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Chapter 387 - Your Little Fairy Will Return to You Alive

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 387: Your Little Fairy Will Return to You Alive

    “Instructor Tang, the two of us are too kind!” Jian Qi laughed. “They treat each other as hired mercenaries and nothing more. Why would there be any brotherly sentiments?”

    Clearly, the enemy sniper had no intention of protecting his partner and leaving together. Instead, he chose to sacrifice his partner’s life. On top of that, he snatched the backpack within the few short seconds before running away.

    As Jian Qi smiled, she also seemed to be laughing at herself.

    After spending such a long time in the Special Fire Team, her moral ethics were nearly readjusted back to normal.

    In the past, she led a life similar to these mercenaries and less like those of the anti-terrorists.

    However, she would at least not disregard the lives of the innocent by initiating various kinds of terrorist attacks.

    After Jian Qi picked up the binoculars, she looked in the direction where the sniper had disappeared into. Clearly, the opponent knew their sniping location. Therefore, he chose to escape through locations which were mostly blocked by buildings. It was impossible for Jian Qi to carry out a long-distance attack.

    “I’ll run after him. Stay here in defense!” Tang Jinyu said in a deep voice.

    Right then, Jian Qi noticed that there was someone else running after the escaping mercenary from another direction.

    As lightning rumbled through the sky, Jian Qi seemed to have come up with an idea. “Instructor Tang, I saw the direction in which he ran off to. I think there is someone else running after him. I’ll go over to help while you stay here and be on guard!”

    Tang Jinyu remained silent for a second before he replied, “Pay attention to your safety! Be more careful!”

    “Alright!” Jian Qi smiled. “Don’t worry. Your little fairy will return to you alive!”

    While Jian Qi spoke, she was already quickly descending the steps and running in the targeted direction.

    Whilst running, Jian Qi could not help smiling.

    ‘I’ve finally found an opportunity!’

    ‘It was so d*mn difficult!’

    Meanwhile, Tang Jinyu held the binoculars in his hand as he watched Jian Qi running hastily in the rain. For some unknown reason, he could detect an extreme sense of eagerness and excitement from this lady.

    Tang Jinyu could not help but frown.

    Since Tang Jinyu knew that Jian Qi would have something up her sleeves during this mission, he had intentionally planned to be around her so that he could keep an eye on her.

    However, right then, with the sudden change of situation with the mission, he needed to make sure the mission could be successfully completed.

    His only hope was that this lady could be more honest.

    As Jian Qi ran after her target, she very soon disappeared out of Tang Jinyu’s line of sight.

    At the same time, she also managed to escape from the region that the anti-terrorism team held control over.

    Soon enough, Jian Qi heard gunfire somewhere further in front. With a frown, she hastened her footsteps.

    After several shots were fired, the surroundings became quieter. The only sound that could be heard was of the rain.

    Jian Qi hurriedly sneaked up closer after observing her surrounding environment.

    Right then, her gaze landed upon the two men standing in front of her under the rain.

    “Give it to me!” The man wearing the anti-terrorism team’s special agent outfit exclaimed.

    As soon as he spoke, Jian Qi could identify who he was.

    After all, they had already become acquainted. Moreover, she had personally requested to come over after she saw this person running after the mercenary.

    When she was in the surveillance vehicle, she had already studied and remembered all the special agents’ designated pathways. Therefore, according to the path which this mercenary took, none of the special agents ought to have appeared in this location.

    The only possibility of that happening was if somebody had a special task within the overall mission.

    Meanwhile, the mercenary with the backpack in his hand chuckled coldly. His foot had been shot by Norman. At the same time, he was aware that it was impossible for him to walk away alive today.

    “If you dare, go ahead and shoot me. I will destroy this thing. Nobody will get their hands on it!” The mercenary chuckled coldly. People claim that anti-terrorists are the purveyors of justice. It now seems to me that it doesn’t apply to all of you!” He exclaimed sarcastically.