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Chapter 597 - The Earth Treasure Is Going to Be Robbed!

Medical Master

    Fang Qiu was bewildered when he saw that the scorpion’s attacks could actually cause a sandstorm.

    “How could a guardian beast of an Earth Treasure be so powerful?”

    Ahead, the eighth-class Martial Superior with two opened meridians was tangling with the scorpion. Although he seemed to have taken the upper hand, his advantage was not great.

    Logically speaking, the power of an eighth-class Martial Superior with two opened meridians was close to that of a guru, so it should not be so difficult for him to kill a guardian beast.

    At this thought, Fang Qiu suddenly withdrew from his reverie and cast his eyes on the sand all over the sky.

    “That’s true. We’re in a desert.”

    On second thought, Fang Qiu muttered to himself, “Here is the scorpion’s home court, so it has a huge advantage!”

    Beside him, the group of zealots for supernatural power stared fixedly at the giant scorpion and the figure in the sandstorm. The world-shaking battle they were watching had struck all of them dumb.

    The battle became fiercer and fiercer.

    The sandstorm was getting stronger and stronger.

    The sky was growing darker and darker, and the range of visibility was shrinking as well.

    Soon, all that they could see was a stretch of gray. Occasionally, they captured a giant shadow sweep past in the stretch of gray.

    Unlike these people, Fang Qiu could still see the fight clearly.

    Not only did he have good eyesight, but he also had mental power.

    The Divine Consciousness method enabled Fang Qiu to easily see all the situations in the sandstorm, including every move of the giant scorpion and the Martial Superior.

    Ten minutes later.


    Fang Qiu frowned.

    With his Divine Consciousness, he could clearly see that the eighth-class Martial Superior with two opened meridians had finally killed the giant scorpion in the forest of haloxylon ammondendron after a fierce battle.

    After killing his enemy, the Martial Superior turned around and left.

    The sandstorm gradually stopped.


    When Fang Qiu dispersed his internal Qi, the sand palm that protected them immediately straightened up and collapsed like a waterfall.

    “You guys, hurry up and leave. The next is not what you can handle at all,” Fang Qiu shouted.

    But to his surprise, as soon as he said that, those zealots for supernatural power became even more feverish.

    “How are we going to contact you in the future?”

    The driver of the first car immediately rushed forward. Staring at Fang Qiu with gleaming eyes, he asked, “How can the supernatural power be obtained? We’ve been friends all the way. Expert, why don’t you teach us that?”

    “Yes, please teach us!”


    “We’ll definitely use it for good deeds. We’ll never do anything evil!”

    “Exactly, exactly. You’ve got to teach us.”

    “Master, please accept my bow!”

    They scrambled to make their requests. Some even rushed directly to Fang Qiu and shouted their determination, ready to kneel down before Fang Qiu as a ceremony of being taken as an apprentice. However, though their shouts came out, they couldn’t get down on their knees no matter how hard they tried.

    Because they were particularly thrilled, avid, and especially eager to obtain some supernatural power, this group of people was particularly loud, and their voices were booming.

    Not far away from the forest of the haloxylon ammondendron…


    A figure flying in the sky came to a halt the moment he landed.

    Then, he slowly turned his head and narrowed his eyes.

    As a cold glint flashed in his eyes, he whipped around and immediately hopped to the air. He began to leap hundreds of meters at a time. In a few leaps, he passed through the forest of haloxylon ammondendron and landed on the top of a small sand dune in front of Fang Qiu and the others.

    As soon as that man emerged, the group of people around Fang Qiu voicing their requests noisily was all stunned.

    They actually saw a man fly over?

    No, it was not flying.

    It was leaping. With every leap, that man crossed several hundred meters. He was like Superman or Spiderman!

    Fang Qiu, who was standing in front of the crowd, instantly furrowed his eyebrows.

    He fixed his eyes on that man.

    The man’s face was fair, and there was a red dot at the corner of his left eye. His heart-shaped face was extremely emaciated. Although he was a man, he sort of looked like a woman.

    “I never knew there were still a few bugs left.”

    Looking at Fang Qiu and this group of ordinary people, the man said, void of expression, “There is too much pain in life. Since you can’t get rid of the pain, let me help you out!”

    As soon as his words came out, he stamped the ground with his tiptoes. Then, like an unsheathed sharp sword, he moved at a speed so fast that ordinary people couldn’t see him clearly and rushed straight to the driver of the first car, aiming to kill him!


    Just as the man pelted over, Fang Qiu took a stride and stepped in front of the driver. When he turned around and looked at the man, he stretched out the five fingers of his right hand and slapped forward.


    There was a loud clash.

    The people nearby didn’t even have time to cotton on before they saw Fang Qiu disappear in a flash and instantly reappear in front of the man who was just sitting in the front passenger seat not far away. He flung his arm again, shielding the man behind.

    At this moment—


    There was an ear-piercing, rasping sound.


    Fang Qiu snorted and stamped his right foot. Suddenly, a sand wall rose to the sky from the ground not far away. The moment the sand wall came into being, an inconceivably huge force hit the sand wall hard, creating a basketball-sized dent in the sand wall in an instant. Nevertheless, it couldn’t break through the wall.


    As the sand wall fell, Fang Qiu moved again and instantly appeared in another position.

    This time he didn’t reach out his hand. Instead, he lifted his right foot and kicked hard again.


    Another thump was heard.

    The yellow sand around Fang Qiu exploded in all directions. Meanwhile, a tide of energy Qi burst out, forcing the others to back off.

