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Chapter 323 - A Good Kind of Person

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 323: A Good Kind of Person

    No one knew if anyone held a grudge beforehand, but soon, a new round of hatred did start.

    Why was Su Cha not in C?

    Going by Su Cha's performance results, she was also ranked C. However, due to the issue during the shoot, Su Cha was positioned at the edge of the photo.

    Given that her aura was so strong that no one could ignore it, her fans were dissatisfied.

    Su Cha was also their idol now. She was clearly ranked among the best, so why couldn't she be ranked C?

    It was hard to explain this matter to laymen. The C position or ranking was a popular phrase nowadays. Basically, a person in the middle of the group was in what's called the C position. Many people only saw the C position at first glance, so the one in this position had to be strong or capable enough to stand out.

    Dreams in Progress was just a singing competition based on girl groups. In essence, it was not a girl group and thus did not have a C position. Now that Su Cha's fans were making a scene on Weibo, they found this distinction hard to explain.

    The other group champions were all sitting in the center. It was even more awkward to say that Su Cha didn't need to be in the center.

    Her aura was so strong that everyone had no choice but to make Su Cha sit by the side?

    It was simply hilarious. It would make the other fans uncomfortable.

    Hence, the production crew could only pretend that they did not see it.

    They also told Su Cha about it during the shoot, thinking it would probably go over after a little fuss.

    There were not many idol fans nowadays, and they could not cause much trouble.

    In actuality, after the Weibo post went up that day, many contestants became unhappy when they saw the hot comments.

    None of them could smile when they saw the photo.

    No one would feel happy if they were the ones being suppressed and mocked.

    After that Weibo post, several famous forums opened a few related posts. People were joining in to comment on how powerful Su Cha was.

    Even if some contestants were real passersby, this commotion had still somehow created a barrier between them.

    People feared comparisons the most. And considering how Su Cha had not done anything special yet, it was as if all eyes and attention were attracted to her easily.

    Since they lived together, they had to get used to being in such close proximity. However, Su Cha never talked to them and only stayed in the room with Jin Mou. Everyone knew that she was watching Ultraman. Some contestants thought that Su Cha was just putting on an act, but some could not help but follow her example and start watching cartoons.

    They tried to make themselves look cute so that the audience would like them.

    But they were just pretending. Who would have the patience to sit in front of the computer for more than ten hours without moving to watch an animated show? Those things were something they had long gotten sick of watching when they were young. In the end, not many people persisted.

    Su Cha, who always insisted on watching Ultraman, became quite the exception. Even the audience knew that she liked to watch these things. Some of the audience followed her and watched almost every episode of Ultraman that came out over the years…

    If it was an act, who would act like this? Their patience and perseverance would have to be simply insane.

    It was also because of this that even though Su Cha seldom interacted with others, it was still evident that she had fans online.

    To many people, she was someone quiet with a good voice. She was also a top student. That was enough to make many people like her.