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Chapter 319 - Live Broadcas

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 319: Live Broadcast

    Other people's opinions could not influence Su Cha.

    But no matter how the contestants truly felt, they still appeared friendly. After all, they were in front of a camera, and this was going to be a live broadcast.

    Those who were not stupid would at least pretend.

    Because if anyone showed any dislike, the audience would think that she had no emotional intelligence.

    The production crew began the live broadcast on the morning of the second day. No one was ignorant of it, nor were they required to present their natural state in front of the camera. The production crew would give them hints about whatever they could or could not show.

    Some contestants would even be given a script and a character setup.

    For example, the production crew might ask one of them to put on an innocent look. During the live broadcast, she'd have to do her best to appear as simple as possible so that the audience would think that that's really the way she was. If her acting was not good, the crew would give the contestant a script and make her follow it.

    However, the production crew refrained from giving a contestant an entirely different persona from who they were because that would be too difficult.

    Even a singing program could do this. Su Cha recalled some reality shows she had watched and instantly understood. In the industry, many people had a character profile.

    Outside of these labels, one might not even know what kind of person she truly was.

    Su Cha and Jin Mou had many merits and did not need a character profile created for them. For example, Su Cha could directly be labeled as a "high-intelligence girl" without any scripts.

    She would not even have to do anything to prove it. Since she held the title of the provincial champion of the college entrance examination, no one could doubt her.

    As for Jin Mou, the production crew decided not to let her appear like a cold and aloof girl. Since she was from a wealthy family, the production crew asked her to lean towards the "rich and beautiful" type. Anyway, it would be enough to let others know that she was an exquisite rich lady.

    Of course, not every contestant knew about the production crew's private script. But while Su Cha and Jin Mou did not have one, they could not avoid noticing the staff handing the script to other contestants that night. Even if the door was closed, Su Cha could hear what was going on clearly when she passed by.

    Su Cha did not mean to overhear.

    However, she did not say anything. She just found it amusing.

    As expected, they were going to create a girl group this year, so some people had started to label contestants.

    The live broadcast was about to begin the next day. The staff reminded them that they had to wake up early because they wanted to show their vitality. The live broadcast on the first day would start at 6 am. They had to get up early and put on makeup before lying back on the bed. This would make them look like they had just woken up.

    How many real girls could take facing the camera without makeup on?

    Of course they had to get up early to put some on.

    Su Cha also woke up quite early. Due to the change in environment, even with Jin Mou around, she did not sleep very soundly.

    However, it was not so she would not look out of sorts when she woke up.

    When it was about five o'clock, Su Cha rose from her bed. She did not start getting herself ready. Instead, she washed up and applied some simple makeup before going out of the villa to jog.

    There were other roads in the villa district. Su Cha ran along the track for half an hour before entering the gym in the villa to exercise.

    She was the first contestant to leave the room, and she went to exercise directly, which surprised the staff.