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Chapter 372 - Do Not Care.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 372: Do Not Care.

    Although they were eight meters apart, Xiao Luo could still see Wang Tanyun’s sharp fingernails pressing into Su Bei’s charming and tender neck. His eyes blazed with fury and turned erratic.

    Wang Tanyun shuddered involuntarily, but she was willing to give everything for the sake of the man she loved. She continued to grab Su Bei by the neck and gnashed her teeth. “Pick Master Qinghe up. Then tie up your hands and feet with the rope over there, then I’ll let her go. Otherwise, don’t blame me for what I’m about to do!”

    After saying that, she increased her grip, and Su Bei’s little face flushed red. She was in so much pain and struggled hard to get out of Wang Tanyun’s control, but she was only a four-year-old girl, how was she Wang Tanyun’s opponent?

    “B*tch, you let her go!” Su Canye pointed at her and roared.

    “Su Canye, you are nothing but a loser. You want to pursue me? Why don’t you take a look at yourself in the mirror? You are a rotten loach. You can’t even compare with Master Qinghe. So what balls do you have to pursue me?” Wang Tanyun cried out as if she had lost her mind. Her beautiful face was distorted under so much anger.

    Su Canye’s face turned blue. He finally understood the meaning of “wake up” that Xiao Luo had uttered to him. This woman was not worth pursuing at all. No matter how much he gave, it would not be as good as Guo Qinghe’s finger.

    “The one named Xiao Luo, you…”

    Wang Tanyun was about to continue with her words. However, she immediately froze when she turned. That was because Xiao Luo was now right in front of her!

    The next second, his hand spread its fingers and grabbed her neck like a poisonous snake.

    A strong sense of suffocation instantly surged up to envelop her!

    Wang Tanyun subconsciously let go of Su Bei. She desperately wanted to remove the big hand that grabbed her neck. Unfortunately for her, it did not budge. She found herself being slowly lifted up from the ground. Her feet pedaled frantically. Her trachea and esophagus were squeezed vigorously, as if they would burst at any time. Endless pain swept through her and her mouth could not make a sound.

    Su Canye quickly ran up at this time, picked up Su Bei and examined her neck carefully.

    Xiao Luo saw that bruises were now formed on the little girl’s white and smooth neck. There were signs of broken skin with red blood seeping.

    He smiled, and said softly, “Beibei, close your eyes and don’t look at anything.”


    The little girl sobbed with injustice, but she was still obedient and nodded, closing her eyes.

    “Take good care of her and don’t let her be threatened again.” Xiao Luo ordered Su Canye.

    Su Canye nodded firmly. It was his negligence just now. This time he will never let anyone hurt Su Bei again.

    Xiao Luo turned around and looked at Wang Tanyun, who hadn’t stopped struggling. He laughed cruelly, then using his left hand, he sucked the broken sword from the ground from the distance into his palm.

    “Xiao Luo, what are you … What are you doing?”

    In the distance, Guo Qinghe was lying on the ground like a dog struggling to survive, he shouted with difficulty, “She is the daughter of the owner of the Kendo Hall. If you dare hurt her, the owner of the Kendo Hall will never spare you. The police will never let you go. Don’t fool around!”

    Xiao Luo ignored him, and with the flashing of sword light, blood was spilled. One of Wang Tanyun’s arms separated from her body. It was the same arm she used to hurt Su Bei. Strong scent of blood instantly filled the hall as blood spurted crazily from her dismembered arm.


    Wang Tanyun shrilly screamed. She struggled hard as painful tears flowed out from her eyes. This was a demon … a bloodthirsty demon! She looked at Xiao Luo in horror, only to feel terrible pain. She felt endless despair, and the breath of death.

    The other students were appalled, they paled and were scared out of their wits…

    He first crippled Liu Fei’s right leg, and now he cut off Wang Tanyun’s arm! Such a bloody image made each of them feel a chill in their hearts. Su Canye was no exception, it was no wonder that he told Su Bei to close her eyes, this guy was going to kill? However, this was a society ruled by law. Was he not afraid of being punished by the law?

    “You …”

    Guo Qinghe spat a mouthful of blood, he and Wang Tanyun had always had an improper relationship between them. Although he was already married, Wang Tanyun’s position in his heart couldn’t be replaced by his wife. Wang Tanyun’s horror made him very angry and distressed, he was very much anxious to cut Xiao Luo alive.

    “Whoosh ~”

    The broken sword flashed across the air and with a “poof”, it pierced through Guo Qinghe’s shoulder. With great momentum, he flew back once again before he was finally nailed to the wall alive.

    Guo Qinghe bitterly howled.

    Xiao Luo threw the half dead Wang Tanyun into front of him like a sandbag. Wang Tanyun, whose neck was finally freed, was greedily sucking great gulps of air while shrieking and screaming. The whole Kendo Hall was like purgatory, and Guo Qinghe and Wang tanyun were the two ghosts being tortured.

    “What’s your deal with me?” Xiao Luo smiled and asked Guo Qinghe. At this moment, his smile was like the devil’s grin. It made all the people presented feel chills and their heart quivered.

    Guo Qinghe was now scared, really scared. Xiao Luo’s ruthless actions destroyed his psyche.

    “Didn’t you say I was ungrateful? Didn’t you say I have a vicious heart? There, I showed it to you. What’s wrong, cat got your tongue? I can accept any shortcomings you say, even if there are factually none. Come one, keep them coming.” Xiao Luo lightly said.

    “You devil …”

    Guo Qinghe warbled, his face full of panic.

    “I like the title.”

    Xiao Luo did not care. Who was right or wrong was not important. Being cruel or not was not important. Whether it was legal or not was not important. He only knew that he loved Su Bei! She was like his own daughter. Hence, anyone who dared to hurt her was his enemy. Therefore, they had to bear his anger.

    At that moment, a man of about 50 years old walked through the gate of Kendo Hall, dressed in an island and a national kimono, with nearly all white hair and a pair of glasses. He was about 1.6 meters tall, but his body was enveloped with strong power. The kind of power that would put fear in people.

    The middle-aged man’s eye swept at the scene and immediately asked, “What’s going on? What happened?”

    When he spoke, an aura was released from him. It was exactly the same as the islander’s who spoke Mandarin on TV.

    He soon noticed Guo Qinghe nailed to the wall and Wang Tanyun, whose arm was cut off, lying on the ground covered in blood. His whole person froze, as if his soul left his body, even the katana in his hand fell to the ground.

    “Father … Father …”

    Wang Tanyun held out her able hand towards him with difficulty and shouted in a weak voice. Because of blood loss, her face was pale and without any color.