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Chapter 318 - Lackey

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 318: Lackey

    “Here’s our food.”

    Su Cha smiled as she gestured for Jin Mou to eat. Jin Mou was puzzled after she saw the staff member. “That one looked different from the other staff members. Su Cha, are we allowed to ask them to buy food?”

    Naturally, Jin Mou assumed that Su Cha had paid for the meal.


    Su Cha shook her head with a smile. “We just have a family connection.”

    Back door dealings, then.

    Jin Mou: “…”

    When the food container was opened, the fragrance of the food wafted out. Even Jin Mou, who was not intending to eat much, was tempted. There were four dishes and one soup in the food container. It was enough for three people to eat. Between the two of them, there seemed to be too much.

    Su Cha scooped food for Jin Mou and the two of them ate happily.

    The food was too fragrant. Bo Muyi’s arrangement was definitely the best. The door to their room was not closed in the middle of the afternoon. The fragrance rushed out and soon attracted the attention of other contestants. “What is so fragrant?”

    When one contestant entered the room, she saw Su Cha and Jin Mou eating. Her eyes widened. “Hey, did you order takeout? It smells so good. Which one did you order?”

    Su Cha was surprised to see her.

    This person was the girl whose parents asked another contestant to take care of when they went to collect things in the afternoon.

    Her tone was normal, as if it was natural for her to ask this question. She also seemed comfortable with suddenly breaking into their dormitory.

    Su Cha put down the bowl and said slowly, “It’s not takeout. The staff brought it to us.”

    The girl blurted out, “Can I also ask him to bring me some?”

    Probably because she was used to doing it, she added after three seconds, “I can pay.”

    Su Cha said with a faint smile, “Can you tell the staff yourself?”

    The girl felt a sense of guilt when she saw Su Cha’s appearance. She did not dare to say anything overboard and just swallowed her saliva as she smelled the food. “Are you done eating?”

    Jin Mou: “I’m done eating!”

    Jin Mou’s tone was much colder than Su Cha’s. Her usual appearance was already not friendly. When she spoke just now, there was an obvious rejection in her tone.

    Seeing the way Jin Mou spoke, the girl had no choice but to leave the dormitory. Before she left, she mumbled something that was hard to hear.

    After she left, Jin Mou closed the door. “How can there be such an entitled person?”

    Su Cha smiled and did not say anything.

    That night, another staff member dressed as a secret guard delivered food to Su Cha. This time, not only did the girl know about it, but she also dragged a few contestants to block the secret guard at Su Cha’s door. She asked him if he could bring food for them, but the secret guard ignored them and strode away.

    The attitude of this “worker” angered the group of girls. They went to question the production crew about the different treatment Su Cha and Jin Mou were enjoying. The production crew gave an irrefutable reply, “I think they are relatives. We can’t be bothered with the help between relatives.”

    Such an answer made the girls unable to calm down. They were all contestants, so how could only some enjoy special treatment?

    However, the production crew could not criticize them. Naturally, Jin Mou and Su Cha were remembered by the others on the very first day they entered the dormitory.

    Forming cliques was a serious matter among girls. Soon, everyone was divided into several groups. Su Cha and Jin Mou were directly excluded by all of them. Moreover, due to Jin Mou’s rich appearance, they believed that it was Jin Mou’s doing that they were able to eat such fresh dishes. Su Cha was just Jin Mou’s lackey.

    That made some contestants jealous of Su Cha.