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Chapter 390 - Vicious Speech

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 390: Vicious Speech

    “On what basis?” Norman chuckled coldly. “I’ve already told you, I only worked with that person in the past. I think I’ve already done my part. You have no right to demand that I help you with anything!”

    Jian Qi seemed to be smirking. Her eyes glinted eerily as if she were smiling. “Do you think you’ve done your part? You still owe her your life!”

    Norman’s facial expression became sullen as he stared at her gloomily. “What do you want to do? What does me owing her my life have anything to do with you?”

    “Like you, I owe her my life!” Jian Qi remained calm as she spoke. “I find her death to be strange. That’s why I must uncover the truth so that she may rest in peace!”

    Norman narrowed his eyes cautiously. “Do you think that special agent who worked with her killed her?”

    “Who knows? I just feel that, with her capabilities, and the fact that there was someone else accompanying her, that mission could have been easily accomplished. However, she ended up dying. It was such a strange incident. If anyone believes that nothing was suspicious about her death, that person must be mentally retarded!” Jian Qi said coldly.

    Meanwhile, Norman pursed his lips. ‘Isn’t this person speaking too viciously?’

    Was she saying that all special agents in their department were mentally retarded?

    In all honesty, everybody was surprised to see the girl’s corpse when it was sent back to the country.

    Everyone knew how capable she was. Moreover, she was more careful than anyone of them when it came to work. To be more exact, she had a very strong will to survive.

    How could she have been killed so easily by the enemy?

    Clearly, something was odd about the whole thing.

    However, what difference did it make?

    Nobody would be willing to take the initiative to voice out their opinion.

    The one thing people in that place were good at was to put their own safety before matters of principle.

    “Do you believe nothing is odd about this incident?” Jian Qi asked.

    Norman pursed his lips. ‘If I say I believe so, would that mean I’m admitting to the fact that I am mentally retarded?’

    “You don’t believe it either. Isn’t that right?” Jian Qi chuckled satisfactorily.

    Norman did not answer her. Did this lady know that sometimes remaining silent was merely an act to avoid embarrassing each other?

    Clearly, the lady before him did not know that. Perhaps, she knew that was the case but chose to ignore it anyway.

    “Therefore, since you don’t believe it, don’t you think you should do something?” Jian Qi smiled coldly. “Or did you not mean it whole-heartedly when you said you owe her your life after she saved you?”

    Norman frowned before looking at Jian Qi with a cold gaze. “Lady, I advise you not to get involved if you don’t know anything. The anti-terrorism organization is more complicated than you think. It’s dangerous enough for you to be killed without a moment’s notice. Please don’t risk your life when there’s a possibility you might not even accomplish a single thing in there!”

    Jian Qi smiled sarcastically. “It seems like you have a solid grasp of things. Therefore, you are too afraid to do anything right now!”

    Norman’s facial expression became even more sullen after listening to what Jian Qi said.

    “I am only warning you because you are somewhat related to that person. If you insist on getting yourself killed, do as you please!” Norman pursed his lips. He clearly sounded unhappy.

    “Indeed, men don’t take their oaths seriously!” Jian Qi said coldly.

    Norman took a deep breath. He had never met someone who spoke so savagely.

    In all honesty, Norman was eager to shoot and kill this lady directly. However, this lady was clearly not weaker than him. In fact, she might even be much stronger than him.

    “I can help you. I’ll take you to that special agent. However, that will be it. If you die, don’t blame me for not warning you!” Norman snorted.

    Since she did not value her own life, there was no reason for him to stop her.