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Chapter 316 - Quick Change of Face

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 316: Quick Change of Face

    Su Cha did not pursue the topic and sighed instead. "Your brother is a police officer, but you came to participate in this talent show. The difference between you two is quite big."

    "Yes. Being a police officer suits him, but I've liked to sing since I was young. It's nice to have a platform like this show. My family doesn't expect me to accomplish anything big. I just need to do what I want."

    It was rare for Jin Mou to speak so much. If someone else were being like this, it would be hard not to hate her.

    Jin Mou looked like a blessed child. She had been raised with love and was carefree, and she could do whatever she wanted without any difficulty.

    Most people participating in the talent show would not be able to relate to Jin Mou.

    Some of them had goals while the others just wanted to become famous.

    Su Cha could sense Jin Mou's casual attitude. She could not help but laugh when she recalled what Jin Mou had said to Mona. "I don't think you have such a strong obsession with the championship. You're just happy to participate in the competition. Why did you say that to Mona?"

    "Because I don't like her."

    Jin Mou frowned and said directly, "I think she's very pretentious."

    For a girl like her, liking and disliking someone was a straightforward matter. She was raised in a wealthy family, but she was not an ignorant person. She could tell that Mona had a conflict with her. It's clear what kind of person Mona was, so she did not like her.

    Su Cha was silent for a while. "I guess it'll be fine as long as you don't interact with people you don't like."

    Jin Mou had said that it did not matter, but there were too many people in the villa.

    Unexpectedly, Jin Mou smiled. "Even if we don't interact with each other, there might still be trouble later on. You know about Fu Bin, right? I think the person who cut her strings has advanced too. With such a person around, the dormitory will not be peaceful."


    Su Cha did not expect Jin Mou to see everything clearly. She thought for a while and asked, "Do you have a guess about who it is?"

    She did not know the contestants, so she did not know who the most likely culprit was. Besides, given the place where it happened, it was impossible to only speculate about the contestants.

    "If we compare the contestants carefully, we can still find traces. It's just that there is no evidence."

    Jin Mou curled her lips and said, "My brother is a police officer. I've been influenced by him since I was young. I know how to deduce these things and find the truth through the evidence. But I'm not familiar with them, so I don't feel the need to interfere with the others' matters."

    Su Cha chuckled softly. "Aren't you afraid that I will tell others?"

    If she just casually said that Jin Mou had guessed that the person who'd cut the strings had already advanced to the next round, Jin Mou could instantly become the target of everyone.

    Jin Mou tilted her head, looking rather cute. "You definitely won't. You're not that kind of person."

    She was sure.

    Su Cha was stunned.

    In just a short time, could Jin Mou determine what kind of person she was?

    At the same time, this was also a form of trust.

    As she thought this, Su Cha's heart skipped a beat and her smile became brighter.

    "Hey, hey, hey, can you guys shoot a video with me?"

    A contestant suddenly rushed over from the corridor and entered Su Cha and Jin Mou's room with her phone in hand. The smiling Jin Mou's expression instantly turned cold, and she regained her usual coldness.

    Su Cha admired her for how quickly her attitude could change.