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Chapter 375 - In the End, It’s Still Not Hers? (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 375: In the End, It’s Still Not Hers? (1)

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    “Say it.” Gu Yu was crisp, spitting the words out quickly.

    “What else could it be, it’s that time of the month. During this period, women wouldn’t be able to analyze things based on normal logic. They could be temperamental, anxious, depressed, sad, unhappy, and every single person could rub them the wrong way. They could lose their temper at you for no good reason, and may even scratch you! Anyway, for these few days, I only have a word of advice for you, don’t provoke her!”

    Gu Yu denied it without giving it a second thought, “It’s not that time for her yet.”

    Xu Shuai was shocked for a good while before he found his voice once more, “Yu, you remember it so clearly?”

    For him to remember so clearly that time of the month of hers, spoke volumes about just how much Xu Weilai meant to Gu Yu.

    Gu Yu didn’t bother replying to his nonsense.

    Xu Shuai sighed, before continuing, “Yu, women are not what they appear to be. This thing is affected by many factors. That time of the month could vary from month to month. It’s just an approximate. Think again, was it close to that time of the month?”