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Chapter 365 - She Dies If He Dies

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 365

    : She Dies If He Dies

    Jiang Yao looked at the System Admin with a grim expression. She realized that even though she did not have the necessary credentials, he could still do it for her.

    This meant that the System Admin would be able to provide her with the procedure’s information, but it refused to do so due to her lower credentials.

    “System Admin, what if I say I need it now?” Jiang Yao asked coldly. “I must have it because I want to do the surgery right now!”

    “Master, you do not have the necessary credentials. If a life is lost in the process of such a high-level surgery, the Medical System will activate its destruction sequence. That means you will…”

    “…become an idiot?” Jiang Yao laughed coldly. “If my husband dies, it does not matter what I become. Even staying alive is a torture to me.”

    Seeing the System Admin’s hesitance, she continued, “If I don’t go ahead with the surgery, he dies. And if he dies, I go with him.”

    “Moe told me that if I take a life away, the Medical System will activate its destruction sequence. What about you, System Admin? If I commit suicide, will you disappear as well?”

    “The Medical System is linked perpetually to all of us. If it is destroyed, I disappear. If Master dies, I disappear too.” The System Admin answered earnestly. It knew that Jiang Yao was not kidding when she mentioned suicide.

    “Do you want to die with me in this world? Even before trying our bests and doing what we can? If you give me the information, at least we still have a fighting chance. If the operation is a success, my husband lives, I live, and you can continue to live as well.”

    Jiang Yao admitted that it was very low of her to intimidate the System Admin, but she was desperate.

    It was a few seconds later when the System Admin nodded.

    “Master, get the patient to the lab,” it said.

    When Jiang Yao withdrew from the Medical System, she was startled.

    Coming back to her senses, she saw the rest of the buddies standing behind her. They were talking to Lu Xingzhi, assuring him that they would take care of her after his death.

    “Don’t worry, Brother Lu. We will make sure that Jiang Yao lives a good life.” Chen Xuyao, with his puffy eyes, nodded at Lu Xingzhi.

    “What are you doing?” Jiang Yao’s heart shuddered.

    “Dear, after I leave, do not miss me too much. Burn the contents of the bottom most drawer in my bedroom. Don’t look at it, just burn it.” At this point, Lu Xingzhi did not want to explain what those things were.

    “Lu Xingzhi, the doctors have already given up on you, but I have not. If no one is willing to operate on you, I will!” Jiang Yao stood up letting go of his hands, and said to Liang Yueze and the rest, “I am personally operating on Xingzhi, please wait outside.”