in her ordinary clothes. Although it’s not ugly, in the end, it’s disrespectful. And this point made Hua Jinrong dissatisfied with her when he saw it.

    Of course, Hua Jinrong would never admit that it was because he didn’t follow the rules to deliver a message in advance. And that his sudden visit made the host unprepared.

    Lin Chujiu’s first impression in Hua Jinrong’s heart was also not so good, so Hua Jinrong felt that Lin Chujiu was not pleasing to his eyes no matter how he looked at her.

    Her five views looked too delicate and gorgeous, but not extravagant, but, but… …

    She’s so calm!

    He was the eldest son of the Hua Family of the Central Empire. Shouldn’t she be excited when he saw him? Why she’s not nervous at all?

    Hua Jinrong couldn’t help but frown. His eyes showed a trace of dislike.

    As the eldest son of the Hua Family, Hua Jinrong was well-educated and wouldn’t show a haughty posture that looked down upon others, but he was arrogant up to his bones.

    Not to mention, Lin Chujiu was just a princess of a small country like the eastern country. Even the princes and princesses of the Central Empire were also polite to him and smile at him before saying a word. So this, Lin Chujiu… … was really arrogant!

    In Hua Jinrong’s point of view, it was normal to be humble in front of the superior. This woman’s performance was too out of line.

    He doesn’t know if she was simply indifferent or just pretending to be like this to attract his attention.

    Hua Jinrong slightly moved his gaze and put away the trace of dislike in his eyes, then put the air of a reserved nobility. He gently nodded his head and said: “Xiao Wangfei.”

    His gorgeous voice was like a chant that attracts people. Fortunately, Lin Chujiu was used to Xiao Tianyao’s better and more gorgeous voice, so her reaction was normal.

    After the two parties paid greetings, Lin Chujiu didn’t try to be polite with Hua Jinrong. Before Hua Jinrong asked, she said: “Knowing that Young Master Hua is so eager to determine the identity of the young master, how about we go to see the young master first?”

    “Thank you, Xiao Wangfei.” Hua Jinrong looked up and swept his eyes towards Lin Chujiu with a playful smile on his face.

    This Xiao Wangfei was quite interesting, she didn’t take the opportunity to talk or make friends with him, which was not bad.

    Hua Jinrong’s impression of Lin Chujiu finally improved.

    *Cough* Hua Jinrong looked too highly of Lin Chujiu. It’s not that Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to have friendship with him, it’s just… …

    She has self-knowledge.

    The emperor of the eastern country had had to be polite in front of the young master of the Hua family. What about her?

    With her current status, she would only be despised by Hua Jinrong if she tried to have a friendship with him. She was not stupid.

    In this case… … success can be achieved through communicating, becoming strong and powerful, and by expanding your contacts. She doesn’t believe it when she was in medical school, how can she believe it now?

    If you want to get close to powerful people and expand your network, you don’t need to actively drill yourself to them and work hard to impress them so that you can have friendship with them. Instead, you need to work hard to reach the same level. Only this way, you will be qualified to stand next to those powerful people, and then you will eventually know more people like them.

    If you have nothing, you are nothing. In front of those powerful people, you will be desperate, collapse, and behave excessively. Then what is the difference between you and a clown?

    So at this time, Lin Chujiu had never thought of taking the opportunity to build a relationship with the Hua family.

    She has a good mentality. Anyway, even if she can’t get closer to the Hua family, she can still get a promise from the Hua family. She believes that a such big family like the Hua family will keep their promise.

    Besides, she found the young master of the Hua family, even if she couldn’t make a good relationship with the Hua family, she also wouldn’t have a bad relationship with them, right?

    Lin Chujiu has nothing to ask for the Hua family. Naturally, she will not bow to her knees, and lose herself in front of Hua Jinrong… …