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Chapter 321 - Su Cha F**king Watched Ultraman the Whole Day

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 321: Su Cha F**king Watched Ultraman the Whole Day

    Upon entering the room, Su Cha saw that Jin Mou was still asleep.

    She herself had woken up early in the morning and did not know if Jin Mou woke up halfway. Looking at the time, Su Cha saw that it was now half-past six in the morning. There was no movement from Jin Mou's bed. Thinking that perhaps she wanted to sleep a little longer, Su Cha did not disturb her.

    She turned on the computer and started watching a show.

    Jin Mou only woke up at eight o'clock.

    As she stirred, she saw Su Cha and said in a slightly hoarse voice, "Good morning."


    Su Cha turned to look at her. "You're awake?"

    Jin Mou nodded. She narrowed her eyes as she struggled back into alertness.

    Of course, she did not have any makeup on. Her bare face was not bad and she had good skin. It was just that she did not look as bright as when she had makeup. Moreover, she appeared less cold and gave off the aura of a girl-next-door.

    After she nodded, she looked around the dormitory. Her mind was still not clear, so she lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

    The program's live broadcast recorded Jin Mou's scene. The audience laughed when they saw the beautiful girl who was still asleep at eight o'clock.

    [After waking up, I doubt life. It's me alright.]

    [Same here ROFL]

    [There's always that period of time when you doubt life after waking up.]

    [Being able to sleep to nine o'clock is quite rare. ROFL.]

    [Wait, am I blind? Is Su Cha f*cking watching Ultraman????]

    Su Cha was indeed watching Ultraman.

    People would know how to cherish something after suffering a loss. When Su Cha was young, she did not pay much attention to such childhood things. She also did not like to watch such boring soap operas. After all, her life in the past was already a bad soap opera. In conclusion, it was more interesting to watch episodes of Ultraman killing monsters…

    Jin Mou, who had just woken up, probably began to feel that something was wrong. She glanced at Su Cha's screen. "Are you watching Ultraman?"

    Her tone was filled with disbelief.

    Su Cha replied with an "mm," and the people in the comments burst into laughter.

    The broadcast streamed not just videos but sounds as well. It would otherwise be meaningless to watch a mute drama.

    [Hahahahahaha, the girl is very pure. She woke up early to watch Ultraman.]

    [Uh… Are there still people watching Ultraman nowadays? Did she do it on purpose?]

    [Would anyone want to create a bad character? That's why there's such a thing as acting…]

    [I think it's quite cute.]

    There were not many people watching the live broadcast early in the morning. It was especially the case in shows with many contestants where people could choose the ones they wanted to see or watch on the production crew's large-screen view. Some people specially came to see Su Cha, but after seeing Su Cha watching Ultraman, some people naturally suspected that she did it on purpose.

    It created a negative effect.

    The camera could also move. The audience could adjust the angle to have the same view as Su Cha. This way, they could watch Ultraman with her…

    They felt that Su Cha was just pretending. She would not be able to watch it for long, so they waited patiently to see when Su Cha could no longer stand it.

    Then they realized they were wrong.

    Su Cha did not have much to do in the dormitory, and she did not know what else to occupy herself with. She found it interesting to watch Ultraman. After watching an episode, she watched another. Anyway, apart from when lunchtime came around, the audience who had been watching Su Cha the whole day discovered it…

    Su Cha f**king watched Ultraman for a day!

    Even if it was her character setup, the girl's behavior was too much. We watched your live broadcast and needed you to do something meaningful. There was no gain for us to watch Ultraman for a day!

    Some of the viewers could not take it anymore and surrendered to Su Cha.