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Chapter 385 - Rappor

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 385: Rapport

    Tang Jinyu was about to scold Jian Qi when he suddenly noticed someone in another location. What happened next was a bullet fired in their direction.

    “Be careful!” Tang Jinyu uttered softly before he dived against Jian Qi to dodge the incoming bullet.

    After the two rolled on the ground to dodge the bullet, they hid behind a nearby fence to stay out of the enemy sniper’s line of sight.

    With a lingering sense of fear in her heart, Jian Qi lifted her gaze to look at Tang Jinyu who had leaned over her body to protect her. “Instructor Tang, are you alright?” She asked worriedly.

    “I’m fine.” Tang Jinyu made a flip to lean against the fence next to her.

    When Jian Qi heard what he said, she sighed in relief. ‘I’m glad he’s alright.’

    “Fortunately, I did not open fire earlier. Otherwise, I would have been killed by the third person right away!” Jian Qi smiled. Despite the danger they were facing, Jian Qi would not allow herself to appear frustrated.

    “Now, the snipers on all three sides have discovered our presence. It’s no longer safe here!” Tang Jinyu said with a deepened tone. “Besides, I believe they would have begun shifting their positions by now. However, I am sure one or two of them would remain here to keep an eye on us!”

    “Therefore, does that mean we must get rid of the remaining people right away?” Jian Qi asked.

    “Yes!” Tang Jinyu stared at her as he responded.

    “Cover me!” Jian Qi exclaimed after taking a quick glance on one side.

    Without saying a word, Tang Jinyu hurriedly opened his backpack to retrieve the disassembled sniper. He then proceeded to assemble it in a haste.

    He moved so fast that Jian Qi began to feel dizzy from just observing him.

    As Jian Qi watched him in action, she raised her brows slightly. This was the second time she had seen him using a rifle.

    It seemed that on both occasions Tang Jinyu did so, Jian Qi was involved…

    “Be careful!” Tang Jinyu said after very quickly assembling the rifle.

    Tang Jinyu and Jian Qi needed to end this standoff as soon as possible. Otherwise, they would not be able to stop the mercenaries from escaping if the latter managed to make it through the anti-terrorism team’s ambush.

    Under Tang Jinyu’s protection, Jian Qi quickly crawled her way to a different corner.

    After seeing that she had arrived safely, Tang Jinyu made a slight adjustment to his current position. After locating a new point of observation, he carefully kept himself hidden.

    “All good now?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    “Yes!” Jian Qi answered seriously.

    “Ready!” Tang Jinyu said with a deep voice after taking a glance at her.

    While he spoke, he quickly picked up the binoculars to look at one of the three places he had identified earlier.

    There was nobody in sight!

    Tang Jinyu had moved very quickly when he used the binoculars. Moreover, he also dodged away very quickly.


    A single bullet was fired in his direction. It barely missed his head as it shot past his head from above.

    Meanwhile, Jian Qi hurriedly picked up the sniper rifle and aimed it at the direction from where the shot was fired. With her eyes glowing, there was a killing intent in her eyes. After taking her aim at the enemy sniper hidden in that location, Jian Qi directly pulled the trigger.

    At the same time when Jian Qi pulled the trigger, Tang Jinyu tossed the binoculars aside and retrieved the sniper rifle he had assembled earlier to aim at the remaining direction. As soon as he located this target, he pulled the trigger.

    The entire process took place within two seconds!

    Throughout the process, neither of them said anything in exchange. However, it almost appeared as if they had developed that kind of rapport over a long period of time.

    After the two enemy snipers were knocked out, they still could not detect the third enemy sniper.

    Clearly, their target had already changed his location when he discovered them.

    When Jian Qi looked at Tang Jinyu who was on the opposite side, she blew him a kiss.

    After Tang Jinyu shook his head helplessly, his eyes glimmered as he smiled. “Let’s retreat. We have to locate the enemy sniper!”