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Chapter 320 - Too Much

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 320: Too Much

    Su Cha was not the only one who was in the habit of exercising.

    At around 5:30 pm, basically all the contestants had gotten up one after another, and the rooms bustled with activity. Before the cameras were switched on, the contestants put on their pajamas and pretended to be sleepy. Then, they deliberately covered the camera with their clothes to upgrade their makeup.

    Their makeup must not be obvious. They just needed to cover up the flaws on their skin so that most contestants would look flawless.

    When the camera was turned on, Su Cha had not returned to her room.

    What managed to capture her was the camera in the hall, which was not as good as the others.

    While some girls were now also going out for a jog after changing their clothes, Su Cha was already sitting in the main hall and eating her breakfast slowly.

    The production crew had specially provided breakfast. Su Cha ordered a cup of milk and two sandwiches.

    She did not eat much, just the right amount for a normal adult.

    The martial arts she practiced would automatically trim the excesses from her body. Even if she didn't practice these skills, she had a body that did not get fat.

    But since she would not be able to practice in the villa for the next few days, she could only exercise out of boredom and eat as much as was proper.

    However, it could not be helped that the villa was filled with girls who had to restrain themselves to their limits.

    Compared to them, Su Cha was simply too outstanding.

    No one was born to be fat, but there were only a few who were blessed with the ability to not gain weight.

    Most young girls who complained that they were famished could devour food for two immediately. Last night, Su Cha saw several contestants eat a piece of meat and a leaf and say that they were full. It was an eye-opener for her.

    Jin Mou was not as extreme as these girls, but she had a small appetite. When she ate with Su Cha, she ate half of an adult's fist before saying she was full.

    She did not eat much meat.

    Su Cha asked her if she wanted to maintain her figure, but Jin Mou said that she was simply used to it and that she was really not hungry.

    Su Cha did not insist.

    In fact, as long as one persevered in exercising and had strong self-control, it would be fine to eat everyday food. Even if one ate greasy or fatty food, if one was willing to spend time exercising every day after eating, they would basically not become fat.

    But in modern society, few people could persevere like this.

    So starvation was the most direct way for girls to maintain their figures.

    Among the group of girls who did not go out for a run, a few took two sips of milk and finished a small bite of a sandwich.

    Their plate was left on their table, the contents destined to go to waste.

    In contrast, Su Cha slowly finished her two egg sandwiches and a glass of milk…

    The production crew: "…"

    They felt that they had given her the wrong character profile.

    It would not have mattered to her as long as she could eat more for breakfast. It was made by the classic cake shop of the Peigen Sandwich Group, so it tasted good. After Su Cha finished eating, she licked her lips and felt that she still had room for more. However, it was not advisable to eat a third one. After thinking for a while, she went to get half a cup of milk and leisurely carried it back to her room to look for Jin Mou.

    She did not come out even after a long time.

    The production crew was worried that Su Cha would throw up after eating so much. After all, many people had deliberately eaten a lot in front of the camera before, only to turn around and puke in the bathroom.

    While she could definitely use such a character setup, it would hurt her body.