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Chapter 314 - You Know Su Cha?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 314: You Know Su Cha?

    This villa was quite big.

    After all, there had to be space for 30 contestants.

    There were a total of three floors. There were dozens of rooms upstairs and downstairs. In order to ensure the privacy of the contestants, they were roomed on the second and third floors. The staff members were on the first floor, and the male staff could not go upstairs unless they were notified.

    After all, all the contestants were female.

    From the moment one entered the villa, one could see that the main entrance and the main hall, as well as the small garden and the swimming pool, all had cameras.

    They were so eye-catching that they could be noticed with a glance. It was as if after entering the range of the camera, one would subconsciously become nervous and forced to look.

    The staff explained to her nicely, "The cameras are switched on from 6 o'clock to 10 o'clock in the morning. It's not available for the rest of the time. There are cameras in your room, but there are none in the bathrooms or changing rooms. You can wash up or change your clothes safely, but it's best if you cover the camera before you change."

    The staff's reminder was very good. They were also afraid that there would be any privacy leaks, and the production crew's reputation would be tarnished.

    They were a genuine talent-search program. Although they needed to create hype, they did not need to do anything unusual to attract attention.

    Su Cha nodded in agreement.

    Her room was the innermost room on the third floor. Along the way, Su Cha saw many rooms. The girls were gathered together and discussing something. There were also parents and other people accompanying them as they helped arrange the girls' beds. They were worried about something.

    There were also some who had begun practicing their songs. Occasionally, a pleasant melody would be heard.

    A few contestants greeted Su Cha with a smile and Su Cha responded to them.

    Su Cha paused when she reached the door where she was going to stay with Jin Mou.

    Jin Mou's brother was also present.

    It was Captain Jin.

    He was standing by the door. This time, he was wearing a shirt. His tall figure was as oppressive as ever. As he was standing by the door, that space became cramped and narrow. His arm was placed directly on the door frame.

    Probably because he'd sensed someone approaching, he turned around lightly. When he saw Su Cha, he paused for a moment, as if he did not know her, and turned his gaze back.

    Jin Mou complained, "I told you I could do it alone, but you insisted on coming. Aren't you busy with work?"

    "Uh, Jin Mou's brother, can you let her stay in the same room as your sister?"

    The staff stepped forward, asking Jin Duan to move aside.

    After all, Jin Duan was tall and strong. He looked very oppressive, so the staff spoke very politely to him.

    Hearing this, Jin Duan looked over again. This time, he simply glanced at Su Cha and moved away slightly, but then he seemed to remember her. He pondered for a while and asked curiously, "You…"

    Su Cha and the staff pushed the suitcase into the room and turned to look at him with a calm smile. "I remember they called you Captain Jin last time."

    Jin Duan narrowed his eyes and finally remembered something. "It's you."

    Su Cha: "…"

    Could a police officer like him arrest a criminal?

    Jin Mou was surprised to see this. "Brother, do you know Su Cha?"