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Chapter 367 - See You (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 367: See You (1)

    Her face was exquisite, and her aura enchanting. The pale, purple cheongsam made her skin look extremely fair and bright. An ancient-looking hairpin held her hair in place. She smiled sweetly like the beautiful ladies in traditional Chinese paintings; it was enchanting and mesmerizing.

    All of a sudden, Xu Weilai couldn't move her feet anymore; she stood frozen on the spot as though someone had inserted needles into her vital acupuncture points.

    So Yun Rou was here. It was indeed her reception, just as Su Ziqian had said.

    Did Gu Yu know about this? Did he spend so much money to bring her along merely to show everyone their deep relationship? So he could provoke Yun Rou?

    She glanced, in a daze, at the two people on the terrace.

    Gu Yu had hung up the phone and put it back into his pocket. He lowered his gaze and looked at Yun Rou, standing in front of him. They were quite a distance away from Xu Weilai. The dim light outside prevented Xu Weilai from getting a good look at his expression.

    Pretty soon, he moved his legs and walked past Yun Rou. Gu Yu didn't appear to be interested in talking to her. Instead, he wanted to return to the banquet hall.

    When Xu Weilai saw this, she relaxed her tightly clenched fist.

    But, moments later, Yun Rou turned around and said something as Gu Yu was walking away. Xu Weilai couldn't catch what Yun Rou said. But, whatever it was, it managed to stop the man in his tracks.

    Yun Rou smiled and walked elegantly over to him. She calmly moved to face Gu Yu and looked up at him. Her neckline was slender, and her posture was graceful. Even a lady would be attracted to her, much less a man.

    She moved her pink lips and spoke to Gu Yu. He didn't walk away this time. He just stood there quietly and listened to her.

    Their figures formed a reflection in Xu Weilai's dark eyes. She swallowed hard; her mouth had a bitter taste.

    She couldn't say for sure why she stopped walking forward. She was Gu Yu's wife now, and he had explained to her that there was nothing between Yun Rou and him. By right, she should be confident.

    Yet, even though she gritted her teeth, she was unable to move her feet.

    She just stared at Yun Rou and Gu Yu blankly until they finished talking. Though it didn't last long, she felt as though a century had passed.

    Subsequently, Gu Yu moved his legs and left first.

    He walked into the banquet hall through another door. He didn't see Xu Weilai. Yun Rou stood on the terrace for a little more than ten seconds before turning to enter the banquet hall. She used the door by Xu Weilai's side. When she pushed open the door, her gaze seemed to land on Xu Weilai for an instant. But it was almost unnoticeable. She then walked away elegantly.

    Xu Weilai didn't know how long she stood on the same spot. She just stood there until her phone rang.

    She took out her phone from her bag. It was Gu Yu calling. In a daze, she stared at the phone. Slowly, Xu Weilai slid her finger across the screen to answer the call.

    The man's voice was low and graceful. "Xu Weilai, where are you?"

    She pursed her lips and tried her best to calm herself down. Xu Weilai tried to be indifferent and composed when she answered Gu Yu. She asked him back, "Oh, I'm still in the washroom. Where are you? I will come over to look for you now."

    After she had finished talking, Xu Weilai sniffed at herself. She laughed at herself for not daring to tell the truth.

    Although she had tried very hard to control her emotions, Gu Yu still noticed something amiss about her voice. "You don't sound right. What happened? Do you feel sick?"