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Chapter 368 - See You (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 368: See You (2)

    Ever since she was injured, Gu Yu would anxiously ask always if she was uncomfortable whenever something happened. Now, it was like his pet phrase.

    Regardless, she still felt a little comforted and regained some of her confidence when he noticed her emotions.

    "I'm all right. I'm just a little tired."

    Gu Yu replied, without thinking. "Then, we will go back immediately."

    He paused for a moment and added, "You don't have to come and look for me. Just wait for me outside the washroom. I'll come over."


    "Didn't you say that you're tired? Wait for me; I will be there soon."

    Gu Yu hung up the call.

    Xu Weilai blinked twice before she regained her senses. She didn't have time to care about other things. She quickly lifted the hem of her dress and ran towards the washroom.

    She ran frantically. She was afraid that Gu Yu would reach the washroom first. If that were to happen, her lie would be exposed.

    Fortunately, she managed to reach the washroom before Gu Yu. She pushed open the door and went in before clutching her heart, panting as she tried to get her breath back.

    She soon heard footsteps outside; they were getting closer and closer. Gu Yu should reach her anytime.

    She stood in front of the washbasin and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She only walked out after ensuring that everything seemed all right.

    Gu Yu looked her over with his black eyes. As he studied her face, he appeared to be wondering whether to believe what she had said earlier. Xu Weilai felt a little guilty. Her gaze faltered slightly, but she forced herself to look Gu Yu straight in the eyes to stop him from sensing her real emotions.

    After a few seconds, it appeared that Gu Yu didn't see anything suspicious. He extended his hands and stroked her face lightly with his palm. There was a tinge of gentleness in his indifferent voice, "Let's go."

    Xu Weilai smiled and nodded.

    Gu Yu placed his arm around her wrist and led her out.

    Assistant Lin had already brought the car to the entrance of the hotel. He was standing beside the car, waiting for them.

    When he saw them come out, Assistant Lin opened the back door. Gu Yu shielded Xu Weilai's head with his hands and waited for her to enter the car before he sat inside, as well.

    Assistant Lin closed the door and went round to the driver's seat. He entered the car, started the engine, stepped on the accelerator, and started driving.

    Xu Weilai glanced sideways at Gu Yu. She licked her dry lips and opened her mouth. She wanted to tell him about the questions she had in her heart, but each time the words reached her lips, they fell silent.

    Gu Yu felt her gaze and turned to look at her, "What is it?"

    In the end, Xu Weilai gave up struggling helplessly. Anyway, she found an excuse. "I'm a little sleepy."

    A flash of worry appeared in the depth of his gaze. However, he didn't reveal any emotions on his face. He put his arm around her and gently pressed her head to his chest. He said calmly, "Lean on me and rest for a moment."

    Xu Weilai was stunned for a moment. Then, warmth spread through her heart and suppressed all her random thoughts.

    Yes, why should she make so much it?

    Gu Yu had exchanged only a few words with Yun Rou when they met earlier on the terrace. They didn't make any suspicious moves, so she mustn't think that there was something that was going on between them just because of that.

    Gu Yu and Yun Rou knew each other, so why couldn't they have a chat? She wasn't so narrow-minded.

    Considering what Su Ziqian had told her, she trusted Gu Yu more.

    Xu Weilai consoled herself and calmed down. She closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

    After arriving back at their apartment, Gu Yu went straight to his study room after changing his clothes in the bedroom. It seemed like he had to attend to some urgent business matters.

    Xu Weilai took a hot-water bath and sweated a little. That helped ease her anxiety.

    After she came out of the bathroom, she heard a message notification tone on the phone. Xu Weilai walked to the coffee table and picked up her phone, thinking the message was for her. But it wasn't.

    She looked at Gu Yu's phone that was also on the coffee table. A new message appeared on the screen. But, there was no caller ID, only a series of numbers.

    The message read: Tomorrow at 8 pm. See you!