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Chapter 317 - Backdoor

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 317: Backdoor

    After Su Cha nodded, the other contestant raised her phone and took a round of pictures of their room. "I'm filming a video. Can I also take a picture of you? When I am done editing, I will upload it to LovMusik. It should be fine, right?" she asked directly.

    Su Cha noticed that a few pieces of clothing had just been taken out. She blocked them completely from view and said, "You haven't taken pictures yet, right? Please do it later. Our room is not presentable yet."

    She did not say anything directly, but the contestant also nodded knowingly. "It's okay, I haven't filmed yet."

    Then she went out with her phone in hand.

    After she left, Jin Mou told Su Cha that she should go to the production crew to collect some toiletries and basins. She went with Jin Mou.

    When she passed by one of the rooms, she saw a contestant's parents standing there and saying to another contestant, "My daughter will be troubling you, little miss. She is young and a little willful. She doesn't wash her clothes at home. Sometimes, you'll have to help her wash them out of kindness…"

    Su Cha and Jin Mou were surprised by those words.

    The contestant who was being spoken to also looked puzzled and impatient.

    Who doesn't have parents? Is your child that spoiled?

    From the contestant's expression, it was as if she wanted to blurt out these words. On the other side, a girl wearing a school uniform top and a pleated skirt sat by the bed, smiling as she opened a bag of chips and ate it.

    Su Cha: "…"

    There were all sorts of talents in the world.

    They went to collect their things. Because the production crew had to make arrangements, their parents were urged to leave, and most of them had left.

    The director of the production crew raised a loudspeaker and asked the contestants to gather. Then, he roughly talked about food, cooking, and travel.

    They were not allowed to go out. It was unrealistic to order takeouts every day, so the production crew provided all kinds of kitchen tools. The contestants who could cook could do it themselves or gather together to do it. If it was not convenient, they were free to order takeout.

    There was a common area where they could eat every day. It was equivalent to the small canteen in the villa, and the food would be the same as what the staff ate. If one did not want to eat that, there were those two options already mentioned.

    The rest of the details were trivial.

    After the contestants heard the director's words, they started to discuss cooking arrangements. After all, in their minds, the rice here was surely not going to be delicious.

    Jin Mou was stunned. "I don't want to eat there…"

    Su Cha glanced at her and agreed.

    She thought for a while. "I think someone will send me food every day. Let's eat together."

    Bo Muyi had thought of this before she came here, so he'd arranged for the secret guards to deliver fresh and delicious food to Su Cha every day. The amount was definitely sufficient. The contestants like Jin Mou would subconsciously maintain their figures and eat less. It was fine for them to eat together.

    Jin Mou glanced at Su Cha and accepted it happily. "Okay."

    That noon will be their first meal in the villa. Many contestants went to try eating the workplace meal for now. After all, if they tried the taste and ended up liking it, they could save on food going forward.

    But in the end, even though the taste was not bad, it was still not good enough for these picky girls.

    Hence, many people ordered takeout after eating.

    However, while Su Cha and Jin Mou were at their dormitory, as expected, a tall staff wearing a mask came over at noon. His aura was obviously different from the others. After handing Su Cha an exquisite and high-end lunchbox, he left.