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Chapter 388 - No Time to Explain

Pocket Hunting Dimension
     Chapter 388 No Time to Explain

    On the mothership of the blade demon race, the handsome Lord of Eternal Life, Frudenand, was discussing the battle situation with blade demon general, Kakaroya.

    After accepting the mission of assassinating Lieutenant General Yuejing, the two got along quite happily.

    At this moment, his face froze. He looked at his communicator. When he saw the message, his face instantly turned green.

    With a hoarse voice, Kakaroya asked, “What is wrong? What is the problem?”

    Frudenand’s face remained stiff. He then gritted his teeth. “The order-weakening space bomb has been discovered!”

    Kakaroya’s red eyes flashed when he heard this. He spoke with a low voice. “You promised.”

    Frudenand’s expression turned ugly. He said, “If the mission to destroy Ena System fails, then you only need to give me 10 planet forging fruits and to let me remain in the blade demon race for 50 years in exchange for helping you kill Yuejing.”

    Upon hearing the words, Kakaroya fell silent for a moment and slowly spoke. “In that case, let’s prepare to attack now.”

    The unsightly expression on Frudenand’s face remained as he nodded and pressed the button in his hands.

    Damn it!

    A bunch of useless people!

    They couldn’t even get such a simple thing done!

    At the space station, outside Xingzhan City, Lin Ling received an urgent message from Lu Ze.

    This meant that they were exposed.

    At this moment, the two weapons specialists had already placed the bomb in a drone. They were just waiting for the bomb to leave.

    Right after, one soldier, who was holding the device, roared, “Be careful! The space around the bomb is showing signs of distortion. I suspect the order-weakening space bomb has been activated!” Ling Dongyu’s expression changed. Accordingly, he immediately commanded, “Enter the warp travel as quickly as possible. Don’t worry about any consumption of the ship!”

    The ship didn’t have the prerequisite speed to enter the warp tunnel directly. The energy required will increase several times, but the bomb had been activated already. Right now, there wasn’t enough time to care about these details.


    After a roaring sound, the drone shot up a few thousand meters in the air, and then, under the dazzling and distorted white light, it disappeared right before them.

    Everyone looked at the place where the ship disappeared. The space turned calm, and everything appeared to be normal.

    Five seconds…

    Ten seconds…

    Twenty seconds…

    Half a minute later, everyone couldn’t help but breathe out a sigh of relief. This time should be enough for the ship to leave the solar system in the warp dimension.

    If the order-weakening space bomb couldn’t fully activate in the warp tunnel, rendering it invalid, then this would be the best outcome.


    Just when everyone felt relieved, the space suddenly shook violently. A thunderous muffled sound rang out. The shockwave traveled tens of thousands of kilometers. Simultaneously, the ground trembled.

    In the city within a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers, all the people, who were either fast asleep or still in high spirits, were assaulted by the resounding noise.

    Several people walked outside and looked at the sky.

    “What happened?”

    “I don’t know. What was that explosion?”

    “Is it another terrorist attack? How many times has it been? Can’t the defense force people step up their game?”

    “Quick! Look! What is that??”

    At this moment, tens of thousands of meters in the sky, a deep black wormhole slowly emerged. A powerful and incomparable chi poured out from this. It was as though doomsday had come upon them.

    “Natural… wormhole! I’ve seen this before! I’ve seen it on the clips from Xigui System!”

    “Oh shit! Are void beasts going to come here?!”

    Terror swept across everyone immediately

    At the station, Jian Wen and Chris looked at the gradual appearance of the wormhole. A petrifying feeling overflowed inside them. Subsequently, their faces turned extremely pale.

    In the end, they might not have brought the bomb to Ena System, but it was still activated…

    This was all their fault.. Lin Ling frowned, and her chi became sharp. Her long spear appeared in her hands.

    On the other hand, Ling Dongyu could only grit his teeth and roar, “Notify all the brothers to come! Tell the police to help escort the citizens to safety!”

    At the same time, his powerful chi at level four of the mortal evolution state gushed out. Soon, his body was already floating in the air.

    Bazer grinned. “Fuck! What’s to come still came!”

    A white-haired old man pulled out a long sword. Following this, a chi at level two of the mortal evolution state surged. He grinned. “It’s fine. I’ve lived long enough already.”

    The golden-haired woman on the side stiffened. Feeling speechless, she opened her mouth and said, “I’m still young! Old Yang, how about you charge in front?”

