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Chapter 388 - Who are You, Really?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 388: Who are You, Really?

    As Norman stared gloomily at the mercenary in front of him, Norman kept his gun pointed at him. “I’ll say it again. Give it to me!”

    Meanwhile, the mercenary reached into the backpack to retrieve an item which looked like a remote controller. “If you don’t leave, we can choose to die together!” He chuckled out loud.

    When the mercenary saw that Norman did not seem deterred, his facial expression became sullen.

    “Believe me, the mini-bomb set up in this thing is enough to kill the both of us!” The mercenary laughed coldly. “I’m sure you wouldn’t want to lose your life here for such a thing!”

    There was a look of brooding on Norman’s face. Without a doubt, the mercenary had read his mind.

    At the root of it all, Norman and the mercenary shared the common objective of staying alive.

    However, if Norman did not get what he came here for, he would be faced with a torturous encounter which might be as terrible as death itself.

    Naturally, the mercenary was able to perceive what was on Norman’s mind from the way he reacted. At first, the mercenary thought that he would not be able to leave. Now, it seemed like there was a chance for him to turn things around.

    “Are you sure you want to sacrifice your own life for someone else?” The mercenary taunted. “Would you be willing to die just like this?”

    After listening to what the mercenary said, Norman quickly recollected himself.

    “Give it to me!”

    “Stubborn fool!” The mercenary laughed coldly.

    While the mercenary spoke, he gripped the controller in his hand tightly and was prepared to quickly press down on the button.

    When Norman saw this, he hurriedly turned around and dived onto the ground.


    A bullet struck the mercenary on his forehead.

    As the mercenary was holding onto the controller, his thumb hovered above the button stiffly.

    There was a look of disbelief in the mercenary’s eyes. He had not expected to fail his mission in the final moment. After a moment, his body began falling backward and into a puddle of water.

    When Norman heard the gunshot, he subconsciously pointed his gun in the direction where the shot had been fired.

    At the same time, he was aware that the sound of explosion he was expecting did not occur.

    Carefully, he took a glance at the mercenary, who had fallen to the ground, before he frowned.

    ‘Who’s there?’

    To his knowledge, he was the only person who knew about this mission. The other special agents were all assigned to ambush the other mercenaries.

    Moreover, his main objective was to retrieve the contents of this backpack.

    However, who shot and killed this person?

    Could it be someone from the supporting team from America?

    With his gun in hand, Norman carefully approached the mercenary lying on the ground. Thereafter, he reached out to pick up the backpack in his hands.

    Norman was about to unzip the backpack to check what was inside when he heard footsteps approaching him.

    Norman stopped moving, he looked across to find a person holding a black umbrella. It was a lady dressed fully in black with a black scarf covering her face and a head of long red hair. Norman frowned.

    “Who are you?” Norman asked as he looked cautiously at the non-mainstream lady approaching him.

    “Norman, it’s been a long while!” Jian Qi greeted with an intentionally lowered pitch of voice. It was a piece of cake for Jian Qi to change her tone of voice.

    Surprised that the lady before him recognized who he was, Norman’s frown became even tighter.

    “Who are you, really?”

    Since Norman could not see her face clearly, he could only try to guess who she was by the sound of her voice. However, he could not make anything of it.

    Although they had only just met each other a few hours ago, Normal seemed to be unable to recognize Jian Qi at all. Jian Qi knew that it was all thanks to her red wig.

    When she returned home the last time, she had specifically bought a red wig for herself to complement Coco’s hairstyle. She could still remember nearly dying from the heat!