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Chapter 599 - Help!

Medical Master
     Chapter 599 Help!

    There was a reason for Fang Qiu’s suspicion.

    Earth Treasure was really capable of absorbing nutrients and Heaven and Earth energy.

    Earth Treasure, which focused on absorbing the Heaven and Earth energy, might bring new vitality to nearby plants. However, if it focused on absorbing nutrients, it would make the surrounding plants wither as it strengthened itself.

    Desert Cistanche was a kind of traditional Chinese herb that was parasitic on the haloxylon ammondendron. All the nutrients it needed were forcibly absorbed from it.

    An ordinary Desert Cistanche required enormous nutrients if it needed to turn into a Fairy Desert Cistanche. In this case, a haloxylon ammondendron could even be sucked dry by it. However, the tree in front of him was extremely flourishing without any sign of being absorbed by it, which was very abnormal.

    When in doubt, Fang Qiu turned his head and looked around. After making sure that Liang Sheng had escaped, he quickly clenched his fist. The energy in his body moved and seeped into the ground, removing all the sand around the Fairy Desert Cistanche.

    The sand was gone.

    Fang Qiu’s eyes widened as he saw a magical scene.

    This Fairy Desert Cistanche was yellow in color. Its root was very thin. It was parasitic on the root of a withered and contracted haloxylon ammondendron. Obviously, it had sucked up the energy of the whole tree.

    However, on this withered and contracted haloxylon ammondendron’s root, Fang Qiu saw a very bright green color. This dead tree germinated again.

    Moreover, without water, it was still extremely beautiful!

    “Counter Supplement!” Fang Qiu’s eyes lit up.

    This withered and shrunk root was the real parasitic tree of the Fairy Desert Cistanche. The intricate rhizome beside it was the root of the lush tree in front of him.

    That was to say, next to this haloxylon ammondendron, there was another haloxylon ammondendron. The Fairy Desert Cistanche was parasitizing on that tree. Because it needed too many nutrients to transform into a Fairy Desert Cistanche, it directly sucked it dry. Now it turned into a Fairy Desert Cistanche and could absorb the Heaven and Earth energy freely. Not only could it feed itself, but it could also gather the Heaven and Earth energy and nourish the plants around it.

    That was why the haloxylon ammondendron beside it was flourishing. Under the nourishment of the Fairy Desert Cistanche, the haloxylon ammondendron that had been sucked dry began to grow again.

    Although there was only a palm-length withered root, the green bud on the root was extremely dazzling.

    This was the counter supplement!

    “It looks like I have to pick it together with the parasitic tree if I want to cultivate it.”

    With this in mind, Fang Qiu immediately controlled his internal Qi to flow out without hesitation, digging out the Fairy Desert Cistanche and the palm-length tree root that was parasitized by it.

    At the same time, Fang Qiu didn’t remove all the sand. Instead, he intentionally left some for the Fairy Desert Cistanche and the tree’s root.

    After digging them out, he took out a plastic bag from his backpack, dug out some dirt, and put them in the plastic bag. Then he placed the Fairy Desert Cistanche and the parasitic tree root in it and put them in his backpack.

    After that, Fang Qiu smiled with ease.


    “No!” But right at this moment, he suddenly recalled what Liang Sheng had said when he escaped.

    He said that he was going to destroy him sooner or later!

    As he thought about it carefully, Liang Sheng also said the same thing before he took the initiative to strike those ordinary people.

    “Smack!” Fang Qiu patted himself on the forehead, feeling anxious.

    He had been focusing on Liang Sheng and the Fairy Desert Cistanche. In addition, he had reminded the group of people to leave quickly, so he thought that they had left and should be safe by now.

    But now he thought about it carefully.

    Liang Sheng, who was obsessed with killing people, would definitely fly into a rage when the Fairy Desert Cistanche was snatched away!

    Besides, he couldn’t defeat Fang Qiu at all.

    Then, the only way for him to take revenge was to catch up with those ordinary people and kill them!

    That group of people was the only one he saw that was with Fang Qiu and was protected by him.

    “You’d better not do that!”

    With his face darkening, Fang Qiu didn’t hesitate and immediately chased after him.

    This time, Fang Qiu exerted all his strength and moved almost twice as fast as before.

    “Divine Consciousness!” Meanwhile, Fang Qiu directly used the Divine Consciousness to cover the area of 20 kilometers around him with his mental power. As a result, he found that there was no energy at all in this area and there was no ordinary person at all.

    It meant that the group of ordinary people had already returned and that Liang Sheng had probably chased after them until they were more than 20 kilometers away.

    The more Fang Qiu thought about it, the more anxious he became.

    He continued to rush forward rapidly.

    He soon rushed to the sky above the first haloxylon ammondendron forest.

    At this moment, the giant scorpion, which had been killed in the forest, had already fallen into the yellow sand. The sand was like a vortex, about to swallow up the giant scorpion’s body.

