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Chapter 324 - Did Ultraman Teach You How To Be Sweet?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 324: Did Ultraman Teach You How To Be Sweet?

    After the live broadcast ended, Su Cha went outside the villa and sat on the swing in the garden.

    The weather was hot and there were mosquitoes outside. Not many contestants were willing to come out at night.

    However, Su Cha had to video chat with Bo Muyi. With her martial arts skills, mosquitoes and burning heat were not a problem for her, so she naturally did not mind.

    "Is Cha Cha happy living in the dorm?"

    On the other side of the phone, it was still a sunny day. He seemed to be sitting in the office, and it was obvious that he was in a tall building.

    He did not raise his phone, probably having placed it on the table.

    Even in the face of such a powerful video camera, the man's facial features were still unbelievably perfect. He was not affected by the camera at all. His deep, obsidian-like eyes reflected pampering emotions. His eyes were still as handsome as ever, and his aura was like a clear spring breeze, perfectly blending with his stoicism. The tie in front of his neck was perfectly tied, and the curve seemed to be a little serious.

    He was a man who was contradictory yet intoxicating.

    He had the ability to drive everyone crazy.

    Even Su Cha could not help but smile when she saw him like this.

    After all, she was in a good mood after seeing such a beautiful person.

    She held her phone and looked at Bo Muyi, who was still as perfect as ever. She shook the swing happily. "How are you overseas?"

    Bo Muyi's answer was as Su Cha expected. "Not good."

    How could he feel good without Su Cha around?

    Seeing his frown on the camera, Su Cha smiled gently. "There's nothing I can do about it. I can't go home even after you get back. I'll still be living here. The competition will take about two months."

    Bo Muyi was unexpectedly happy. "Just remember that the Lookout Pavilion is your home."

    Su Cha was stunned for a moment before she smiled. Her smile was sweet and charming. Her eyes were as soft as a kitten's. Bo Muyi's heart skipped a beat. He wished he could return home right now.

    Unfortunately, things had not been settled.

    He had watched Su Cha's performance in the dormitory these past two days. She was so obedient that his heart ached for her.

    She watched TV on her own every day and did not interact with others. Even if there was a girl living with her in the dormitory, the girl knew her limits and kept a distance from Su Cha. Bo Muyi was quite satisfied with this.

    He did not like to see Su Cha being too intimate with anyone, but he did not want to limit her interaction.

    If Cha Cha became too depressed, it would affect their relationship.

    Su Cha: "Wherever you are, that is my home."

    Her sudden words eased the man's frown. Of late, he could not help but smile. "Cha Cha, how did your mouth become so sweet? Did Ultraman teach you to be like that?"

    Su Cha heard Bo Muyi's complaints and knew that this man must have known about what she was doing. She could not help but laugh. "I think that show is quite good…"

    Before she finished laughing, she suddenly felt a movement behind her. It was as if a breeze had brushed past her, but there was something wrong.

    She retracted her smile and turned around in an instant. Probably because she reacted very quickly, she saw a shadow between the trees behind the villa that disappeared instantly.

    Seeing her sudden change in expression, Bo Muyi asked anxiously, "What's wrong, Cha Cha?"