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Chapter 75 - Arrogan

Fate's Little Feral Consort
     Chapter 75: Chapter 75 Arrogant

    Yun Qianyu took a look at Wei Zicheng and said without fear, “You better lower your sword, otherwise don’t blame me for being impolite.”

    Wei Zicheng was stunned for a moment and soon thought of the identity of Yun Qianyu.

    Immediately, he lowered his sword and said in a more respectful manner, ” Young miss, please don’t make it hard for us. We’re just following orders.”

    Yun Qianyu raised her eyebrow and said, “Lead the way.”

    Yun Qianyu was curious about what they wanted.

    Wei Zicheng felt relieved when Yun Qianyu said that. He turned around and led the way.

    As they walked out of the Black Bamboo Pavilion. Hua Mei rushed over and asked anxiously, “Young miss, what happened?”

    “I don’t know. I’m going to check it out.”

    Yun Qianyu guessed that it was probably related to Nanny Jia.

    A group of people went to the main hall of Eternal Peace Marquis’s Residence. On the way there, the group attracted many people’s attention. They all gossiped and had a certain look on their faces, as though they knew Yun Qianyu would get into deep trouble.

    However, Yun Qianyu was indifferent toward all this.

    As Yun Qianyu was thinking to herself, she suddenly heard someone cry.

    Outside the main hall at the front yard, many servants had gathered there. All of them were gossiping, some of them were crying bitterly.

    As soon as people saw Yun Qianyu coming, they all moved aside. At the same time, someone called out, “The eldest young miss is here.”

    Immediately after that, someone else cried out, “Young miss, how can you be so cruel? Even if my mother was going to teach you some lessons, how could you poison her? You’ll pay for this!”

    Yun Qianyu looked over and saw a woman lying on the ground in front of the main hall. The woman was Nanny Jia and she was drenched as though she had been pulled up from waters. Nanny Jia laid in the arms of the man with her eyes shut.

    This man should be Nanny Jia’s son. When the man looked up at Yun Qianyu, his eyes were full of hate, wanting to kill Yun Qianyu.

    However, Yun Qianyu looked at him calmly, without any expression. She was neither afraid nor nervous, she only walked into the main hall calmly.

    However, as soon as she entered the hall, she heard a yell.

    “Kneel down!”

    The voice was cold and striking. Hearing it, people knew that this person was angry.

    Yun Qianyu looked up at the main hall and saw that the person that yelled at her was a very rich looking old woman. The old woman had a gold pattern loose coat, a snow-green Horse Face Skirt, and an embroidered headwear. Her whole person looked stern and cold; looking at Yun Qianyu with her eagle-like eyes.

    This woman was the old madam of the family, the mother of Marquis Yun Lei, and the mother in law of Liu Shi.

    The old madam never liked Yun Qianyu and never asked to see her. As Yun Qianyu’s grandmother, she did not have the slightest love for her.

    Since she didn’t love Yun Qianyu, why would Yun Qianyu show any respect? She raised her eyebrow lightly and said to the old madam.

    “For what reason did the old madam ask me to kneel?”

    The old madam did not expect this kind of insubordination. Not only did Yun Qianyu not kneel, she also acted as though she had done nothing wrong.

    Feeling extremely angry, she pointed at Yun Qianyu and yelled, “You are too arrogant and unruly. Even after killing someone, you still act as if nothing had happened. Do you think you can do whatever you want after becoming the future princess consort of Li Prince?”