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Chapter 594 - The Book Is Yours. Get Lost!

Medical Master
     Chapter 594 The Book Is Yours. Get Lost!

    Yu Qing, the highly-skilled doctor, was very shocked.

    Among the other 49 highly-skilled doctors, there were also some who specialized in bonesetting. However, he had never seen any of them perform such an amazing bonesetting technique.

    Since this moment, Yu Qing, the highly-skilled doctor, finally began to take Fang Qiu seriously.

    In the clinic.

    Yao Xue was so stunned that his eyes rounded to the size of saucers.

    He never knew that Fang Qiu had become so marvelous.

    “He’s successfully helped the patient reset his broken bone in a fraction of a second?”

    His contempt for Fang Qiu had completely vanished. Now, he finally understood why Fang Qiu had won the championship of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor.

    Across the room, the friends of the injured and the rest of the patients in the queue all exclaimed and sighed with emotion.

    “Well, go back and have a good rest. Don’t use your feet in the next three months,” Fang Qiu reminded.

    “Thank you.”

    The injured man hurriedly thanked him.

    The patient’s friends wanted to take a picture with Fang Qiu and ask for his autograph. But when they saw the patients waiting to see the doctor in the long queue, they felt they’d better not disturb Fang Qiu. After getting the medicine, they and the injured left right away.

    Fang Qiu continued to see patients.

    He worked for an entire day.

    Upon hearing the news of Fang Qiu’s appearance, countless patients rushed over here from various places to obtain Fang Qiu’s treatment.

    Fang Qiu was still in the clinic when the night fell.

    Finally, he treated all the patients.

    When there were no more patients coming in, it was Fang Qiu himself who closed the door of the clinic.

    Yao Xue helped with the calculation.

    He found that throughout the day, Fang Qiu had actually seen more than 300 patients.

    His working speed, accurate diagnoses, and all kinds of powerful techniques thoroughly held Yao Xue in awe.

    And the most unbelievable part was, after seeing all the patients, Fang Qiu was still full of energy and didn’t look tired at all.

    By contrast, he, who was only in charge of prescribing the medicine, was already too exhausted to shut the door.

    He watched Fang Qiu close the door.

    It suddenly occurred to him that Fang Qiu had seen 1,050 patients in 75 hours in one episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor. He immediately felt astonished.

    Originally, he thought it was a gimmick of the show. As he himself was a Chinese Medicine doctor, he genuinely believed that it was impossible for a qualified Chinese Medicine doctor to see 1,050 patients within 75 hours.

    But today, it took Fang Qiu only 15 hours to see more than 300 patients. It was not until then that Yao Xue was thoroughly convinced that it was not the gimmick of the show but Fang Qiu’s real performance.

    Thinking of this, Yao Xue admired Fang Qiu even more.

    “The Chinese Medicine doctors these days are really amazing. The boy who is much younger than me is already so impressive. Given my age, it seems that I must work harder in the future. Otherwise, I will be eliminated soon.”

    Yao Xue sighed with emotion.

    “What did you say?”

    After closing the door, Fang Qiu asked Yao Xue as he walked to the backyard.

    “Nothing. My master is waiting for you in the backyard,” Yao Xue answered promptly.

    Fang Qiu came to the backyard.

    At this time, Yu Qing, the highly-skilled doctor, was sitting at the bamboo table under a tree, enjoying his tea.


    Fang Qiu stepped forward and greeted him respectfully.

    “You can leave now.”

    Yu Qing waved at him.


    Fang Qiu was stunned, and then asked, “What about the treasure book?”

    “I have to think about this matter again. You can go back first,” said Yu Qing, the highly-skilled doctor.


    Fang Qiu nodded and said, “Then I’ll come again tomorrow.”

    With that, he swung his backpack over his shoulder, put on his hat and mask, left from the back door of the backyard, and then found a hotel nearby and checked in.

    The next day.

    In order not to give Yu Qing the impression that he was pushing too hard on this matter, Fang Qiu did not visit him immediately. Instead, he leisurely finished the morning exercise, had breakfast, and rested in his room for a while until the opening time of the clinic arrived.

    When he entered the clinic, some people had already lined up in front of the clinic. But the number of patients was obviously not as huge as it was yesterday. After all, today was not the miracle-working doctor’s consultation day.

    “Master is waiting for you in the backyard.”

    At the sight of Fang Qiu, Yao Xue, who had just finished the consultation for a patient, nodded to him and tipped him off before continuing to see the next patient.

    Fang Qiu made his way straight into the backyard.


    No sooner had Fang Qiu entered the backyard than something was suddenly thrown out from the yard and flew at him.

