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Chapter 371 - I Was the One Who Let You Down Back Then (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 371: I Was the One Who Let You Down Back Then (1)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio¬†¬†Nyoi-Bo Studio

    The path on the left led to backstage, while the one on the right to the stadium's exit. Xu Weilai stood in the middle of the two as she watched Gu Yu's back fade into the distance. She bit the bottom her lip so hard that it turned white.

    He was going backstage to see Yun Rou after watching her first performance. To do what, catch up? Or rekindle their feelings?

    Just now, even as everyone's attention was on Yun Rou's performance, her focus was all on Gu Yu.

    Isn't that absurd? She was Gu Yu's wife, and yet, somehow, she felt like she was not even in the picture!

    Xu Weilai just stood on the spot for a while. Ultimately, deciding to follow her heart, she moved her feet forward and walked along the path on the left.

    When she was working, each time she had a clue about something, Xu Weilai would routinely follow the clue to wherever it led. She had never given up midway. Because, no matter what the truth was, she could, at the very least, take comfort in unearthing whatever she had wanted to find out.

    Since she had already followed them this far, she didn't have the option to back down now.

    She was very eager to find out what had happened between Gu Yu and Yun Rou. Because, otherwise, her suspicion would make her feel restless and anxious about everything. She didn't want to experience again what she went through three years ago. So she might as well get to the bottom of things.

    Xu Weilai's footsteps became heavier. But, step by step, she still made her way to the backstage before stopping at the entrance of the room.

    Gu Yu and Yun Rou were the only ones in the room. They were standing facing each other.

    Yun Rou hadn't yet removed her make-up. Her attire that day was stunning. Her make-up brought out her impeccable features, making every inch of her face seems an epitome of perfection.

    Even Xu Weilai had to admit that Yun Rou looked stunning indeed.

    She wasn't showy, like celebrities in the entertainment industry. Perhaps it was an aura that only artistes possessed. Her beauty was ethereal as if she wasn't a mere mortal, but an other-worldly celestial.

    And in the way she gazed at Gu Yu, there was unmistakable fondness in her eyes.

    Gu Yu lowered his gaze and likely met hers. But, his face remained as expressionless as ever. The gloomy look in his eyes made it impossible for anyone to guess what he was feeling exactly.

    Yun Rou raised her hand to tuck her hair behind her ear. Her passive movement had a tinge of allure. She parted her lips, and her voice was just as enchanting as her performance. "Yu, thank you for coming to see my first performance tonight. I was very nervous at first. But, with you sitting among the audience, just one look at you, and I was no longer nervous. The reason I was able to put on such a flawless performance was all due to you. I have finally fulfilled the promise I had made back then: to stand on the best stage to perform for you."

    In an instant, Xu Weilai clenched her fist tightly. Her fingernails dug deep into her palm, but she couldn't feel anything.


    There had been no such a promise between Gu Yu and Yun Rou!

    No wonder Yun Rou said all her motivation came from the man who was still on her mind. And no surprise, too, that after making a name for herself, Yun Rou didn't choose to stay overseas to pursue greater success. But instead, she decided to return to her homeland to launch her world tour.

    Yun Rou didn't wait for Gu Yu to respond after she had finished talking. She made her way to the dressing table and picked up her purse. She then walked back towards Gu Yu, took out a box from the purse, and passed it to him.

    "Through all these years, I had always kept it by my side. It had become my source of energy whenever I felt like I couldn't go on. Whenever I felt worn out, I would take one look at it, and I would feel revitalized and motivated anew.

    Gu Yu extended his hand and to take the box.

    Yun Rou was unwilling to let it go for a while. Her eyes were full of sorrow, "Yu, if I hadn't left back then, we wouldn't be like this now."