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Chapter 377 - Learn to Admire Your Man.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 377: Learn to Admire Your Man.

    “Su Canye, what are you saying?”

    At the other end of the phone, Su Li crunched up her eyebrow and grunted softly. Su Canye was spouting non-stop making her feel like he was telling the plot of a movie. She was quite sure that Su Canye was saying a lot of crazy nonsense.

    “No elder sister, brother-in-law is really a weirdo. He’s not as simple as he looks, he…”


    His voice came to an abrupt end, because there was a busy signal over the phone, Su Li had already hung up the call.

    “Oh, my god!”

    Su Canye scolded, he almost dropped his phone in the process.


    Next to him was Su Bei who suddenly cried happily.

    Su Canye twisted his head to look. His body couldn’t help but shudder because at this time Xiao Luo was standing behind him, looking at him with an indifferent expression on his face.

    He forced a smile on his face and asked, “Cold … Sister … Brother-in-law, when did you arrive?”

    “Early enough.” Xiao Luo answered lightly, then added, “I heard everything you said to your sister.”

    “Snapping ~”

    Su Canye’s body quivered, a “cracking~” was heard as his mobile phone slipped from his hand and dropped to the ground.

    At this time, Xiao Luo’s cell phone rang, he glanced at it and saw <<Su Li>> on the screen.

    He answered …

    “Xiao Luo, where are you?” Su Li’s voice was as cold as ever.

    “With Beibei at the gate of Chang Bangkok amusement park.”

    “Oh, I see. Please tell Su Canye a message from me, don’t play such a joke again. His allowance will be reduced by half.” Now that she had made sure that Xiao Luo was not taken away by the police. Su Li breathed a sigh of relief.

    “Okay.” Xiao Luo agreed.

    After that, the conversation between the two ended without any unnecessary greetings.

    “It’s from my sister?” Su Canye tentatively asked.

    “Of course it was her.”

    Xiao Luo gave this guy a look, in the end he said nothing. But he really wanted to give him a free tr*peze.

    “What did she say?”

    “She said that if you play such a joke again, you will not receive any pocket money and you will be left to fend for yourself.” Xiao Luo deliberately made it more serious.

    “No, I would starve to death within three days without my sister’s money. Brother-in-law, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have told her about you.”

    Su Canye knelt on the ground and hugged Xiao Luo’s thigh, completely ignoring his image.

    “Let go.”

    Xiao Luo frowned. He staged such a performance at the gate of the amusement park, so of course it attracted the eyes of the people around them. Su Canye may be shameless but he still had to have face.

    “I won’t. I won’t, unless you forgive me and intercede with my sister.” Su Canye tightly hugged Xiao Luo’s thighs, wailing like a baby. His snot rubbed on Xiao Luo’s pants.

    Seeing this scene, Xiao Luo could not endure anymore and sent him flying with a kick.

    When this guy flew out, he let out a groan and moaned as if he very much enjoyed it. Xiao Luo couldn’t help but shudder at this reaction. He picked up Su Bei, turned and walked into the amusement park.



    Su Bei was still young, her nominal age was 4 years old, but in fact her third birthday was still more than a month away. So many rides in the amusement park could not be enjoyed.

    Xiao Luo took her to ride the merry-go-round, the small train through the tunnel, the bumper car, and finally rode on the big horse. The little girl was so happy that she forgot all about what had happened in the Nebula Sword Hall. Her laughter rang out from time to time in the amusement park.

    After playing all day, they returned to Star Moon Bay Hotel. The little girl had already fallen asleep in Xiao Luo’s arms. Su Canye returned to Yinlong Mountain villa. Of course, he only went back obediently because Xiao Luo promised to help him win back the Bentley at Wolf Mountain four days later. Otherwise, he would be sticking to Xiao Luo, begging, like a piece of gum.

    After entering the door, he saw Su Li sitting on the sofa reading a book casually and silently. The LCD TV in the hall was also on and playing.

    She was dressed in a white lady’s shirt, with a printed collar turned over, a black skirt and white silk stockings outlining her slender long legs. When she found Su Bei asleep in Xiao Luo’s arms, she put down her book and got up to meet him. She reached out to take Su Bei in her arms. After the little girl cried “mother”, she continued to sleep soundly in Su Li’s arms.

    Xiao Luo didn’t say a word and turned to leave.

    “You wait, I have something for you.”

    Su Li called out to him, then hurriedly carried Su Bei to the upstairs bedroom and carefully placed her on the big bed.

    You have something for me?

    Xiao Luo felt that the sun was rising in the west, who would’ve thought?

    A little while later, Su Li came down from the upstairs, holding a hundred dollars. She walked up to Xiao Luo and handed it out.

    “What is this for?” Xiao Luo was puzzled.

    “Help me buy stir-fried rice downstairs.”

    Su Li’s look was a bit unnatural, asking Xiao Luo to buy stir-fried rice, which was somewhat embarrassing.

    “You haven’t eaten yet?” Asked Xiao Luo.

    Seemingly responding to his words, Su Li’s belly grumbled “goo goo” sounds for a few times.

    Su Li’s face turned red with embarrassment and forced herself to calm down. She explained, “Aunt Li asked for leave today. I was too busy and forgot about it.”


    Xiao Luo suddenly nodded, he didn’t ask more questions. Of course, Su Li did not know how to cook. Otherwise she wouldn’t let herself be hungry until now.

    “Is there any food in the kitchen refrigerator?”

    “I don’t know, aunt Li is in charge of everything in the kitchen.” Su Li replied.

    Xiao Luo was speechless.

    He simply walked into the kitchen, and looked at the refrigerator. There were still quite a lot of vegetables; tomatoes, Chinese cabbage, taro, garlic, etc. He took out some ingredients and started to wash the vegetables.

    “What are you doing?” Su Li frowned and asked.

    “Cooking.” Xiao Luo busily replied.

    Su Li was stunned and then said with a grain of doubt, “Are you sure?”

    She didn’t think Xiao Luo could make any delicious food.

    “You can wait for another half an hour.” Xiao Luo didn’t even lift his head. Su Li bought him clothes so he made her food.

    Su Li thought that this guy couldn’t possibly cook worse food than fried rice, so she allowed him to work in the kitchen. She walked back to the sofa and sat down, picked up the book she had put down earlier and started to read it.

    However, she could no longer calm down and secretly watched Xiao Luo from time to time. He carefully washed, cut and cooked the dishes. He was very skilled and sophisticated. It made her watch with increasing obsession. At this time, he looked better than books.

    It’s also good if this guy’s cooking skills are good, at least he has some merit. She felt gratified in her heart.

    On the current page of the book she was reading, the last sentence seemed to be her advice: learn to appreciate your man and discover his other side.