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Chapter 375 - Ten Minutes.

The Genius System Without Equal


    “Native place?”

    “What’s your motive?”

    In the police station, Xiao Luo was sitting in the interrogation room with handcuffs on both hands, two police officers were sitting across from him. They were very skilled and these questions were asked naturally and simply as breathing.

    Xiao Luo answered these questions one by one. His motive for hurting people was very simple. Just one sentence: They deserve it!


    One long-faced officer slapped the table angrily and shouted, “Xiao Luo, I need to remind you that this is the police station. You are a dragon sitting on a plate and a tiger lying on its back. In here, arrogance will suffer. Simply answer whatever we ask. The more detailed, the better. If you don’t cooperate well, you’ll be punished even more!”

    Xiao Luo laughed, “I have also been in the police for a time, so don’t try to intimidate me with this. It is the court, not you, that can convict people.”

    The two police officers looked at each other, they said in their hearts: Did they meet a criminal? But this person’s information shows that his background is clean. No criminal record. But how can he be so sophisticated in dealing with them?

    “Don’t ask. At the most, in ten minutes, you will be ordered to release me.” Xiao Luo warned.

    “I say, you boy has some problems up there. You crippled a person’s leg, and also cut off a woman’s arm! Your behavior is nothing but brutal and yet you still want to go out? Stop dreaming!”

    The long face officer coldly rebuked him. He then impatiently slapped the desktop, “Let’s not trying to buy time here. If you are honest, you may be able to win the court’s leniency. Otherwise, with the extent of the crime you have committed, you’re at least sentenced to more than three years in prison.”

    Xiao Luo was silent. He didn’t need to waste his breath on these two officers.

    Seeing him ignoring them, the long face officer said to his colleague, “Turn off the camera.”

    His colleague was shocked, but soon realized the intention of the long-faced officer. During interrogation, they would often encounter criminals who would refuse to speak. In such cases, it was necessary to use some extreme measure, such as some ‘punishment’. He got up and turned off the camera. In this way, what happened next in the interrogation room would not be recorded.

    The long-faced officer took out a hammer from the drawer and waved it in his hand, “Boy, let me ask you one more time, what is your motive?”

    Xiao Luo looked at the long-faced officer ponderously. Of course, he knew what this long-faced officer wanted to do. He said in a flat tone, “I said that your boss would make you release me in about ten minutes. We should just stay here peacefully for ten minutes. This is the best course of action.”

    “Humph, the hard way it is!”

    The long-face officer lost patience. He hammered down hard on Xiao Luo’s hand.

    With this, an ordinary person’s hand would be smashed.

    Xiao Luo, who was still in handcuffs, didn’t want to bother himself with this anymore either. With his body still in the chair, he aimed a kick at the long-faced officer. The strength he used was not very heavy, but the long-faced officer, who clearly didn’t exercise much, was forced to kneel to the ground.

    “You dare?!”

    The long-face officer looked up and saw Xiao Luo raising his feet again; he was frightened, panicked, and angered at the same time.

    But Xiao Luo did not care at all. His foot hit the officer directly on the forehead. The officer saw stars circling above his head. His head buzzed.

    “Ma Lu!”

    The other officer rushed up and squatted down to check the condition of the long-face officer.

    “This dog dared to kick me.”

    The long-face officer shook his head to regain some of his bearings. Then he stood up with the help of his companion, gnashing his teeth and glaring at Xiao Luo.

    “This guy is a bit strange. Do you want to consult our superiors?” The other officer suggested.

    “What’s there to ask? This dog is definitely going to jail!”

    The long face officer was furious. A cold smile flashed on his face. He walked around behind Xiao Luo and then said fiercely, “I just said before that, you are just a dragon on a plate and a tiger on its back. If you don’t understand the rules, then I have to teach you to understand them.”

    “I advise you not to do this. Although you are an officer, you have no right to use lynching!”

    Xiao Luo dissuaded. He really wants to just wait here peacefully until the NSA’s rescue arrives. However, this long-faced officer was not inclined to want to.

    “Is it? Ha ha … ”

    The long-face officer sneered. He had always dealt with offenders. But this was the first time that he encountered such a mess today. “You have very dark hair, but I don’t know if it is strong.”

    After saying so, he grabbed it and pulled hard.

    Under normal circumstances, the offender’s head would be thrown back, his scalp would feel very painful, and his neck would be very uncomfortable as if it had been stretched. But he found that Xiao Luo still kept his upright position, his head was not even tilted by a degree.

    “Let go!” Xiao Luo warned coldly.

    The temperature of the whole interrogation room dropped suddenly and the two officers’ bodies gave an involuntary shudder.

    The long-faced officer was stunned and felt that his dignity had been hit by an unprecedented shock. He couldn’t help but be furious, “You really won’t cry until you see the coffin huh, you dog?!”

    Once again, he pulled hard.

    “I said let go!”

    Xiao Luo, under the eyes of the other officer, broke the handcuffs and disintegrated the chair and stood up like a tiger. His powerful internal force burst out.


    The long-face officer flew out with a scream, fell to the ground on his back after a violent collision with the wall. His nose and mouth overflowed with blood and fainted on the spot.

    The other officer was covered in cold sweat. He trembled with fear when he found that Xiao Luo’s eyes swept toward him, and subconsciously reached toward his waist (for his gun). But he realized that he wasn’t carrying his gun because he was not carrying out a task, hence his hands were only touching air. Finally, he picked up the hammer that the long-face officer had just dropped. He held the hammer handle tightly with both hands, waved a few times in the air, and looked at Xiao Luo with horror.

    “Do you want to be like him?” Xiao Luo contemptuously asked.


    The officer was stunned silly. The hammer fell to the ground as he woodenly shook his head. In the presence of this man named Xiao Luo, he was scared, very scared. This was a monster! If not a monster, then he simply can’t explain how the handcuffs were broken with brute force, and how the interrogation chair disintegrated.

    “Pour me a glass of water.”

    Xiao Luo, who was the prisoner, sat down casually on the interrogation table.


    The officer hurried to the corner of the interrogation room and poured a glass of water for Xiao Luo .

    “I want it hot.”

    Since he had to wait, it was better to drink hot water.

    The officer hurriedly poured a cup of hot water before coming over again. He then respectfully handed it over.