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Chapter 393 - Your Little Fairy Has Three Seconds to Arrive in Your Arms

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 393: Your Little Fairy Has Three Seconds to Arrive in Your Arms

    By the time Tang Jinyu arrived at the scene, the anti-terrorists had also arrived.

    The flames that filled the sky were frightful to behold.

    As the flames engulfed nearly everything in sight, what came into view was complete desolation of the areas burned.

    Apart from the burned corpse of the mercenary on the ground, nobody else was seen in the entire place.

    Tang Jinyu felt slightly relaxed.

    While the anti-terrorists proceeded to put out the fire and to check on the dead mercenary, Tang Jinyu looked around in search of Jian Qi.

    “Boss, the earpiece!” Leng Yu ran over quickly before she called out to Tang Jinyu.

    Tang Jinyu paused for a moment before he recollected himself.

    After pressing down on the button, Tang Jinyu began speaking in a deep voice. “Jian Qi, where are you?”

    Everyone could hear Tang Jinyu’s voice in their respective earpieces. Clearly, knowing how serious the situation had become, they began quickening their footsteps.

    However, Jian Qi did not respond through her own earpiece after a long while.

    Tang Jinyu’s voice became even deeper. “Jian Qi, answer me!”

    “Jian Qi!”

    “If you can hear me, answer me, Jian Qi!”

    When Tang Jinyu repeatedly yelled into his earpiece, there was a tinge of coldness and irritation in his voice.

    Despite his anger, the concern in his voice could not be concealed.

    While everyone sighed at how upset Tang Jinyu sounded, they became more worried about Jian Qi’s condition at the same time.


    Meanwhile, Jian Qi stood up after crawling away from a demolished house.

    ‘Damn. Fortunately, I was able to get away quick enough. If I were any slower, I’d have become roasted meat!’

    When Jian Qi looked down at the umbrella nearby, she could see that it was still burning. Her wig, which had fallen off when she dived forward, was mixed with mud. It was a sorry sight to behold.

    After Jian Qi picked up the red wig, she took a glance at the burning flames in the near distance. Quickly, she began walking toward her backpack.

    As soon as she got ready to run away after picking her stuff up, she heard bouts of footsteps heading her way.

    ‘Damn, they are so quick!’

    With her backpack in hand, Jian Qi hurriedly looked for another demolished house to hide in.

    Coincidentally, she could see Tang Jinyu and Leng Yu running in the direction where the explosion had occurred from where she stood.

    Although Jian Qi was ready to run away, a question suddenly occurred to her. Since she had used the Special Fire Team’s gun to fire at the mercenary, that meant that Norman would find out about her identity once the anti-terrorists discover the bullet. In fact, the senior officers among the anti-terrorists would also find out about this matter.

    Consequently, not only would her own life be in danger, but the Special Fire Team’s members might also be affected.

    Therefore, Jian Qi must return right away and locate the bullet as soon as possible.

    After taking a glance at the backpack in her hand, she quickly took her clothes out and put them on.

    In less than a minute, she was already fully dressed in the way she was before. After plugging her earpiece into her ear, she turned it on.

    Tang Jinyu’s angry voice immediately blasted into her ears. “If you can hear me, answer me, Jian Qi!”

    Jian Qi could not help but bare her teeth. Meanwhile, she felt as if her eardrums were severely damaged by Tang Jinyu’s lion-like roaring.

    ‘I’ll probably have to run till my legs become crippled when I go back!’

    As Jian Qi began running hastily, she spoke into the microphone. “Instructor Tang, I’m here. I have not died just yet. Stay calm and don’t cry. Your little fairy will arrive in your arms in three seconds!”

    When everyone heard Jian Qi’s annoying voice in their earpieces, they all felt relieved.

    They never once thought that such an annoying voice could sound this good.

    When Tang Jinyu heard Jian Qi’s voice, he was stunned for a moment before he gradually relaxed his crumpled fists…

    With her eyes on Tang Jinyu, Leng Yu could clearly sense his tense body relaxing…