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Chapter 373 - Don’t Touch Me (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 373: Don’t Touch Me (1)

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    A ring.

    An exquisite, sparkling, eye-catching huge diamond set on top of the ring, its glitter blinding under the light.

    If Yun Rou had returned a ring, that would mean Gu Yu had once gifted her one. And rings were not something that one gives to just about anyone, because they hold a special meaning.

    So, not only did they have a past together, their relationship even reached the point of a proposal?

    At this point, she had all the evidence she needed, both material and what she had seen with her own eyes. As for the relationship between Gu Yu and Yun Rou, the dots began to connect. Xu Weilai gradually began to piece together everything in her mind.

    Gu Yu and Yun Rou had probably been together before. They loved each other, and Gu Yu had proposed to Yun Rou. But, since Yun Rou had wanted to go abroad to pursue her dreams to be a pianist, she had rejected him. And the two went their separate ways.

    Just as Su Ziqian had said, Yun Rou was Gu Yu’s first love; she was someone that had always been on his mind. It seems like it was true.