    The crowd was pushed back to the cars.

    The man who had kept launching strikes altered his expression a bit.

    He hadn’t seen through Fang Qiu’s strength at all, thinking that Fang Qiu was just an ordinary person like this group of people.

    For that reason, he was shocked when Fang Qiu blocked his attack for the first time.

    In order to kill all these people, he almost employed all his strength and raised his speed to the extreme. Both his moving method and attacking techniques were unusually cunning. He had even launched long-range attacks by releasing his internal Qi.

    But it took him by astonishment that no matter how hard he tried, his attacks were blocked by Fang Qiu in advance, and he seemed to have done it without effort.

    This startled him greatly.


    After casting several consecutive failed attacks, the man snorted angrily with a nasty look on his face. After taking a glance at Fang Qiu, he said in a frosty tone, “I’ll deal with you sooner or later!”

    With that, he darted back and immediately ran away.

    He knew he was no match for Fang Qiu. What was more, because of the presence of those ordinary people, Fang Qiu could only defend and did not dare to fight back. But if Fang Qiu really fought back, he would have no chance to escape.

    Therefore, he had to take flight immediately.

    “Want to run away?”

    Fang Qiu narrowed his eyes.

    He was not in a hurry to chase after him. Instead, he looked over his shoulder, glanced at the group of fans of supernatural power, and uttered, “If you don’t want to die, hurry up and go away.”

    After saying that, he darted forward and chased after the Martial Superior.

    “Expert!” When Fang Qiu left, this group of people was still shouting, “How can we find you later?”

    But when they finished the words, Fang Qiu had already disappeared from their sight.

    Just when they felt extremely disappointed and depressed, an unusual change suddenly appeared in the desert in front of them. One could see that a couple of bulging strokes emerged on the originally smooth surface of the desert.

    Upon taking a closer look, they found that the strokes formed one word—Wulin!

    At the sight of the word, everyone present exchanged stunned looks.


    “Could this be the real kung fu?”

    “There is really a Wulin in Huaxia? And the Avengers really exists in the United States as well?”

    “Whoosh, whoosh…”

    The shrill wind howled.

    Fang Qiu caught up with the man and followed him at a distance of 20 meters.

    “He seemed quite urgent!”

    Looking at the figure in front of him, Fang Qiu wore a faint smile.

    He did not believe that this man was trying to escape.

    This man was an eighth-class Martial Superior with two opened meridians. Even if he were only a seventh-class Martial Superior, he would not choose to escape without putting up a fierce fight.

    It should be noted that Fang Qiu had already dueled with an eighth-class Martial Superior with two opened meridians. So he knew that for a man at this level, he already had his own majesty and pride. Such a man wouldn’t choose to run away. If he was provoked by someone he couldn’t beat, he would try his best anyway. He might try to figure out a way to escape only when he found that it was impossible to defeat the opponent or his own life was on the line.

    But moments ago, this eighth-class Martial Superior with two opened meridians retreated right after a few tentative attacks.

    He was obviously not acting his status.

    So, why did he run away?

    Considering that the man had just fought with the giant scorpion, Fang Qiu vaguely felt that he either had an Earth Treasure with him and escaped for fear of it being robbed, or he was running in the direction of the Earth Treasure. He had killed the giant scorpion and wanted to pick up the Earth Treasure immediately before escaping!

    And the most crucial part was that though the man already prepared to leave after the fight, he doubled back and immediately attempted to kill Fang Qiu and the group of ordinary people the moment he spotted them.

    This was clearly suspicious.

    For this matter, Fang Qiu didn’t chase the man at his full speed. Instead, he deliberately slowed down, approaching the man as if he cornered the three guardian beasts raised by someone before, ready to drive him to the wall.

    Sure enough!

    Having chased him for just a while, Fang Qiu sensed an energy fluctuation in the air.

    Earth Treasure!

    He narrowed his eyes and looked forward.

    Another forest of haloxylon ammondendron appeared in the desert ahead.

    On the ground of this forest lay many holes that had not been filled. It seemed to have been created by that giant scorpion.

    In other words, this forest was the first battlefield of the fierce battle between the man and the beast.

    Fang Qiu took a closer look.

    At the center of the forest, there was a haloxylon ammondendron with thick branches and leaves.

    Generally speaking, though the haloxylon ammondendron was a plant growing in the desert, most of them looked a little dry and withered. Only their leaves were faint green.

    However, this haloxylon ammondendron ahead had been growing like willows by water.

    At first glance, it was lively green, and its branches and leaves were particularly exuberant!

    Under the flourishing canopy, Fang Qiu spotted a Desert Cistanche with the breadth of two palms putting together. It glowed white fluorescence, which looked like a twinkling star.

    “Fairy Desert Cistanche!”

    Fang Qiu’s eyes glinted.

    The Desert Cistanche was parasitic on the haloxylon ammondendron. Because it grew from the earth, most of it was buried in the earth, with only its tip poking out. The part under the earth was connected to the roots of the haloxylon ammondendron, just like a parasite.

    It was a mystery whether it was the Fairy Desert Cistanche in front of him that was parasitic on the haloxylon ammondendron, or it was the haloxylon ammondendron that lived off the Fairy Desert Cistanche. Their coexistence had actually made the haloxylon ammondendron so lush.


    That man ahead of Fang Qiu landed on the ground and rushed directly to where the Fairy Desert Cistanche was. He grabbed in the air with his right hand, trying to use his internal Qi to pull the Fairy Desert Cistanche up from the ground.


    Fang Qiu sped up and caught up with him in an instant.