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Chapter 362 - Shut Up

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 362: Shut Up

    “Alright! That sounds like a good idea.” The head surgeon agreed and called for the nurse to bring a pair of sterilized scrubs over.

    He ran into the operating theater and called out, “Mrs. Lu is here! Captain Lu, your wife is here! She said that we need to go ahead with the operation! With it, we have a chance, however small, to keep you alive!”

    Hearing the presence of Jiang Yao calmed Lu Xingzhi down. His eyes fixated on the doors as he saw the doors of the operating theater being pushed open slowly, a woman in green scrubs came running to him with tears in her eyes.

    Lu Xingzhi felt a pain even greater than the ones from his bullet wounds. His heart shredded into a thousand pieces seeing Jiang Yao’s extremely distressed state. What if he died in battle instead? He would not have to put her through this agony, nor would he have to go through the torment of seeing her in tears.

    Jiang Yao looked at the man lying on top of the operation table, her tears could not stop streaming down. She kept wiping her eyes, drying them again and again.

    “You have to live, Lu Xingzhi, you have to live!” Jiang Yao cried softly. She turned toward the doctors and said, “Surgery! We need to do it now!”

    “Dear,” Lu Xingzhi gently held Jiang Yao’s hand and said weakly, “Don’t cry, it hurts me to see you cry.”

    One sentence was all it took to break Jiang Yao’s heart into a thousand pieces.

    “Shut up! Listen to me, if you die now, I will end my life right away and go with you! There will never be another Lu Xingzhi in the world! What happened to our promises of having kids? You told me you are going to live till ninety years old, retire with a big family and house full of lively grandchildren!”

    She looked at the doctors standing aside doing nothing, anger boiling up inside her. She yelled, “What are you doing standing there? Are you watching a movie?! Prepare for the operation! Where is the anaesthetist? Where is your anaesthesia?”

    “I don’t want a surgery…”

    “Shut up!”

    Jiang Yao bluntly interrupted Lu Xingzhi before he could finish his sentence.

    Seeing the anaesthetist’s hesitant response, she walked over and held Lu Xingzhi down. “Come on, hurry up! What are you afraid of now? That he would stand up and hit you?”

    Everyone in Jindo City knew of Lu Xingzhi and his inhospitable and frigid personality. The healthcare professionals were afraid of him and were hesitant to do anything when he had explicitly refused the operation.