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Chapter 1025 - Do Best Friends Kiss Each Other Too?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1025: Do Best Friends Kiss Each Other Too?

    Du Ruo almost choked on the fruits. She calmed herself down and cleared her throat. “I heard that you and Xinya have already hit home run. In that case, there’s nothing much I have to say. You must treat Xinya well and you’re not allowed to bully her. Otherwise, we won’t let you off.”

    Everyone shot Du Ruo a glance while sticking their thumbs up.

    The cute and softspoken girl Du Ruo was indeed very shrewd! She had put across bluntly, what they were all trying to say!

    They felt like they were lacking some IQ.

    Si Yiyan was speechless.

    Du Ruo’s definition of home run was taught to her by Han Mofeng, and her concept of home run was just holding hands, hugging and kissing. However, Si Yiyan had no idea that that was her interpretation! To him, home run meant that they had reached the highest level of intimacy.

    Of course, men might boast about reaching home run to other men, but would he be able to talk about it so comfortably with another woman?

    Si Yiyan said carefully, “Please be my witness.”

    He knew that nothing he said would be substantial. Since they were all so concerned about Wen Xinya’s happiness, he decided to let them witness his devotion towards her through his actions.

    Everyone looked at each other in shock.

    Noticing that they did not have any more questions, Wen Xinya frantically said, “Are you very busy now? I shall not disturb you then…”

    Si Yiyan frantically exclaimed, “Wait a minute!”

    Wen Xinya asked, “What else is there that you’d like to say to me?”

    Si Yiyan instructed. “You tend to get a major hangover after you get drunk. Drink less, lest you get a headache again tomorrow.”

    Wen Xinya would often complain about getting a headache the day after she drank alcohol. She would also feel lethargic even after drinking the hangover broth. That was the real reason why he didn’t want her to drink too much.

    Feeling extremely pressurized by the derisive gazes of her friends, Wen Xinya nodded and exclaimed, “Got it!”

    She then ended the call.

    Wen Xinya put her mobile phone away and looked up at her friends while turning red and hot in embarrassment. “Why are you guys looking at me like this? Is there something on my face?”

    Zhou Tianyu asked, “Xinya, why did you end the call so soon? It’s not like we’re going to devour him.”

    Blushing as red as a tomato, Wen Xinya pretended to be calm and said, “He’s busy with work lately. I was just worried that you guys might get in the way of him working.”

    Xu Tongxuan lamented. “It’s no wonder that they always say that daughters are not loyal to their families. You’ve yet to marry him and yet, you’re already so biased towards him. We’re your family, how could you do this to us?”

    Wen Xinya chided. “Don’t you forget that you’re a girl, too. It’s only a matter of time before it’s your turn.”

    Gu Junling whistled and said, “I’ve never seen a girl like you who can sound so self-righteous while being disloyal.”

    Wen Xinya kicked him before glancing at Zhou Tianyu. “Tianyu, hurry and chase your man away.”

    She loved being a matchmaker. She still did not know if Zhou Tianyu and Gu Junling had made any progress after he brought the drunk Zhou Tianyu away during their previous gathering.

    Gu Junling almost choked and spat his wind out. His ear turned red as he tried to stay composed and sipped on his wine. However, he could not control himself and turned to look at Zhou Tianyu.

    Zhou Tianyu subconsciously looked away and said awkwardly, “How has he become mine? Xinya… don’t spout nonsense.”

    She subconsciously touched her ears, only to realize that they were burning hot.

    Xu Tongxuan said, “Don’t you always say ‘My Gu Junling’ and ‘My little eunuch Gu’? Why isn’t he yours?”

    It seemed to be the season of love. Han Mofeng had fallen in love with Du Ruo while the usually-composed Wen Xinya had fallen for the irresistibly charming Si Yiyan. In that case… would Gu Junling and Zhou Tianyu get together soon?

    Autumn was the season of harvest.

    Hopefully, Gu Junling would get to reap the fruits of his labor after putting in painstaking efforts for more than a decade.

    Blushing with shyness, Zhou Tianyu glowered at Xu Tongxuan and retorted. “We’re just best friends.”

    Du Ruo asked, “Sis Tianyu, do best friends kiss each other, too? I remember seeing you kissing Brother Gu along the streets during the previous gathering.”

    Although she had gotten drunk after just one glass of alcohol previously, she was not drunk out of her senses. When Han Mofeng sent her home, she seemed to have caught sight of Zhou Tianyu kissing Gu Junling.

    “Oh…” Wen Xinya and Xu Tongxuan stared at Zhou Tianyu profoundly, overwhelmed with excitement.

    Zhou Tianyu snorted with laughter and thought to herself,

    Ling Qingxuan was extremely agitated and he wished he could tear up. He patted Gu Junling on his shoulder and said, “Brother, it’s been tough, eh? After a decade-long battle, you’ve finally made some progress.”

    As red as a tomato, Zhou Tianyu said sternly, “You’ve made a mistake. You must have seen the wrong person.”

    Du Ruo wondered in puzzlement,

    However, Wen Xinya and Xu Tongxuan were not as silly or gullible as Du Ruo. They immediately pressed Zhou Tianyu down onto the couch and questioned, “What’s going on between you and Little Eunuch Gu? Own up and tell us the truth immediately!”

    Zhou Tianyu teared up and answered feebly, “I was drunk and can’t remember anything.”

    Wen Xinya exclaimed, “This is what they call childhood sweethearts, isn’t it!?!”

    Xu Tongxuan said, “Exactly.”

    Du Ruo chimed in. “Wonderful. Tianyu and Brother Gu are so compatible with each other!”

    Zhou Tianyu was speechless.  she thought.

    Gu Junling was also speechless. This cute and adorable girl really had great taste.