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Chapter 76 - Let’s See Who’s More Terrifying

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 76: Let’s See Who’s More Terrifying

    The incidents before meeting Lin Fan took place like moving clouds and flowing water, as if Yuan Tianjun had already mastered the skills of betraying his friends.

    All Yuan Tianjun could do was run away, but a glimmer of hope arose when he saw Lin Fan in front.

    Thus, he pushed Lin Fan to Bai Shi when Lin Fan wasn’t paying attention, hoping that Lin Fan would take down the disaster for him.

    Suddenly though, he felt a cold breeze blowing up at him, making chills run down his spine.

    Yuan Tianjun looked back to see something coming down at him. The relief on his face was soon gone and replaced with fear.


    With a loud bang, Yuan Tianjun was smashed into the ground, making the ground sink in.

    “I knew you were a good-for-nothing. I waited a long time for you to act up,” Lin Fan said angrily. He picked up the mace and started to fling it hard, making the bloodstains on it splatter all across the ground.

    Points +300

    Silence took over the area.

    Lin Fan squatted down and fumbled around Yuan Tianjun’s body. There were only two bottles of pills to be found. “Such a poor thing. I thought you were rich!”

    Just then, it crossed his mind that there were others who had come too.

    Lin Fan turned around, making cracking sounds with his neck and flashing Bai Shi a wide smile. “Chief, what are you doing?”

    Bai Shi frowned, puzzled at Lin Fan’s action, but the frown did not stay long. Soon, Bai Shi burst out laughing. “Impressive. This is indeed impressive. All Magnificent Flame Sect disciples sure are cold-blooded.”

    “Haha, you’re being too polite. I only dislike it when others betray me.” Lin Fan waved his hands humbly. “Oh, Chief, your village is indeed full of pests and ghosts who are good at hiding, huh? You’re so good that I couldn’t tell when I was there.”

    Bai Shi stood at his spot, supporting himself with the walking stick while wearing a sly smile on his face. “It’s such a pity. I was not planning to kill you, but it seems like I was just overcomplicating things. Now, I am ready to murder you and watch fresh blood drip from your body drop by drop….”

    “Hehe, I like his skin so much! I want it!” a nasty-looking man said while staring at Lin Fan with a perverted look – one that seemed like he was dying to get Lin Fan in his hands. He was also holding onto a child’s skin.

    Lin Fan furrowed his eyebrows. He was unhappy not because of the nasty man but the skin he was holding.

    “The thing in your hands…?” Lin Fan asked calmly, despite the burning fire in him.

    “This?” The nasty man held the skin up and felt it with his face, enjoying the feeling of the skin. “I love this skin! That girl was so cute. I liked it so much! I made her bleed drop by drop, slowly to her death. I was so excited and happy to see her eyes enlarging out of fear. Oh, and I can’t forget her tears….

    “They were so sweet!” The nasty man let out a burst of crazy laughter as if he was reminiscing about the incident.

    “B****!” Lin Fan lost his temper.

    “Hehe, Chief, I will go first. His skin is mine!” The nasty man threw the girl’s skin to the side.

    His hands turned black slowly. Not only that, his sharp fingernails also grew longer too. It was a scene that would make chills run down one’s spine.

    “You’re mine! I’ll make a hole in your throat and dye the sky red with your blood!

    “Bloody Claw of the Mysterious Ghost!”

    The next second, the nasty man was next to Lin Fan, ready to take his life.

    “Hehe, relax. It will end soon,” his sharp and strange voice rang in Lin Fan’s ear.

    At the same time, Bai Shi’s face fell slightly. He could feel Lin Fan’s aura slowly getting weirder.

    “Ci Gui, step back.”

    However, to Ci Gui, Lin Fan was already his, and there was nobody who could take his prey away.

    Within the blink of an eye, Ci Gui was now standing on Lin Fan’s left, sticking out his red tongue, looking like he was hungry for Lin Fan’s body. He reached out his pitch-black claws, aiming at Lin Fan’s throat.

    However, Lin Fan remained in his position. He did not even take a glance at Ci Gui as he raised his hands, waving his mace toward him.

    “You’re incredibly disgusting. I do not wish to waste any more oxygen on you. I don’t want you to even be alive for a single second longer.”

    The next second, Lin Fan pinned Ci Gui down to the ground with his mace.

    Ci Gui shuddered as blood gushed out of him. “It’s not even painful. This is so exciting,” he said hoarsely.

    Lin Fan picked up the mace and smashed it down onto Ci Gui’s limbs hard, turning them into mincemeat and painting the ground red with his blood.

    Blood-curdling screams rang across the place once again.

    Lin Fan picked up the mace and tapped Ci Gui’s head with it.

    “Tell me, is this still exciting?”

    “Exciting…” Ci Gui laughed evilly, but fear could be seen swimming in his eyes.

    With a smash, Ci Gui was turned into mincemeat.

    Points +90

    Lin Fan looked at his remains in disdain. “Trash at Body Tempering Stage Nine, and yet you still dare show yourself…?”

    He opened his eyes and flung the bloodstains off the mace once again. “It seems like you all think you’re quite disgusting, huh?

    “It’s just perfect then that I treat my enemies strictly. Let’s see who’s more terrifying, alright?”

    There was no response from the evil cultivators.

    To them, Lin Fan was unlike any ordinary Magnificent Flame Sect disciples, and Ci Gui’s death had further confirmed their guess.

    Silence took over.

    Lin Fan look up and placed the mace on his shoulder. He took a step forward, staring at the evil cultivators angrily. “Tell me, how does that sound?”

    Bai Shi did not say anything. He felt that this wasn’t the same Lin Fan as the one he met previously.

    An evil cultivator could not hold his anger and yelled, “Great!”

    “Since it’s great, here I come!” Lin Fan smiled widely.

    “Cruel Blood.”

    In a split second, changes could be seen taking place on Lin Fan.