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Chapter 483 - Strange Invisibility Cloak

Let Me Game in Peace
     483 Strange Invisibility CloakZhou Wen carefully read the information on the Invisibility Cloak, but he felt that something was amiss.

    Invisibility Cloak: Mythical

    Life Providence: Seamless

    Life Soul: Combat Cloak

    Wheel of Destiny: Deity Possession

    Strength: 54

    Speed: 71

    Constitution: 67

    Essence Energy: 72

    Talent Skill: Invisibility.

    Companion Form: Invisibility Cloak.

    There was no problem with the attributes. The Wheel of Destiny was a little strange. The annotation was that it was a miracle of a deity's descent.

    None of these were problematic, but the Invisibility Cloak was a Companion Egg. However, it didn't indicate that it was a Companion Egg in its information. It was as though the Companion Beast had already been hatched.

    Zhou Wen took out the transparent Companion Egg from the box. He could feel that it was the shape of an egg, about the size of a rugby ball.

    He attempted to inject his Essence Energy into it, but the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg didn't react at all. It didn't accept his Essence Energy, much less absorb it.

    I wonder what method the Zhang family used to reduce the Invisibility Cloak back to its Companion Egg state. Now, although the Invisibility Cloak doesn't have an owner and looks the same as an ordinary Companion Egg, in essence, it's already hatched. It's no wonder no one can't hatch it after so many years. Zhou Wen was already mentally prepared. It wasn't strange that he couldn't hatch it.

    With the Companion Egg in hand, Zhou Wen switched his Essence Energy Art to the First Order of Chaos before attempting to inject his Essence Energy into the Companion Egg.

    Legend had it that the Invisibility Cloak came from the temple of the dualism god, Phanes. As for the relationship between Phanes and Chaos, it was very subtle. Furthermore, they were from the same pantheon. Zhou Wen felt that the First Order of Chaos might be useful.

    However, the outcome didn't disappoint Zhou Wen. After converting his Essence Energy Art to the First Order of Chaos, the Invisibility Cloak accepted his Essence Energy. The entire Companion Egg trembled slightly.

    Zhou Wen was delighted as he increased his Essence Energy input, but the Companion Egg continued trembling gently. When Zhou Wen expended all his Essence Energy, the Invisibility Cloak remained still.

    What's the situation now? Does it work or not? Zhou Wen tried a few more times. When he injected Essence Energy, the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg had a reaction. The moment he stopped, the Invisibility Cloak's reaction disappeared, but it showed no signs of hatching.

    After some thought, Zhou Wen felt that this might have something to do with his First Order of Chaos's low level. He had only achieved basic mastery of the First Order of Chaos, and he hadn't even condensed a Life Providence. If he could cultivate it to a higher level, he might be able to hatch the Invisibility Cloak.

    Zhou Wen had no choice but to put away the Invisibility Cloak. Even if he were to train his First Order of Chaos now, it wasn't something that could be improved in a short period of time.

    Although I can't use the Invisibility Cloak for the time being, I have obtained the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon Companion Beast. I can try and see if I can fight that snake in the temple. Zhou Wen took out his phone and activated the Zhuolu instance dungeon.

    Once again, he came to the temple protected by the snake. Zhou Wen summoned the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and let it enter to fight the snake.

    The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was slightly faster than the snake, but its strength was clearly not as strong as that of the snake. A terrifying clash erupted within the palace.

    Dragon Breath, Demonic Flame, Poison Smoke, and all sorts of powers erupted. The blood-colored avatar was nearly killed just from the remnant blasts. Thankfully, Zhou Wen had activated his Demon Dragon True Body in time, preventing him from dying.

    Although the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was at a disadvantage, the snake could not kill it in a short period of time. He could not help but be overjoyed. With the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon as the main force, he might have a chance of killing the snake. There was no need for him to get the Invisibility Cloak anymore.

    Zhou Wen summoned Demonic Neonate and Banana Fairy. Just as he was about to rush in to help, he saw the snake's eyes turn into mirrors. Then, it glanced at the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, immediately making it disappear. It was as though it had been projected inside the snake's eyes. The next second, Zhou Wen saw the notification that the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon had died. He hurriedly turned around and ran.

    However, he ran a little too late. After being glanced at by the snake, the phone screen darkened.

    What kind of Essence Energy Skill is that? Do you have to be so shameless? Even a Mythical Six-Winged Guardian Dragon dies from a glance. Are you not giving me a way out? Zhou Wen was depressed.

    After re-entering the game, Zhou Wen tried a few more times. If the snake didn't have that Essence Energy Skill, he might be able to defeat it by working together with the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon.

    However, every time the snake used that skill, he and the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon would be instantly killed without any chance to retaliate.

    Zhou Wen could only take the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon to the other temple, but the outcome was even worse. The dimensional creature that looked like a wolf and tiger, but wasn't any of them, killed the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon with its speed. The dimensional creature's speed far exceeded that of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon. Furthermore, its claws were nearly indestructible. The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was ripped apart in a few blows.

    Although they were both Mythical creatures, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was clearly much weaker than the two.

    This also had something to do with the Companion Beast's incomplete skills. If it was the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon with its entire lineup of skills, it should be able to last a little longer.

    Even if I can't kill these two, can't I kill the weaker ones? Zhou Wen took the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon to the underground sea, thinking of using it to crush the nine black dragons that were pulling the wagon.

    They were all at the Mythical stage. With the black dragon being chained up, their strength was greatly reduced. They were definitely not as strong as the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon.

    Zhou Wen confidently rode the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon towards the sea and prepared to start a massacre.

    However, the moment they entered the sea and saw the nine black dragons, the black dragons seemed to become enraged. The chains on their bodies began to break apart.

    Then, a tragic scene occurred. The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was like a little lamb that had entered a pack of wolves, and it was torn apart by the nine ferocious black dragons.

    What's going on? They can escape their chains even without opening the door to the war wagon? Zhou Wen looked at the black screen and felt extremely depressed.

    Zhou Wen tried going to the underground sea again. This time, he didn't summon the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon. The nine black dragons did not escape their chains.

    However, when Zhou Wen summoned the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, the nine black dragons acted like they were on steroids. They broke free from the chains and devoured the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and the blood-colored avatar once again.

    As a person, it's best to be more pragmatic. Zhou Wen still hadn't recovered from his injuries and he had lost a lot of blood previously, so he really didn't wish to waste any more blood. He didn't dare take the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon to fight Mythical creatures again. Instead, he went to Tiger Cage Pass.