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Chapter 1034 - The Wen Corporation’s Board of Directors Meeting

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 1034: The Wen Corporation’s Board of Directors Meeting

    May 5!

    The Wen Corporation’s board of Directors meeting would be held this morning at 10 A.M. This time around, not only would all the members of the board be present, but Wen Haowen also invited the more sizable shareholders within the Wen Corporation along for the meeting.

    Wen Xinya’s car just reached the Wen Corporation building when it was surrounded by a group of reporters, who shot away fiercely at Wen Xinya who was in the car and asked all sorts of questions regarding the Wen Corporation’s entertainment city project.

    Wen Xinya didn’t bother about them as she signaled the car to keep driving.

    The car drove slowly towards the underground car park. The reporters followed behind the car relentlessly and the scene was filled with noises of them running, their cameras snapping away, and their shouting voices.

    The car finally came to a stop. With sunglasses on, Wen Xinya opened the door and alighted elegantly.

    She was here at the Wen Corporation today as a shareholder coming for the Directors meeting. Hence, she dressed formally—she had on light makeup and wore jewelry which was valuable, yet not showy. The full set of small diamonds jewelry was subdued, yet dazzling, with the sharpness of a businesswoman, yet preserving a graceful aura, fully presenting the poise of her identity as the eldest daughter and successor of the Wen Family.

    She was clad in a sky-blue suit in a fashionable cut that maintained elegance but was bedazzling. It was matched with a white inner blouse with white of which tiny diamonds sat atop its collar—shimmery, yet full of gracefulness of wealthy families.

    Beneath her feet were matching dark blue stilettos with tiny diamonds. The dark blue color was originally slightly dull, but with the exquisite diamond bits, they radiated elegance and value.

    This getup was both eye-catching and attention-grabbing—naturally, the reporters wouldn’t mind snapping a few more shots.

    Wen Xinya was surrounded by reporters.

    Secretary Cao and the chauffeur sandwiched her between them and ushered her forward, trying their best to make it impossible for the reporters to get close to her.

    “Miss Wen, the Wen Corporation is going to build a large-scale entertainment city, diversifying the company’s business. However, it’s common knowledge that the construction of a large-scale entertainment city is a huge investment—may we know… whether this project will affect the running of the Wen Corporation presently?”

    Wen Xinya’s footsteps came to a halt. This question concerned not only the media and masses but all shareholders of the Wen Corporation and many notable figures of society—she couldn’t just avoid it.

    Wen Xinya stopped in her tracks and slowly removed her sunglasses, revealing her almond-shaped eyes which were deep and calm. “My Grandpa has built the Wen Corporation with his bare hands in those tough and trying years. In the short span of forty-odd years, the Wen Corporation has developed into its scale today, which is considered as a miracle in the business arena of Country Z. Up till today, upon the mention of my Grandpa, many people can’t help but praise him as a decisive character, which goes to show that… the legacy that my Grandpa created is still a popular topic of discussion till now.”

    The reporters nodded in agreement.

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Since this is a legacy, we, as his descendants, naturally have the mission to continue extending this legacy, and even develop it further. The Wen Corporation mainly deals in jewelry, fashion, and skincare products—these are the foundation of the Wen Corporation, the fruits of my Grandpa’s labor. In the future… regardless of how the Wen Corporation develops, it won’t shake our foundation.”

    Even the reporters couldn’t help but clap and cheer for her reply, because such a way of answering was even more convincing and sensational than merely saying yes or no.

    “Miss Wen, may we know what are your thoughts towards your father, Mr. Wen Haowen’s initiative of building a large-scale entertainment city—personally, do you agree or disagree with it?”

    The reporter’s question was rather sharp—he was probably trying to show the relationship between her and Wen Haowen through the question! Unexpectedly, outsiders had conceived guesses about their father-daughter relationship so soon—it seemed like she had no way of avoiding the reporters today.

    Wen Xinya plainly said, “The Wen Corporation’s entertainment city project is a plan suggested by my father, unanimously decided on at the Directors meeting, and my Grandpa didn’t stop it. Personally, I have yet to participate in the management of the Wen Corporation at the moment. Thus, my understanding of this project isn’t very deep.”

    Wen Xinya’s attitude dealt with the reporter directly. She didn’t express any opinions regarding the reporter’s question. Instead, she brushed him off by saying that she wasn’t sure of the details—it was a high move.

    “Miss Wen, I heard that the Wen Corporation is having a Directors meeting at 10 A.M. today. With your getup today, don’t tell me you’re here at the Wen Corporation for a holiday!”

    This statement appeared rather blunt. Wen Xinya said gracefully, “Of course not. I’m here to participate in the Directors’ meeting today as a shareholder. There’s no need for everyone to have blind guesses.”

    Naturally, it was impossible to hide the fact that she was going to participate in the Directors’ meeting. Thus, she had no intention of really hiding it. There was no harm in simply telling the media directly.

    “Everyone knows that Miss Wen holds 10% shares of the Wen Corporation and is truly a big shareholder—is this Miss Wen’s first time taking part in the Directors meeting as a shareholder? I heard that previously you haven’t taken part in the past few Directors meeting.”

    The seemingly plain words were actually secretly entrapping.

    Why have you not participated in the past few Directors meeting of the Wen Corporation and yet you are participating this time when it’s regarding the entertainment city project—what other reason but the entertainment city could it be?

    Wen Xinya smiled gently. “What do you guys think—I’m bored as I’m on holiday now and want to understand more about the Wen Corporation’s internal management. After all… I’m the eldest daughter, successor, and now a big shareholder of the Wen Corporation.”

    In the face of the reporter’s harshness, Wen Xinya retorted in a way that was neither soft nor tough. She stood quietly amidst the reporters, radiating a calm and confident aura which contrasted sharply with the din the reporters made.

    “Miss Wen, may we know if, as a big shareholder, you’ll interfere with the decision-making at the Wen Corporation’s Directors meeting later?” She used the excuse of being unclear about the entertainment city project, and then that of wanting to know more about the Wen Corporation when asked about the Directors meeting—this Miss Wen was really too cunning.

    After this question was asked, the reporters became hyped up.

    It was a very sharp, very practical, and yet inescapable question. After a brief thought, Wen Xinya replied, “After all, I haven’t participated in the Wen Corporation’s management. Thus, regarding the company’s internal decision-making, I naturally won’t intervene. However, for the benefit of the Wen Corporation’s interests, I’ll raise my opinions.”

    Not intervening, yet not avoiding.

    Such an answer was also very cunning, yet the reporters couldn’t find a fault with it.

    Following this, the reporters raised the commotion caused by her results at the final examinations, to which she didn’t comment.