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Chapter 377 - Their Past (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 377: Their Past (1)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Had Gu Yu met with her the day before and given her the confidence to boldly challenge Mrs. Gu so openly in public?

    Xu Weilai knew that what was destined to come would come eventually. However, Yun Rou's aggressiveness and straightforwardness made it seem as if she were the real Mrs. Gu instead.

    It was about time for them to meet anyway.

    Instead of being kept in the dark and having to depend on her own imagination to fill in the blanks regarding Gu Yu's past with Yun Rou, she preferred to face the truth head-on.

    Xu Weilai moved her fingers and typed out the message, "I'll take it." Then, she sent the message to the Big Boss.


    Yun Rou's first piano concert met with much success and was received very favorably, causing her popularity to skyrocket even further. Everyone was talking about the incomparably beautiful pianist, They began following her every move as interest in her every detail came to light, including details of her past.

    Upon learning that she had given an exclusive interview to Z Magazine, everyone was waiting for it with bated breath.

    Xu Weilai met with Yun Rou in the latter's practice studio. When Xu Weilai was led in by the assistant, she found Yun Rou seated in front of the piano with her beautiful fingers flying across the keys. Sunlight streamed in from outside the window, illuminating her body in a bright glow.

    She was grinning widely, and her smile reached her eyes. She was immersed in her own musical world, looking like a beautiful illusion.

    The assistant put her finger to her lips in a gesture for Xu Weilai to be quiet so she wouldn't interrupt Yun Rou. She brought her to the couch by the side and whispered, "Please wait a moment, Reporter Xu."

    Xu Weilai nodded.

    The assistant served Xu Weilai a cup of coffee before quietly leaving. Xu Weilai put the cup to her lips and took a sip. No milk had been added to the black coffee, so it tasted bitter.

    After she placed her coffee cup down, her gaze moved instinctively to Yun Rou once more. As she watched her, an unbidden memory from her university days surfaced in her mind. She had unintentionally passed by the piano room and had noticed Gu Yu playing the piano. His posture back then… It seemed almost identical to Yun Rou's current posture.

    That had been one of the scenes that had moved her heart, but had Gu Yu been thinking of Yun Rou back then while he played the piano?

    The bitter taste in Xu Weilai's mouth suddenly became acrider than before, causing her brows to crease together.

    When Yun Rou was done with her piece, she finally turned her eyes to the side and looked at Xu Weilai. With a gentle smile, she closed the piano and stood up before walking over elegantly.

    She sat on the couch opposite Xu Weilai leisurely as her assistant hurriedly brought her a cup of coffee. She picked the cup up and took a sip. Unlike Xu Weilai who had found it too bitter, she slowly savored its taste as if it was what she was long accustomed to.

    After Yun Rou placed the cup down, she glanced at the coffee sitting in front of Xu Weilai, almost untouched. With a chuckle, she said, "Reporter Xu, is the black coffee not to your taste? I thought… I thought that you like to drink your coffee black, just like Gu Yu does. That's why I instructed my assistant to prepare the coffee black for you. I guess I was mistaken…"

    Gu Yu liked his coffee black?

    Xu Weilai's eyes constricted involuntarily. Over the years, she always added milk when preparing coffee for Gu Yu. She had thought that it had been Gu Yu's preference. Had that not been the case at all?

    Yun Rou observed her reaction carefully before continuing, "Reporter Xu, please don't tell me… In all the years you've been with Gu Yu, you've never actually gotten to know him? Or perhaps…"

    After a pause, she tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ears before finishing her statement, "Gu Yu never revealed his true self to you in the first place."