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Chapter 315 - Ive Graduated

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 315: I've Graduated

    Jin Mou was now displaying a rare sense of closeness in front of her family.

    She looked much more approachable.

    However, she was still surprised that Su Cha knew her brother.

    Jin Duan frowned as if he was thinking about how to answer the question. Su Cha explained clearly, "A while ago, there was a murder case downstairs, right near where I lived. The police asked me about it, and your brother was among them."

    Her words were light.

    She did not say anything that she should not.

    Jin Duan looked at Su Cha with deep eyes. An unknown emotion rolled in his eyes, making it hard to see his expression.

    Jin Mou was a little surprised. She did not expect it to be because of this matter, but she quickly smiled and her eyes brightened. "So it's because of this? That's fate."

    The staff knew that Jin Duan's work was not ordinary. Hearing Su Cha's words, he immediately understood that the person in front of him was a police officer. He was surprised.

    It was natural to be afraid of the police. The staff could not help but be even more careful when facing Jin Duan.

    After the staff left, Su Cha entered the dormitory to unpack her luggage. Although she was not familiar with it, she still asked, "Jin Mou, isn't your brother the Captain of Yonggu City? Is he on leave now?"


    Jin Mou smiled and said, "He has transferred to the Imperial Capital."

    Su Cha was a little surprised.

    Yonggu City was not a wealthy city. To be able to move from that place to the Imperial Capital, this Jin Duan was indeed not ordinary.

    But she did not ask further.

    The dormitory was not small. Although it was a small bedroom, it conveniently had two single beds like a hotel room.

    There were all kinds of furniture to store their things, and there were also individual bathrooms and changing rooms, which were very convenient.

    Jin Mou and Jin Duan whispered something to each other. Due to the fact that they were family members, Jin Mou could not help but relax and display a hugely different side of herself.

    Strictly speaking, Su Cha did not have much connection with the Jin siblings, nor did she bother them.

    After Jin Duan left, Jin Mou walked over.

    She watched as Su Cha folded some clothes and placed them in the simple wardrobe. She asked curiously, "Are you applying for the Imperial Capital University?"

    Su Cha turned around and looked at Jin Mou. "Mhm."

    She glanced at Jin Mou. "Where are you studying?"

    Jin Mou was only a few years older than Su Cha was and should still be in university.

    "I didn't go to school. I'd been tutored at home. I got my graduation certificate last year, but I'm only 20 this year," Jin Mou said softly without showing off.

    Su Cha was a little surprised. "You are a genius."

    At only 20, it was quite early for her to graduate from university. Besides, Jin Mou studied at home. She did not expect her to look cool and low-key about it.

    If it were someone else, they would have long boasted about this result.


    Jin Mou smiled. She was no longer as cold as she used to be. Instead, she looked like a pure and innocent young lady from a neighboring family. One could tell that she was a carefree girl raised by a wealthy man. "I've been studying at home and never went to school. I only took the school's exam. My grades are not as high as yours. When I took the college entrance examination, I only got around 600 marks."


    Su Cha smiled. It was likely more than 600 marks. To be able to get a graduation certificate from the Imperial Capital University, she had to be very capable.