    “Piss off!”

    At this moment, the expansion of the wormhole suddenly halted. Thereafter, it stopped expanding and its border gradually became unstable.

    At the end of the wormhole, there were violent powerful roars that could be heard. Even if only a trace of chi made it out of the wormhole, everyone present could not help but shiver.

    This was definitely a planetary state void beast!

    However, although the beast was roaring, it didn’t proceed to come over. With its roar, the wormhole vibrated. Right after, the hole was about to close.

    Seeing this, everyone couldn’t help but feel relieved. Ling Dongyu laughed out loudly. “Hahahahahah… there’s still some effectiveness! At least, planetary state void beast can’t come over!”

    On the other hand, Bazer grinned. “It would be best if those beasts overstuff the wormhole and blow it up!”

    Old Yang then said, “Why do I feel like it might let its underlings come instead?”

    As soon as old Yang’s voice fell, the roaring sounds from the wormhole stopped, and a powerful chi seeped out. Afterward, a thousand-meter-long void beast with a white bone armor, who had a hideous appearance, snuck out from the wormhole.

    Its powerful mortal evolution state chi surged, shaking away the clouds in the sky.

    It let out a terrifying roar after raising its head and opening its mouth, which was filled with sharp teeth.

    Everyone turned over and looked at old Yang silently, making him feel quite awkward.

    The golden-haired woman said, “Crow’s mouth!”

    At this time, Ling Dongyu roared, “Get ready for battle! Shift the battlefield away from the populated regions!!”

    Then, he charged up, and a few kilometers long green sword ray sliced across the night sky.

    The sword ray cut through the void beast, leaving a deep wound on its armor. Gray mist and blood gushed out, landing on the Xingzhan Plains, which eroded the grass and stones.

    After being attacked, the void beast immediately looked at Ling Dongyu in the distance with vicious eyes and snarled after him.

    Following this, several thousand-meter-long void beasts, who all had powerful chi, charged out of the wormhole. These beasts raised their heads and let out a roar. Along with this, a domineering chi swept across the entire land and sky.

    Subsequently, smaller void beasts also followed out of the wormhole.

    Lin Ling clicked her ring and a white armor covered her body.

    With a keen sight, she charged toward the sky with her spear. Bazer, old Yang, and Angelie were next to her.

    The battle had begun.

    Meanwhile, in the secret base of the Eternal Life Palace, Lu Ze used space jump to disappear from the surveillance room and reappear in the place where the family of Jian Wen and Chris were imprisoned, as pointed out by Bobby earlier.

    He saw four people in the corner watching him vigilantly.

    There were two mature pretty women, and there was a very cute-looking girl with a nice figure, as well as a young man.

    Lu Ze had seen them in the video. It was them.

    At this moment, the young man stood before the three girls, but there was still some fear evident in his eyes.

    After all, they were still held captive, and Lu Ze still retained the appearance of Liu Tianyu.

    Lu Ze could not help but smile at this scene. This kid was not bad. He was protecting the girls.

    He smiled once more and spoke. “There is no time to explain… let’s leave here first.”

    Thereafter, the youth was slightly taken aback when he heard the words. He was just about to speak when Lu Ze’s wind god art surged. All four people were blinded.

    Right now, he was under a tight spot. He didn’t know whether the wormhole appeared or not. The bomb was probably activated.

    He would have to quickly take them away and take care of all the Eternal Life Palace members here and go back once more to take a look.

    While thinking about this, Lu Ze used space god art. A silver light wrapped around the four people. Subsequently, after a flash of silver light, everyone disappeared.

    Not long after Lu Ze and the others disappeared, the door to the room was opened. Leo and another powerful brown-haired middle-aged man rushed into the room.

    The pale-looking Bobby was dragged across the floor by Leo.

    Upon discovering the empty room, the two suddenly roared in anger.

    Following this, a miserable voice echoed throughout the base.

    In an area thousands of kilometers away from the mountain range, a silver light flashed, which then turned into five human figures.

    Lu Ze withdrew his space god art and wind god art. His face was a bit pale as he panted.

    There will be a fight later. In order to prevent them from getting hurt, Lu Ze had to take them to a farther location.

    This time, he used all his energy to space jump-jumping directly over a distance of thousands of kilometers.

    The four, who had just been released from their imprisonment, looked around and wondered whether they were dreaming.

    After a moment of silence, Chris’ daughter said in disbelief, “We… We are out? Are we saved?”