    Fang Qiu reached out and made a grab.

    It turned out to be a cloth bag.

    Fang Qiu opened it and found that there was a treasure book lying in the cloth bag.

    “Thank you, senior.”

    Fang Qiu hurriedly thanked Yu Qing with a hold fist salute.

    “In fact, when I took you to diagnose that father and son and saw you leave them money after the treatment, I already decided to give you the treasure book.”

    Yu Qing, the highly-skilled doctor, marched out of the room. He looked at Fang Qiu and said, “As for the competition the day before yesterday, it’s just to make you slightly take the edge off my apprentice’s spirit. Yesterday, well, it was purely because I was lazy. In addition, your medical skills are not inferior to mine, so you seeing the patients actually reaped better results than I see them personally.”

    Upon hearing that, Fang Qiu was taken aback. Then, he asked, “Senior, since you’ve long decided to give it to me, why did you propose to exchange it for another thing when I brought up the request to you?”

    Yu Qing’s lips twitched. Then, he rolled his eyes at Fang Qiu and said, “I’ll lend it to you anyway. If I can get a bit of profit from it, I’ll definitely get some. It’s a pity that I didn’t get anything in return.”

    Fang Qiu was staggered to hear that.

    “Alright, I’ve given you the book. Now, get lost.”

    Yu Qing waved him away and went back to the inner room.

    “Thanks a lot, senior.”

    Fang Qiu bowed to the highly-skilled doctor and then turned to leave.

    He soon left the clinic.

    Without taking a break, Fang Qiu directly booked a ride on the car-hailing platform with his mobile phone and quickly returned to Urumchi Airport. On the way back to the airport, he also bought the plane ticket to Korla Airport in advance.

    Considering that Korla was very close to the Taklimakan Desert and it was where the Desert Cistanche grew, if Fang Qiu had to pick a place that was most likely to have the Fairy Desert Cistanche, it would definitely be Korla!

    When Fang Qiu arrived at the airport, it was just the right time. He took the ticket and boarded the plane directly.

    In the cabin, when other passengers around him began dozing off, he took out the cloth bag that Yu Qing had given him and drew the treasure book from it.

    He began to study it carefully.

    At first, Fang Qiu didn’t notice anything unusual. But when he turned to the seventh page, which was blank, he was abruptly stunned!

    The Absolute Touch!

    He had found it!

    This treasure book definitely concealed some secrets, just like the Theory of Bonesetting.

    “Sure enough!”

    With the help of the Absolute Touch, Fang Qiu clearly felt that there were words on this seemingly unremarkable page.

    Moreover, the words were particularly conspicuous.

    He could even feel the bulging patterns.

    Of course, this was only detectable by the Absolute Touch. When ordinary people touched it, they would find it not at all different from normal pages.

    Obviously, Fang Qiu had unraveled the mystery.

    This secret hidden in the book was the reason why people in the Chinese Medicine industry did not think highly of this treasure book. Because except for this hidden secret, the rest that was recorded in the book was completely useless.

    Fang Qiu didn’t hesitate at all.

    The moment he made the discovery, he couldn’t wait to gently press his entire right hand on the page, carefully groping it, while slowly closing his eyes.

    The contents of the page immediately appeared in his mind.

    The page showed all kinds of scenes of processing herbs.

    Also, there were paragraphs of text below the pictures.

    “First, make the medicine boil for the proper time. Don’t let women, children, delivery women, people who just lost parents, people with chronic illnesses, the disabled, or animals such as chickens and dogs see you decoct the medicine. This is a taboo, so you should be careful.

    “Second, the medicine can’t be contaminated by filth, dust, foul and evil Qi floating in the air. If a lot of people taste and smell it, the essence of the medicine will vanish, and it will be the same as rotten wood. If the patient takes such medicine, he won’t feel the medical effect. After taking it all in, it will add to his weakness instead. Then, he will accuse the doctor, saying that the prescription doesn’t work. But it’s not the doctor’s fault. You’d better be familiar with it if you want to avoid making the mistake.”

    When Fang Qiu felt this paragraph with his fingers, his heart lurched involuntarily.

    He knew that the meaning of this paragraph was that during the decoction, if many people saw or smelt it, the dirty smell they carried would contaminate the medicine, and then the drug would not be effective.

    It was the first time that Fang Qiu had heard of this condition.

    He continued to feel the page.

    Soon, Fang Qiu felt the third part—”The main herb of the medicine must be 50 years old or above!”

    When feeling that sentence, Fang Qiu couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

    Obviously, these three points were the basic conditions for making medicine, but the requirements for making this kind of medicine were too harsh. No wonder it couldn’t be passed down.

