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Chapter 392 - Don’t You Dare Get Hurt!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Meanwhile, the mercenaries on the other side had all been finished off. The entire operation was also in its concluding phase where the final touches were being made.

    Tang Jinyu handed over a captured mercenary to Lu Yao who stood right beside him. While the group of people were getting ready to pack up, they were stunned by the loud explosion in the distance.

    When Tang Jinyu looked over, his cold expression changed slightly. Subconsciously, he began to frown.

    “Boss, what’s the matter?” Leng Yu asked.

    Even though Tang Jinyu did not speak, his facial expression had changed for the worse as he continued to stare at the burning flames.

    The entire sky appeared as if it was burning.

    “Come over to sort out the remaining work!” Tang Jinyu said to Lightning through the microphone on the earpiece.

    “Yes, Boss.”

    Thereafter, Tang Jinyu looked at Lu Yao. “Turn him in to the anti-terrorism team. Wait for everyone to gather here.”

    As soon as Tang Jinyu finished speaking, he began running in the direction where the explosion had occurred.

    Leng Yu frowned before looking from left to right.

    ‘Where did Jian Qi go?’

    When Leng Yu recalled the expression on Tang Jinyu’s face, she seemed visibly distressed. Like Tang Jinyu, she began running in the direction where the explosion had occurred.

    While Lu Yao watched as the two disappeared into the distance, his frown deepened.

    It seemed like Jian Qi was nowhere to be found.

    When Lu Yao lifted his gaze to look at the flames in the distance, the frown on his face deepened.

    After looking away, he looked at the captured mercenary. He had to remain where he was.

    This was his task.

    Someone from the anti-terrorism team would soon come over to take the mercenary away.

    Soon after, Lightning and the others arrived. When Lightning saw that Tang Jinyu, Jian Qi, and Leng Yu were all not around, he frowned. “Where is Boss and the others?”

    Lu Yao looked worriedly in the direction of the burning flames. “Something might have happened to Jian Qi,” He said in a deep voice.

    “What happened?” Lightning asked.

    Lu Yao shook his head. “I don’t know yet. When I came over earlier, Jian Qi was not with Instructor Tang.”

    Feng Yi, who stood nearby, began to frown as he spoke. “I’ll go over and have a look!”

    Thereafter, Feng Yi quickly ran in the direction of the flames.

    By then, everyone in the Special Fire Team had gathered around. When Crocodile saw how Lightning and Lu Yao were staring at the burning flames with horrid expressions on their faces, he sighed. “These mercenaries are too evil. I thought we would have wiped them out already. I can’t believe they planted a bomb over there. Moreover, from what I can see, the bomb must have done a great deal of damage. The anti-terrorists are already on their way. We don’t know if anyone was hurt or have died!”

    Lightning retracted his gaze. “Gather around!”

    After heads were counted, Zhao Yu and two veterans were seen to have suffered some minor injuries. However, the mission was deemed rather successful.

    “Let’s all go over to check things out. Something may have happened to Jian Qi!” Lightning called out.

    At first, everyone felt happy because they had successfully completed the mission. However, when they heard what Lightning said, their facial expressions immediately changed. They all seemed worried now.

    The group of people began running quickly toward the location engulfed in flames.

    Meanwhile, Tang Jinyu had a deep frown on his face. Perhaps due to the rain, or because he was running too fast, he felt as if his sight was becoming somewhat blurry.

    He could vaguely hear the girl’s annoying voice in his ears. ‘Don’t worry, your little fairy will return to you alive.’ Her playful voice was filled with laughter.

    As the cold rain fell upon his face, Tang Jinyu’s haunting facial features were accentuated by the bright flames before him. His skin seemed a little too pale while his cold lips formed a single line, all of it revealing the panic he felt in the moment.

    ‘Jian Qi, don’t you dare get hurt!’