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Chapter 363 - Meaningless

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 363: Meaningless

    A scolding from Mrs. Lu was all it took for the anaesthetist to come back to his senses. He began preparations to administer anaesthesia on Lu Xingzhi.

    “Mrs. Lu, the operation is starting soon, do you want to wait outside?” The nurse kindly asked Jiang Yao, who looked frail and small but was scary and aggressive.

    “I will watch from the sidelines; it will not disturb you. Go ahead with the operation.” Jiang Yao was calm and collected right now, more so than everyone else. “There are two bullets. One is lodged three centimeters from his heart, the other…”

    These were the results from a scan by the Medical System. Jiang Yao almost choked seeing the rest of the assessment.

    “The other bullet grazed the heart, injuring the pericardium—double-walled sac holding the heart—in the process. The two bullets are still in his body.”

    The entire room was hushed hearing Jiang Yao’s assessment.

    “Grazed the heart and injured the pericardium…” The assistant director was shocked. “No wonder they were saying that it is a miracle that he is still alive!”

    No one knew where Jiang Yao got this information from. Having heard it, they looked at the patient in silence.

    The anaesthetist moved his syringe away and asked, “So are we still proceeding with the operation?”

    In other circumstances, the patient would have died swiftly, if not instantaneously.

    It was a miracle that Lu Xingzhi was able to hold on until he reached the hospital.

    They knew that it was his strong will to live that kept him alive.

    “Mrs. Lu, I suggest we drop the operation,” the assistant director sighed. “The success rate of the operation is close to zero, it would only be a torture even if we went ahead. At least he could still talk to you now for a few more moments.”

    The assistant director had given up. An operation like this would only mean the swift death of the patient. Once the anaesthesia has entered the body, any remaining existence of life would be wiped out.

    “Dear, it’s okay.” Lu Xingzhi wanted to squeeze Jiang Yao’s hand, but he realized that he could not even do it. His vision was getting blurry and his consciousness cloudy.

    The surgery team left the room one after another, leaving the couple alone with each other.

    The people waiting outside were horrified to see the doctors come out sighing.

    “Master Liang, Captain Lu’s conditions are worse than what we thought, no surgery is able to bring him back.” The assistant director exhaled, “You should go in and say your goodbyes.”

    Till now, nobody knew why Jiang Yao was so sure about Lu Xingzhi’s conditions. They were thinking that maybe she had already received the assessment report.