    After reading the conditions with his fingers, Fang Qiu continued to feel the words.

    As expected, he found some ancient prescriptions.

    “Life-prolonging Earth Pill: sweet chrysanthemum and morinda officinalis 90 grams each; Desert Cistanche 120 grams; wolfberry 80 grams.

    “It has the effects of strengthening one’s liver and kidney, clearing one’s mind, improving one’s vision, enhancing the five internal organs, and bettering one’s hearing.

    “Creation method: grind the above-mentioned four herbs into powder, mix it with honey, and shape it into pills the size of the phoenix tree seed.”

    “Youth-extending Essence Pill: the seed of Chinese dodder (prepared with wine) and Desert Cistanche 120 grams each; radix asparagi, radix ophiopogonis, radix rehmanniae, prepared rehmannia root, Chinese yam, achyranthes root, morinda officinalis, wolfberry, dogwood, tuckahoe, schisandra chinensis, and platycladi seed 60 grams each; raspberry, plantaginis seed, and root-bark of Chinese wolfberry 45 grams each; ginseng, costustoot, polygala tenuifolia, rhizoma alismatis, and Sichuan pepper 30 grams each.

    “It can nourish the liver and kidney, strengthen the spleen and remove dampness, regulate the internal organs, cure the deficiency of the inner system, and prevent as well as cure premature graying and erectile dysfunction. If taking the medicine for a long time, a man will be filled with abundant internal Qi; his body will be light and healthy; his vigor won’t decline; his youth can be extended and his foundation of essence will be consolidated.

    “Creation method: dry the aforementioned traditional Chinese herbs in the sun, grind them into fine powder, mix them with wine and flour, and shape them into pills the size of the phoenix tree seed.”

    “Body-nourishing and Vigor-replenishing Pill: dodder 12 grams; prepared rehmannia root 15 grams; radix achyranthis bidentatae 12 grams; Desert Cistanche 12 grams; schisandra chinensis 10 grams; cynomorium songaricum 10 grams; angelica sinensis 12 grams; Astragalus membranaceus 15 grams; placenta hominis 10 grams; wolfberry 10 gram; licorice 10 grams.

    “This pill can replenish the essence and marrow.

    “Creation method: shape the herbs into pills with honey.”

    “Vigor-cultivating Pill: prepared rehmannia root, angelica sinensis, ginseng, astragalus membranaceus, bezoar, polygonum multiflorum, seven-leafed ganoderma lucidum, immortal grass, sunflower, and so on. The other components: 80 grams of agastache rugosus, 30 grams of red tuckahoe, 20 grams of rhizoma pinelliae preparata, 40 grams of radix bupleuri, 40 grams of perilla leaf, 30 grams of papaya, 20 grams of radix angelicae, 40 grams of tangerine peel, 30 grams of sandalwood, 30 grams of hyacinth bean, 100 grams of the mixture of medicated leaven, malt, and hawthorn fruit, 20 grams of akebiaquinata, 30 grams of rhizoma alismatis, 30 grams of caulis bambusae in taeniam, 45 grams of Chinese yam, 20 grams of fructus amomi, 40 grams of white atractylodes rhizome (prepared), 20 grams of liquorice, 20 grams of costustoot, and 20 grams of coptis root.

    “This pill can solidify one’s vigor, remove impurities from one’s body, and clear one’s meridians.

    “Creation method: shape the herbs into pills with honey.”

    “The Dragon and Phoenix Double Happiness Pill: ginseng, deer antler, poria with hostwood, Indian trumetflower seed, epimedium, morinda officinalis, ligusticum sinense oliver, oyster, sea horse, dipsacus root, sea otter, fructus psoraleae, flatstem milkvetch seed, eucommia ulmoides, cynomorium songaricum, raspberry, polygala tenuifolia, and lotus seed 50 grams each; 25 grams of deer blood, 200 grams of walnut; a penis canitis, a placenta hominis, and a penis otariae; codonopsis, red ginseng, silkworm moth, tuber onion seed, fleece-flower root, wolfberry, sealwort, dendrobe, and prepared rehmannia root 100 grams each.

    “Creation method: grind the abovementioned materials into fine powder and make them into pills.

    “This is an imperial prescription. It can activate cells and extend life in the long term, fundamentally adjust the human body’s vitality, balance the human body’s functions, enhance the physical system, and strengthen one’s health. It’s high-level health care that can beautify the skin, energize the brain, and generate the marrow. It has the magical effect of enhancing kidney function.”

    Seeing this, Fang Qiu was dumbfounded.

    “There is really such an ancient prescription?

    “Oh my God!”