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Chapter 322 - The Top 50 Photos Are Released

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 322: The Top 50 Photos Are Released

    Not all viewers had the patience to see what a contestant was doing for more than ten hours.

    Especially when all a contestant did the entire time was watch Ultraman. That kind of torture was simply too much.

    However, some of the sick viewers found it interesting. Although they did not have much fun watching it, they simply watched the whole day through Su Cha's camera.

    Whenever some new viewers switched their perspectives, they would notice the change in the comments.

    [I went to pee and missed the scene. How the f**k did Ultraman win? Can she rewind? Missing that part is eating at my obsessive-compulsive disorder.]

    [The comments are ridiculous. From the perspective of the third-generation Ultraman, it must be that Old Ultraman's combat power is stronger.]

    [I don't care how you compete, I'm on your side!]

    [Tiga fans will never surrender!]

    [????????????????? Isn't this a f*cking live broadcast? Why are you suddenly discussing Ultraman????]

    The production crew quickly discovered that Su Cha was different from the others. When they found out that she had really been watching Ultraman for more than ten hours, they broke down a little. They could not help but contact her and persuade her, "It's such a good opportunity for you to at least practice your songs or do something else. The audience will think that you don't want to improve."

    The woman who was addicted to Ultraman expressed her disapproval.

    Jin Mou realized that Su Cha really liked to watch Ultraman and expressed her admiration…

    Partway through, she watched Su Cha for a while. In the end, however, she couldn't take it anymore. She went out of the villa and to the song practice room.

    Su Cha turned off her computer only after the live broadcast had ended.

    She was still not satisfied.

    Su Cha: "Actually, there's nothing much to watch, but these videos are quite beneficial to the body and mind."

    Jin Mou: "…"

    In the end, only a small number of viewers had been present. The news did not spread widely, so the popularity of  did not rise high.

    Then, the day before the first national broadcast, the production crew released the photos of the contestants taken before the competition began.

    Their personal photo had been updated on the official website, but the group photo had not yet been revealed.

    The production crew deliberately created a gimmick and released a group photo of the Top 50.

    Official: "Can you guess which girls can successfully pass? Hurry up to PICK the girl you like. The popularity of the girl you like can be boosted on the official website~ [picture]"

    As soon as the pictures were released, coupled with the hype, the show's topic quickly blew up.

    Many fans who had been looking forward to it for a long time started to change the topic, but after seeing the pictures, they started to feel that something was amiss.

    Although there were many pictures, every girl's looks were above the passing line.

    But why was there always someone who's more outstanding?

    Even though she had a similar temperament as the others, Su Cha sat on the chair with her calm eyes. Her casual and indifferent posture exuded an inexplicable charm.

    It was as if she was the only one wearing the filter of time. It made people unconsciously think of the label, "timeless beauty."

    Most people would notice her after looking at the photos for a long time.

    Looking at Su Cha and the others…

    It was hard to explain.

    As soon as the photo was posted, the popular first comment revealed the thoughts of many fans.

    "The photographer has a grudge with 49 of them, right?"