    Fang Qiu looked around.

    In the place where he and those ordinary people were before, the wheel marks had completely disappeared.

    In other words, that group of people had been gone for a long time.

    “Have they already left?” Fang Qiu suddenly thought of something.

    He rushed to the place where he had resisted the sandstorm.

    As he just arrived, Fang Qiu was shocked.

    He suddenly turned his head and looked ahead with his eyes flashing with cold light!

    He sensed it.

    At the edge of the area 20 kilometers away, there was a flow of energy that was moving fast, as if it were chasing something.

    The person who had this energy was none other than Liang Sheng!

    “No.” Fang Qiu was shocked.

    That direction was not the direction of the desert scenic area, because the staff of the place would never allow people to drive into the desert from the scenic area. Therefore, when they came, they came from the road in the wilderness on the other side. When they left, they also needed to return by the same road.

    It was desolate over there.

    If Liang Sheng caught up with those people, they would be dead!

    “Swoosh…” Fang Qiu broke out at full speed again and chased after him.

    His speed was almost three times faster than Liang Sheng’s.

    As he rushed forward, Fang Qiu could clearly feel with the help of his Divine Consciousness that three cars were moving fast in the desert. The distance between Liang Sheng and the three cars was less than three kilometers!

    This scene made Fang Qiu so worried.

    Liang Sheng would catch up with them soon because there were only three kilometers left, while Fang Qiu was still 20 kilometers away from the cars.

    Could he make it?

    In front of him, Liang Sheng said, “Ha-ha, since you dare to rob my Earth Treasure, I’ll send all your people to the hell!”

    Staring at the three cars driving at high speed ahead, Liang Sheng curved his lips coldly, revealing his white teeth covered with blood, which looked extremely macabre.

    These people who were obsessed with supernatural power didn’t notice that three kilometers behind them, there was a figure who was constantly leaping and charging toward them.

    “It’s great. I can kill you and absorb your Qi to strengthen my evil method. At that time, I will find John Doe to settle the score!” As he spoke, Liang Sheng waved his right hand.

    Because he didn’t use too much internal Qi when he fought with Fang Qiu, a burst of extremely violent energy Qi burst out from his body immediately when he waved his hand.

    Without saying a word, he punched out.

    “Rumble…” With the thunderous rumbling sound, the completely powerful energy Qi came out of Liang Sheng’s fist. Like a cannonball, it directly struck the first car.

    “Bang!” The next moment, an earth-shattering sound rang out.

    The horrible energy Qi seemed to have misjudged the speed and direction of the car.

    When it landed, the energy happened to meet the car going down the slope. In order to avoid falling into the sand, the car sped up slightly, turned back and forth, and zigzagged along the road.

    Liang Sheng’s energy Qi deviated a little bit and hit the back of the first car. The huge impact threw the car away in an instant.

    This sudden disaster shocked everyone in the car.

    Everyone quickly got out of the car.

    They immediately caught sight of Liang Sheng, who was chasing after them from behind.

    At this moment, Liang Sheng was still one kilometer away from the three cars, but the second round of his attack was ready. With a wave of his right hand, another cloud of energy Qi burst out.

    Although they couldn’t see it, everyone’s face changed.

    With their head covered, they ran away immediately.


    Before they could run any further, another huge explosion sounded.

    As soon as they walked away, the first car was bombarded again. The rear half of the car was blown up as if it had been hit by a bomb, which amazed the group of people who were obsessed with supernatural power.

    They had been worshipping supernatural force crazily. They were not just fanatical about it. But as they saw the destructive power of the supernatural force and realized that this power was about to strike them, they were afraid.

    They weren’t just afraid.

    They were terrified as if they had predicted death.

    Without any hesitation, the group of ordinary people fled right away.

    “You want to run?” Liang Sheng sneered, stared at the people in front of him, and said in a ghastly tone, “You’re all going to die. Go to hell!”

    As he spoke, Liang Sheng had already rushed behind the crowd.

    He was ready to kill these people one by one!


    “Help, help…”

    “Master, save us!”

    While running away, everyone shouted frantically in panic.

    They saw that Liang Sheng rushed in front of them and was about to kill them.

    This group of people was so panic-stricken that they even rolled down the sand dune awkwardly.

    “Ha-ha…” Liang Sheng laughed heartily.

    He directly rushed to one of them and reached out his right hand. Like a sharp knife, he directly stabbed toward the heart of this person. It seemed that he wanted to pierce through his chest with one blow.

    At this moment, faced with Liang Sheng’s strike, the ordinary man froze. He was so flustered that he didn’t know what to do and how to escape.

    The others were also stunned.

    Were they going to die?

    Everyone’s face was pale. They knew that they couldn’t escape, but they still tried to run away in a panic.


    At this moment, the figure that was about to kill suddenly seemed to have been hit hard by a giant hammer. He was like a ball that had been kicked away. Before he could reach out his hand, he suddenly flew sideways!