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Chapter 386 - Willingly Become the Targe

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 386: Willingly Become the Target

    Just as the two descended from the roof, they could hear a loud voice in their earphones. “Boss, there’s a mercenary heading your way! He is carrying a black backpack which seems very important!”

    “Got it!” Tang Jinyu answered.

    The two hastened their footsteps to re-position themselves.

    After they arrived at the ground floor, Tang Jinyu looked around. “You’ll head up that building. I’ll head this way. Stay in contact.”

    After all, there was still another sniper alive. Apart from killing that sniper, Tang Jinyu and Jian Qi needed to make sure they kill the mercenary who had escaped and was heading in their direction.

    With a nod, Jian Qi quickly headed upstairs. After Tang Jinyu watched her from behind for a second, he quickly looked away and began ascending the stairs.

    When Jian Qi lay down flat on the roof, she felt extremely excited.

    ‘Damn. I’m finally alone!’

    Once the mission had been completed, it ought to be easier for her to get away.

    While Jian Qi suppressed her own excitement, she hurriedly looked for the hidden sniper. At the same time, she stayed on the lookout for the mercenary who was heading their way.

    However, the enemy sniper was seemingly aware that they were looking for him. Therefore, he kept himself hidden very well this time. Hence, there was no sign of him at all.

    It was as if he had already escaped and was no longer hidden in this area.

    However, Jian Qi knew that the anti-terrorism team had already begun the ambush on the mercenaries. The enemy sniper must have been notified and would not be dumb enough to choose to return to support his allies right then.

    He must be waiting for the mercenary who had escaped.

    Perhaps, he was waiting for the perfect opportunity.

    As Jian Qi carefully looked around at the surrounding environment, she searched for a location where the enemy might be hiding.

    Finally, her gaze landed upon a building on her right. When she was about to examine further, she heard Tang Jinyu’s voice through her earphones. “Pay attention to the building in the direction of your one o’clock.”

    Jian Qi paused for a moment before she smiled. “Instructor Tang, our hearts really are connected to each other. I was just about to look at it when you told me to!”

    “Stop speaking nonsense. Pay attention to your safety!” Tang Jinyu warned sternly.

    “Yes!” Jian Qi answered seriously.

    After ending the call, Jian Qi quickly but carefully scanned the building. However, she could not locate the sniper. Even so, the building really was the perfect spot for one to hide!

    Right then, Jian Qi noticed someone running in their direction from somewhere not too far away.

    The person was carrying a black backpack.

    “Instructor, our target has appeared. Twelve o’clock, straight ahead!” Jian Qi reported. Meanwhile, her sniper rifle was aimed at the mercenary running in the rain.

    “I’ll make the shot. Meanwhile, you’ll find out where the other mercenary is hiding!” Tang Jinyu said.

    Jian Qi was stunned. ‘You are willingly becoming the target!’

    One ought to know that the first person to open fire would easily become the target of the enemy sniper. Moreover, that person could also be very quickly killed.

    Before Jian Qi could say anything, Tang Jinyu’s began speaking in a deep voice. “Get ready!”

    Without responding with any nonsense, Jian Qi quickly tossed her binoculars away and picked up the sniper rifle before taking aim at a spot one would most likely hide in the building.


    As soon as the gunshot was heard, the bullet directly struck the escaping mercenary.

    The bullet took his life immediately as he fell to the ground in an instant.

    Meanwhile, Tang Jinyu quickly went into hiding as soon as he made the shot.

    Right then, Jian Qi was waiting for another gunshot to be fired. However, nothing happened after a long while.

    Jian Qi and Tang Jinyu could not help but frown.

    Just as Jian Qi quickly took aim at the mercenary Tang Jinyu had struck down earlier, she saw that someone had come out and was leaving with the mercenary’s backpack.

    It was far too late for her to open fire because the person had already disappeared under the cover of the surrounding buildings.