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Chapter 366 - A Welcome Banquet (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 366: A Welcome Banquet (2)

    Xu Weilai was stunned.

    She didn't know that it was Yun Rou's reception. Xu Weilai had imagined that it was just another party. Even assuming that it was Yun Rou's reception, why hadn't she seen her when she escorted Gu Yu around the banquet just now!

    Su Ziqian had seemed sure of herself; she didn't appear to be lying. After all, she had nothing to gain if a lie like this was exposed.

    To find out the truth, all she had to do was go back to the banquet hall. There was no need to bother with Su Ziqian.

    She didn't want to allow herself to be provoked by Su Ziqian so easily. Xu Weilai believed in her feelings and trusted what she saw with her eyes.

    She didn't say a thing. She just walked away without turning her head.

    Su Ziqian leaned against the wall and sneered. She hated Xu Weilai very much. If Xu Weilai hadn't played any tricks and forced Gu Yu to marry her, Su Ziqian wouldn't have done all those stupid things and provoked Gu Yu. She wouldn't have found herself in such a state.

    She fell from heaven to hell. Furthermore, she was at the eighteenth level of hell. Every day, she was in agony.

    In the past, she had trampled on and snubbed at many people. For her actions, she had been bullied, reprimanded, and even teased. For all this pain, her hatred for Xu Weilai grew more and more.

    Never a moment had she stopped thinking about how she would exact revenge on Xu Weilai. How she would make Xu Weilai feel her pain, maybe ten times or even a hundred times more.

    Maybe the heaven had heard her, or perhaps it was time for Xu Weilai's retribution. Yun Rou, the lady that Gu Yu had kept secret in his heart, was finally back. And so, Xu Weilai's good days could be coming to an end.

    She just had to wait and see how tragic Xu Weilai's end would be.

    Su Ziqian laughed again; her maniacal laugh was frightening.

    A figure was standing around the corner. That person had been there for a long time and probably had heard the whole conversation between Xu Weilai and Su Ziqian. Soon, the figure left silently.


    Xu Weilai went back into the banquet hall. The atmosphere was getting extremely lively as more people joined in. She quickly looked around, searching for Gu Yu.

    But she couldn't see him.

    She gazed with a perplexed expression. Had Gu Yu gone to the washroom, too?

    Fortunately, she didn't see Yun Rou either. She heaved a small sigh of relief.

    A man walked past her. When he noticed that she seemed to be searching for someone, he stopped and smiled at her. "Miss Xu, are you looking for Mr. Gu?"

    Xu Weilai looked at him. And she recognized him. He was one of the people who had greeted Gu Yu earlier.

    She nodded calmly and replied in a polite tone, "Yes."

    The man was quite enthusiastic. "I saw Mr. Gu walking towards the terrace. He seemed to be on the phone. You can go there and look for him."

    "Thank you."

    Xu Weilai nodded her appreciation to the man. Then, she moved her feet and walked towards the terrace.

    Through the enormous floor-to-ceiling window, she saw Gu Yu's tall and straight figure in an instant. He was standing at the railing with his side facing her. Sure enough, he was listening to a call, holding his phone by his ear with one hand. His other hand was on the railing.

    As soon as she saw him, Xu Weilai smiled unwittingly.

    How deeply must one love this man that one could feel happy at the very sight of him?

    She lifted the hem of her dress and wanted to walk over to the man. But before she could move, she saw another slender figure making her away towards Gu Yu.

    The lady stood in front of Gu Yu and raised her head slightly to look at him. Her gaze was full of love.