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Chapter 384 - A Couple’s Bath with Instructor Tang

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 384: A Couple’s Bath with Instructor Tang

    “Little Tang Tang, don’t worry. Even if I die after being struck by lightning, I will still protect you!” Jian Qi said with her eyes focused on the sniper scope.

    Although she was saying something romantic, her facial expression seemed especially serious.

    When Tang Jinyu tilted his head to look at the girl next to him, he was surprised to see her serious facial expression which contradicted her usual playful attitude.

    This was something he admired about Jian Qi the most. Regardless of how unruly she was, she would always put her heart into what she was doing when she was working. She treated her responsibilities seriously.

    After Tang Jinyu retracted his gaze, he picked up the binoculars to look at a building in the distance.

    “What are we waiting for?” Jian Qi asked.

    Before Tang Jinyu answered her, he looked around at the surrounding environment. “The anti-terrorism team will arrest and exterminate the terrorists. However, to prevent any of them from escaping, our teammates will carry out an ambush as the second line of defense. Meanwhile, we will act as the third line of defense.”

    “Which means, we will shoot and kill any of the mercenaries who appear within our sight. Is that right?” Jian Qi smiled devilishly.

    There was an indescribably evil vibe about Jian Qi when she spoke in such a bloodthirsty manner.

    “Yeah,” Tang Jinyu answered calmly, “Also, there is a possibility that our opponents have already sent some people out. There might be other snipers around us!”

    “That means we will still have to eliminate all surviving enemies in this area before anyone makes it to our third line of defense!”

    As Tang Jinyu spoke, he quickly scanned the surrounding area.

    If there were enemy snipers around, where would they hide in ambush?

    The two of them looked around carefully.

    “There’s someone in the direction of seven o’clock.”

    “There’s someone in the direction of one o’clock.”

    The two of them spoke nearly at the same time.

    Jian Qi laughed. “We really are connected to each other on a deeper level!”

    “Should I get rid of him?” Jian Qi had already aimed her sniper at one of the targets.

    “Don’t do anything yet!” Tang Jinyu called out before looking in other directions.

    He needed to make sure that nothing would go wrong.

    As Jian Qi waited for Tang Jinyu’s order, she began to seem excited.

    To her, the attempt on the snowy mountains was merely a warm-up. The group of enemies was far too weak for her.

    Meanwhile, each of their opponents this time around was equally powerful.

    Not only were they as capable as the anti-terrorist team, some of them might even be more powerful then the latter’s members.

    This group of terrorists would perhaps allow Jian Qi to test herself after all those days of training in the Special Fire Team.

    After all, all of them were truly capable opponents.

    If Jian Qi could not even handle them, she would perhaps get killed once more if she continued to investigate the matter of her own death.

    Although Tang Jinyu was observing the environment around them, he could clearly feel Jian Qi’s excitement brewing next to him.

    “Why are you so excited?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    Since Tang Jinyu was observing their surroundings, he did not turn to look at Jian Qi.

    Naturally, he did not capture the moment of panic which appeared on Jian Qi’s face.

    ‘Damn. I got too excited and nearly forgot to control my emotions.’

    Fortunately, the sky was dark and the rain was heavy. Therefore, Tang Jinyu could not see her expression.

    If he could, Jian Qi would have blown her own cover.

    After Jian Qi stopped herself from smiling, she proceeded to flirt with Tang Jinyu. “I wasn’t excited. I was just thinking that the rain makes it feel as if Instructor Tang and I are having a couple’s bath.”

    Tang Jinyu took a deep breath. “Be more serious. This isn’t a rehearsal!” He warned coldly.

    Jian Qi smiled. “Yeah. I know it’s not a rehearsal. That’s why I am afraid I would never get to propose to Instructor Tang!”